BetBlocker vs BetFilter

betblocker vs betfilter

Compulsive gambling has been a serious issue in the United Kingdom for a very long time. For this reason, many players seek tools, such as BetBlocker and BetFilter, to help them gamble responsibly without risking excessive spending at online casinos. These two software options are the most popular choices among users.

In this article, we’ll provide general information about these responsible gambling tools and list their most significant features. Our thorough comparison of BetFilter and BetBlocker will help you determine which one is a better fit for you.

General Info You Should Know

Before you install BetFilter or BetBlocker on your device, it’s crucial to gain knowledge about each software option. Our gambling team has compiled valuable data about each blocking tool and conveniently presented it in the following table. We advise you to go through the next two sections, as they contain all of the important details about BetFilter and BetBlocker.


BetFilter is one of the most popular gambling block tools on the UK market. The service is not free of charge, but based on our research, its subscription cost is quite fair. The price for one year is $69,95. A two-year subscription, on the other hand, is a bit cheaper, totalling $118,90. The software will prevent you from accessing any gambling websites in its database.

Launch Date2017
Operated ByCimulex A/S
Availability$69,95 per year
Unique FeaturesFair price, good customer support


Unlike BetFilter, BetBlocker is a completely free gambling block every UK player can activate in a few simple steps. According to our investigation, it keeps growing in popularity, and at present, there are over 7,900 active devices using the software. You can check out our BetBlocker app overview to learn more about the tool.

Launch Date2019
Number of Registrations7,900+ Active Devices
Operated ByBetBlocker
Unique FeaturesFree of charge

Comparative Overview of BetFilter and BetBlocker

While BetFilter and BetBlocker are very similar, they also have a few differences worth mentioning. For example, BetFilter is a paid service, while BetBlocker is fully accessible to every gambler at no cost. In the next table, you can find out more about the criteria we considered while examining the two gambling block software options.

Blocking Capabilities

As you can see from the table above, both tools work by blocking customers’ access to all gambling platforms in their database. Based on our research, the BetBlocker and BetFilter’s lists of URLs are pretty extensive. Whenever a gambler instals one of the two software, he will no longer be able to access online casinos or sportsbooks.

Platform Compatibility

Our tests have shown that BetFilter and BetBlocker are fully compatible with all types of smart devices. All you need to do is install the app of your choice. Whether you use a Windows, MAC, iOS, or Android device, you’ll have no trouble utilising these tools. BetBlocker also works on Linux, Fire OS, and AppGallery.


BetBlocker is a completely free gambling block tool, which is one of the reasons for its vast popularity among British gamblers. BetFilter, on the other hand, is a paid service. Our examination revealed that an annual subscription comes at a cost of $69.95 for one device. However, if you pay for two years, the final price will be $118,90.


Based on our practical experience, BetBlocker and BetFilter prioritise user convenience, as all sections are easily accessible. Both responsible gambling tools have user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for users to set up their accounts and navigate through the apps. While we had no trouble during our test period, we ran into several complaints regarding the BetFilter.

Customer Support

Both services offer customer service to anyone who needs further help. BetBlocker users can easily reach an agent via email or by filling out a contact form on the website. According to our research, the response time of BetFilter’s customer support may be slower compared to that of BetBlocker.

Additional Features

One of the key perks of BetBlocker is that it’s completely free and doesn’t require registration. You can simply install the app on your device and select your exclusion period. As for BetFilter, the app is equally convenient, and although it’s a paid service, the price is quite fair, unlike that of many other responsible gambling tools.

Criteria BetFilter BetBlocker
Blocking Capabilities Blocks access to all sites in BetFilter’s database Blocks access to all sites in BetBlocker’s database
Platform Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows iOS, Android, Windows, Linux
Cost $69.95 per year or $118,90 for two years Free
Usage Simple to use 2-minute setup
Customer Support Email Contact Form or Email
Additional Features Discount for a two-year subscription Advert-free tool, Parental control, Registration-free tool

BetFilter VS BetBlocker: Similar Features

BetFilter and BetBlocker are quite similar, as they’re both tools that help British gamblers control their online gambling activity. The services allow you to block your access to a myriad of casinos and sportsbooks for a certain period of time. Plus, they’re compatible with various devices. The next list contains valuable information about all the similarities between BetFilter and BetBlocker.

Self-Exclusion Periods

Whether you choose to use BetFilter or BetBlocker, you’ll have the option to select for how long you wish to be excluded from the sites on their database. One thing to note is that once you activate your exclusion period, you won’t be able to cancel it before it expires.

Multi-platform Support

Regardless of the smart device you use, you’ll have no trouble using BetFilter or BetBlocker. We’ve tested both software options on various gadgets, and they performed excellently. Such responsiveness makes it possible for every gambler to take advantage of these tools.

Ease of Use

One of the key benefits of both tools is their excellent convenience. Their interfaces rely on simplicity and convenience so that potential users have no trouble setting up their accounts. You can easily select your exclusion period, and once you activate the tool, it will restrict your access to all gambling sites from its list.

Gambling Site Blocking

Both responsible gambling tools have extensive databases containing URLs of various gambling platforms. Whenever a user of BetFilter or BetBlocker attempts to access any of these sites, the respective software will detect this activity and block their access immediately. If you use any of the tools on your smartphone, you also won’t be able to install any gambling-related applications.

Alternative Comparisons You May Check

There are numerous responsible gambling tools, each with its own set of features. Some of these are entirely free of charge, while others require a subscription fee, similar to BetFilter. If you’re interested in exploring different alternatives to BetBlocker and BetFilter, we recommend you check our detailed comparison reviews below.

User Opinion: How Helpful Are BetFilter And BetBlocker?

While BetBlocker and BetFilter don’t block access to worldwide bookies, they’re highly effective when it comes to UK gambling sites. To find out what gamblers think about the efficiency of these tools, we’ve looked for several objective reviews from users. These opinions may help you decide which option would work better for you.

BetFilter Reviews

  • I like BetFilter because it doesn’t allow me to access gambling sites, which surely helps me to control my compulsive gambling. However, recently, I found out that it doesn’t work on Gmail links. That’s a pretty huge loophole because now I know that I have access to all gambling site links I get in my email.
  • I’ve been using BetFilter for quite some time now, and I have a few positive and negative things to share. One notable drawback is that the software is poorly optimised, leading to constant crashes. Also, many operators not on BetFilter that keep sending me emails, and I can access their casinos without any problems. On the positive side, the CS support is very helpful, and the price of the tool is quite fair.

BetBlocker Reviews

  • I installed BetBlocker on my iOS a few weeks ago. While it works at blocking my access to a huge number of sites, I have to say that the application is not the best one out there. It frequently crashes, causing my phone to become super slow. Although I tried to uninstall it and reinstall the app, the same problem persists.
  • One of the things I like most about BetBlocker is that it’s completely free of charge, as I can’t afford to pay for a subscription at the moment. The tool works, but sometimes, it may block my access to apps that are not gambling-related, such as my banking app. Also, when I contacted the customer support team, I got a response back in two days, which was quite disappointing.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Self-Exclusion Tool to Use?

We’ve provided as much information as possible about each of the two blocking tools to assist you in determining which one is the better solution for you. While these are quite similar, there are several notable differences. For example, if you prefer using free tools, BetBlocker may be the best option for you. It’s worth mentioning that both tools are available for British gamblers, even those who use GamStop. While you may still have access to British betting sites without GamStop, all URLs of casinos and sportsbooks from the services’ database will be inaccessible to you.


What is BetBlocker?

BetBlocker is one of the most popular gambling-blocking tools British gamblers can use. The tool works on iOS, Linux, Windows, Android and more devices, making it possible for players to control their gambling activity. BetBlocker is completely free of charge, and it doesn’t require registration.

What is BetFilter?

BetFilter is a paid service which enables users to limit their gambling activity. It works by blocking their access to all online casinos and betting sites on its database. The cost for an annual subscription is $69.95, and this fee covers only one device.

How do BetBlocker and BetFilter differ in terms of cost?

BetBlocker is a tool that is entirely free of charge. This makes it a common pick among gamblers who can’t afford to pay for a gambling block tool. BetFilter, on the other hand, has an annual subscription fee of $69.95 per year.

Can BetBlocker and BetFilter be installed on multiple devices?

You can use BetFilter on as many devices as you want without spending a penny. Alternatively, you can choose to go with BetBlocker, but you should note that the subscription applies to only one device. You can use the tool on another gadget, but this means you’ll have to pay another subscription fee.

How long do the restrictions last with BetBlocker compared to BetFilter?

BetBlocker allows you to block your access to gambling platforms for as long as you want to. The exclusion period can be anywhere from 24 hours to five years. With BetFilter, on the other hand, you’ll have to pay for an annual or two-year licence.

Is there a minimum age requirement to use BetBlocker or BetFilter?

As there isn’t a minimum age requirement for BetBlocker or BetFilter, users are typically 18 or older, as this is the legal gambling age in the UK. BetBlocker, however, features parental control, which allows parents to block their children’s access to certain platforms.

Which is more effective, BetBlocker or BetFilter?

Both tools work in a similar way and share the same purpose. However, BetBlocker is a free service, which is a considerable benefit. Also, our research has shown that some BetFilter users can still access gambling site links via Gmail, which can result in serious problems.

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