Barclays Gambling Block

barclays gambling block

In line with the rest of the banking industry in the UK, Barclays had also rolled out a gambling block feature a few years ago. When self-exclusion programs don’t work, for example, if you’re playing at a non-GamStop casino, then these bank-based bans can come in handy. The Barclays gambling block feature is an automatic feature that, when turned on, declines all payments going to gambling operators, casinos, bookies, and similar merchants.

It’s part of the merchant-based blocks that Barclays has for its cardholders, including bans on pubs and bars. This nifty tool can easily allow you to control your spending and reflect upon your choices even if you wish to remove them later. In this guide, we’re going to talk about all that you need to know about this feature.

Why Barclays Offers a Gambling Block

The bank has followed suit and provided the anti-gambling block alongside many others. It’s a shift toward empowering customers and debit cardholders to manage their finances more responsibly. Gambling blocks that restrict cards from being used for gambling transactions are not 100% dependable – for example, you can’t activate the blocking of PayPal for gambling and route your funds that way. But they do provide something, which is better than nothing.

It’s notable that Barclays has shown dedication toward its commitment to offer relief from problem gambling. For example, the bank’s 72-hour time delay to turn gambling transactions back on was added in September 2020, which was a major step as a “cool-off period” that many customers appreciated.

Overview of Barclays Gambling Block Feature

Similar to other banking institutions, Barclays acknowledges the potential risks associated with excessive gambling and seeks to offer a tool that puts users in control of their financial well-being. The Barclays gambling block allows customers to restrict transactions related to gambling, preventing payments to gambling merchants. You can add an extra layer of protection to your account for a more conscientious approach to your financial habits. Below is a full breakdown of this feature.

Feature Description
Service Name Merchant Block
Activation Method A “gambling” toggle in the official iOS or Android app connected to your Barclays bank account.
Availability All Barclays customers
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period You need to wait 72 hours to turn the feature off once it’s on

How to Activate Barclays Gambling Block

Activating the gambling self-block for your Barclays debit cards is quite simple (note that credit cards are already pre-blocked from all types of online and offline gambling platforms). You will need to have the Barclays official banking app installed on your device as a prerequisite. Though the effectiveness of the blockers such as these is less than ideal, as there is no setting to set a longer cool-off period and there are many ways to bypass such bans, activating the Barclays gambling block can still come in handy in surprising ways.

  • Open the Barclays Mobile Banking App:
    First of all, open the Barclays app and log in. You can access the cards section right from the Quick Links. So, tap on Quick Links and navigate to the debit card in question. Note that you will need to repeat the steps for all debit cards you have if you wish to block them all from gambling transactions.
  • Toggle gambling transactions off:
    Inside each debit card, you will find an option called “Merchant Control.” This allows you to selectively block the transactions to a variety of merchants, such as premium websites, restaurants, petrol and diesel companies, supermarkets, and so on. Here, you will also find an option for “Gambling payments.” Simply turn the toggle off (as it will be on by default). The app will display a warning, asking you for confirmation. Tap on “Okay” and you’re done.

Alternative Gambling Blocks

Almost all banks in the UK have incorporated similarly convenient methods to block gambling merchants from card transactions through their respective mobile apps. If you wish to do the same for another bank account, then don’t worry – we have similarly detailed guides alongside step-by-step instructions for you. Here is our coverage of the other banks’ gambling blocks:

  1. Monzo gambling block
  2. NatWest gambling block
  3. HSBC gambling block
  4. Halifax gambling block
  5. Lloyds bank gambling block

Conclusion: Is It Worth to Use Barclays Gambling Block?

The Barclays Gambling Block feature offers a valuable tool for users seeking to manage their gambling-related expenditures responsibly. You can gain the ability to restrict transactions with gambling merchants by using this feature, providing an additional layer of control over your financial habits. This can be particularly beneficial for those who recognise the need to step back from gambling activities for a period of time. If you find yourself frequenting casino sites with games not on GamStop and desire a break from such platforms, the Barclays Gambling Block can serve as a protective measure.

The intentional decision to activate this feature reflects a commitment to financial well-being, and the block aligns with broader efforts within the banking industry to promote responsible financial behaviour.

Popular Questions & Answers

What is the Barclays Gambling Block?

The Barclays Gambling Block is a feature allowing users to restrict transactions with gambling merchants, promoting responsible financial habits by adding a layer of control to their spending on such activities. This blocks all debit card transactions toward gambling operators.

How can I activate the gambling block on my Barclays account?

Users can activate the Barclays Gambling Block through their account settings on the Barclays app, offering a convenient way to enhance financial control. All you need to do is go to the debit card’s Merchant Control and turn the toggle for “Gambling Payments” off.

Is the Barclays Gambling Block feature free?

Yes, the Barclays Gambling Block feature is provided to users at no cost, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to promoting responsible financial behaviour. You are free to turn the feature on or off as many times as you wish completely free of charge.

Who can I contact if I have trouble with the gambling block feature?

Users experiencing issues with the gambling block feature can contact Barclays customer support for assistance and guidance in resolving any challenges they may encounter. You’re free to talk to the bank. According to Barclays, “If you do decide to let us know, we can work with you to see how we can help. Anything you say to us is confidential, and we won’t use any of the information you give us without your permission.

How can I get help if I’m struggling with gambling addiction?

For support with gambling addiction, Barclays offers assistance through its customer support team. Additionally, users are encouraged to explore external organisations and resources specialising in gambling addiction such as GamCare, Samaritans, and Mind, or an exclusion through GamStop.

What happens if a gambling transaction is attempted while the block is active?

If a gambling transaction is attempted while the Barclays Gambling Block is active, the transaction will be declined, reinforcing the user’s commitment to responsible financial management and the prevention of excessive gambling-related spending.

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