BetBlocker vs GamBlock

betblocker vs gamblock

When players look for information on how to gamble responsibly, the likelihood of running into articles about GamBlock and BetBlocker is quite high. Our investigation reveals that these are two of the most prominent responsible gambling tools accessible to British users.

While they differ in certain aspects, their main objective remains the same: to help as many gamblers as possible in dealing with compulsive gambling. The latter is a prevailing issue in the UK, which is why all active gamblers should inform themselves about the importance of responsible play. In the following paragraphs, you can find relevant and helpful information about BetBlocker and GamBlock.

General Info You Should Know

Our analysis revolves around the specifics of two well-known responsible gambling tools: BetBlocker and GamBlock. These are quite similar in terms of features, but they have several differences worth noting. You’ll find all the information regarding these two in the next sections of our review. Our gambling team has gathered factual data about the tools’ features, popularity, customer support, etc.


To come up with an up-to-date GamBlock review, we examined the company and all of its specificities. The creator of GamBlock, David Warr, has created it in an attempt to prove that gambling can be blocked. Many are happy with the service, but before we focus on customers’ reviews, we’d like to share a few important aspects of GamBlock:

Launch Date2001
Number of RegistrationsN/A
Non-Profit StatusGamBlock is funded by customers.
Additional FeaturesNot affected by factory reset or change of VPN
SupportEmail, telephone, contact form, social media


While working on our BetBlocker review, we’ve discovered that this responsible gambling tool is just as popular as GamBlock. One of its best qualities is that it’s entirely free of charge, which makes it possible for everyone to utilise it. The app offers self-exclusion and parental control. You can use BetBlocker on several devices, but please note that you won’t be able to cancel your exclusion on any of these. Below, you can learn more about the tool:

Launch Date2019
Number of Registrations7,900+
Non-Profit StatusScotland-based charity organisation
Additional FeaturesIt is free of charge and doesn’t require registration
SupportEmail and contact form

Comparative Overview of GamBlock and BetBlocker

In the following table, you can find essential characteristics of GamBlock and BetBlocker. As you can see, they’re quite identical in certain aspects, but when it comes to pricing, for example, they’re distinct. For your convenience, we’ll focus on each criterion separately so that you can decide which option would be more suitable for you.

Criteria GamBlock BetBlocker
Cost Varies, depending on the device. The lowest subscription cost is $35.95 for two months. Free
Availability Available to UK gamblers and players from other countries around the world. Available to UK gamblers and players from other countries around the world.
Platforms Supported Android, Windows, Apple Android, Windows, Apple, Linux
Number of Devices Up to 5 devices per category. Unlimited.
Blocking Capabilities Uses special algorithms to block gambling sites and apps, including new ones. Blocks users’ access to all websites on BetBlocker’s database.
Uninstallation You can uninstall GamBlock through your Control Panel, but the exclusion period will remain active. Uncheck the Admin access when uninstalling BetBlocker. Self-exclusion will continue until the date you’ve selected.
Self-Exclusion Periods 2 months – 5 years 24 hours – 5 years


BetBlocker is a completely free gambling block app which is accessible to British gamblers and players from other parts of the world. GamBlock, on the other hand, is a paid service. The subscription price depends on the device you’re using and the number of gadgets you’ve installed GamBlock on.


Both tools are fully available to British gamblers who wish to control their gambling activity. In fact, BetBlocker and GamBlock are two of the most common choices among compulsive gamblers. Additionally, you can use the gambling block tools on a number of devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and iPads.

Platforms Supported

The BetBlocker app is available at Google Play Store, AppGallery, App Store, and Microsoft Store. This means that you can install it on any device you want. To download the GamBlock software on your smartphone or computer, access the service’s official website. Please note that the price of GamBlock varies, depending on your device.

Number of Devices

BetBlocker has no limit when it comes to the number of devices you want to install the app on. GamBlock, on the other hand, allows customers to install the software on up to five devices from each available category. These include but are not limited to Samsung, Non-Samsung Android, Apple, etc.

Blocking Capabilities

The BetBlocker database includes over 77,300 gambling websites. In other words, all BetBlocker users will have no access to these platforms. GamBlock, on the other hand, relies on heuristics, which contributes to the further effectiveness of the tool, blocking access to a myriad of gambling sites, including new ones. The company’s algorithms also prevent players from installing all types of gambling apps, including poker applications.


Both tools have a simple uninstallation process. According to our findings, to remove GamBlock from your computer, you should access the Control Panel and follow the steps. If you choose to remove BetBlocker, please be sure to uncheck the Admin access. It’s vital to note that removing these tools from your device will not cancel your exclusion period.

Self-Exclusion Periods

One of the key benefits of BetBlocker is that it allows customers to choose their own exclusion period, which can vary from 24 hours to five years. Similar to BetBlocker, GamBlock also permits customers to set the duration of their exclusion. The minimum exclusion period equals two months, and the maximum is five years.

GamBlock VS BetBlocker: 5 Similar Features

Now that we’ve discussed the specificities of each of these responsible gambling tools, it’s time to focus on their similarities. Based on our investigation, BetBlocker and GamBlock are pretty identical in certain aspects. Some of these include their responsiveness on different platforms, as well as their various self-exclusion duration options.

Self-Exclusion Functionality

Both tools allow customers to self-exclude themselves from any online gambling activity. As mentioned earlier, BetBlocker and GamBlock restrict users’ access to a myriad of gambling platforms and mobile applications. Once you activate any of these services, you won’t be able to access such apps and websites.

Cross-Platform Support

Another thing that unites BetBlocker and GamBlock is that both gambling blocks work on various platforms. According to our research, the tools work on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. One thing to note, however, is that in order to use GamBlock on your laptop or computer, you should use the Tor browser.

Automatic Blocking

You don’t have to manually select each website you want to block your access to. BetBlocker and GamBlock will do that for you automatically once you start using any of the services. No matter which one you choose, you’ll potentially minimise your gambling activity, as you won’t be able to visit or join thousands of gambling-related platforms.

Duration Optionsg

GamBlock and BetBlocker provide you with the flexibility to select your own exclusion period. As previously stated, BetBlocker’s exclusion options vary between 24 hours and five years. GamBlock also allows registered users to exclude themselves from online gambling for a certain period of time. Depending on your device, the exclusion period can be anywhere from two months to five years.

Inaccessibility of Services

Most of the time, players who look for information on how to create non GamStop accounts also seek information on how to cancel their BetBlocker or GamBlock exclusions. Nonetheless, based on our practical experience, even if you uninstall these tools, the exclusion period will remain active until its predefined date.

Alternative Comparisons You May Check

While GamBlock and BetBlocker are two of the most common options among British players who want to manage their gambling activity, there are a few more available options. Once you read this informative gambling blockers overview, you can proceed to explore the rest of the alternatives our gambling team has analysed. These guides will make it easier for you to make a more informed decision.

User Thoughts: How Useful Are BetBlocker and GamBlock

While reviewing BetBlocker and GamBlock, we’ve run into many reviews from current or former users, and below, we’ll share a few. Our examination shows that most customers think the services are quite effective. However, as you’ll soon find out, some of them point out a few potential drawbacks of the gambling blocks.

GamBlock Reviews

  • GamBlock literally saved my life, marriage, and business. I can’t express how helpful this tool has been for me. The price of $90 I paid is nothing when compared to the effectiveness GamBlock offers. I no longer use it, but I know that if one day I need it again, GamBlock is the one thing that will help me deal with compulsive gambling!
  • I recently found BetBlocker and was quick to install it on my device. The installation process was quick and simple, and the block started working immediately. I like that it’s free and allows me to select my own exclusion duration. I know that the prevention from accessing casinos will be frustrating at first, but I also know that, at this point, BetBlocker is a necessity for me.

BetBlocker Reviews

  • I use BetBlocker on my Android phone and can confirm it works pretty well. It blocks my access to numerous gambling sites, which certainly helps me manage my activity and avoid spending money. However, I recommend you double-check your BetBlocker settings every time you update your phone’s software, as there may be certain issues after updates. Also, sometimes my phone becomes a bit slow, but that doesn’t really bother me.
  • I never knew tools like GamBlock even existed. I’m so grateful I found this one, as it helped me get my life back. I used to play at online casinos due to boredom and my own stupidity, but that’s no longer the case. Paying for this tool is worth every penny, as it has transformed my life.

Conclusion: Which Responsible Gambling & Blocker Tool Should I Select?

Whether you choose GamBlock or BetBlocker, you’ll successfully restrict yourself from thousands of gambling platforms. It’s important to review both options, as even though they’re quite similar, BetBlocker and GamBlock have a few crucial differences, including pricing. Another thing to note is that you can use any of these with self-exclusion tools like GamStop, for example. This way, even if you run into casinos or sports bookies not affected by GamStop, the gambling block tools will still limit your access to these platforms.


What are BetBlocker and GamBlock?

BetBlocker and GamBlock are two of the most well-known gambling block tools available to British players and gamblers from other parts of the world. These two share a number of similarities but differ in certain aspects, such as pricing and minimal self-exclusion duration.

How do BetBlocker and GamBlock self-exclusion tools work?

GamBlock and BetBlocker work by blocking users’ access to numerous gambling-related platforms. BetBlocker’s database contains over 77,000 gambling platforms. GamBlock, on the other hand, uses sophisticated algorithms that detect almost every gambling site or app, including the newest ones on the market.

Can BetBlocker and GamBlock be installed on multiple devices?

Yes, you can install any of these blocking tools on multiple devices. They work on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices. Our investigation shows that GamBlock allows users to install the software on up to five devices per category.

Are there any costs involved?

BetBlocker is a free gambling block tool, and every gambler can use it for as long as they want to. GamBlock, on the other hand, is a paid service. The subscription cost is different for each type of device you use. The minimal price is $35.95 for a two-month subscription on a Samsung device.

Is it easy to uninstall these programs?

The uninstallation process of BetBlocker and GamBlock is fairly simple. To remove the GamBlock software, you need to access your Control Panel and uninstall the tool. Removing BetBlocker from your device is just as easy, but it’s important to uncheck the Admin access during uninstallation.

What kind of customer support do BetBlocker and GamBlock offer?

Both brands offer high-quality customer service. The available modes of contact at GamBlock include email, phone support, contact form, and communication via social media channels. BetBlocker allows customers to seek assistance by filling out a contact form or by sending an email to the team.

Can I set different self-exclusion periods?

Whether you use BetBlocker or GamBlock, you’ll have the option to set your own self-exclusion duration period. BetBlocker users can choose to exclude themselves for anywhere between 24 hours and five years. The minimal period at GamBlock, on the other hand, is two months.

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