BetBlocker vs Net Nanny

betblocker vs net nanny

A myriad of us gamblers look for blocking tools to manage our gambling activity. BetBlocker and Net Nanny are two popular options among Brits, as they’re both user-friendly and highly efficient. The BETS gambling team has gathered all the necessary details, including the tools’ availability, potential pricing, and other essential features.

If you’re interested in learning more about the effectiveness of site blockers, and more specifically of Net Nanny and BetBlocker, we recommend you read our analysis until the end. We’ll answer every question you may have.

General Info

Our analysis revolves around Net Nanny and BetBlocker – two of the most popular gambling blocks among British players. Both of these have their unique features, and we’ll mention them all in the upcoming sections. We advise you to read our short yet highly informative reviews of the two services, as they will help you find the most suitable option for you.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a leading brand in parental control tools. The paid service allows customers to impose various limits on their children’s Internet engagement, but it’s also an effective, responsible gambling tool. Net Nanny blocks users’ access to numerous websites, minimising any online gambling activity. Below, you can find essential details regarding the company and its accessibility.

Launch Date1994
Number of RegistrationsN/A
Support ServicesEmail and contact form
Global AvailabilityAvailable in the UK and other countries around the world


The following table of our review of BetBlocker contains valuable information about the charitable Scotland-based organisation, which first appeared in 2019. BetBlocker users don’t have to pay anything to use the gambling block. Our research shows that the app works on over 7,900 devices, and it keeps growing in popularity.

Launch Date2019
Number of Registrations7,900+ active devices
Support ServicesEmail and contact form
Global AvailabilityAvailable in the UK and other countries around the world

Comparative Overview of Net Nanny and BetBlocker

One of the most important rules of responsible gambling is to never spend more than you can afford. For many players, this poses a challenge, which is why they make use of gambling blocks like Net Nanny and BetBlocker. Both can be equally effective, but there are certain features only one of the tools can offer. For further information, please have a look at the following table.

Feature Net Nanny BetBlocker
Cost $39.99/year for one device Free
Customisation Available Not available
Target Audience Parents and compulsive gamblers Compulsive gamblers
Time Management Yes N/A
Purpose Filter certain websites, including gambling-related platforms and apps. Blocks access to over 77,000 gambling-related platforms and 1,500+ apps.
Additional Features Location tracker, Internet and mobile apps filter, time management settings, social media protection, etc. Parental control, registration-free process


BetBlocker is one of the most popular gambling blocks, which is entirely free of charge. Every British gambler can make use of the service without spending a penny. Net Nanny, however, requires customers to pay a subscription fee. The annual price for a single device is $39.99, but if you use Net Nanny on five gadgets, you’ll pay only $54.99 for one year.


Net Nanny gives you the opportunity to manually select all restricted gambling websites. In contrast, BetBlocker’s extensive database includes more than 77,000 gambling platforms to which customers have no access. Put differently, if BetBlocker is operational on your device, you won’t be able to visit any of these websites.

Customer Support

Whether you use Net Nanny or BetBlocker, you’ll have the opportunity to seek assistance from a customer support team at any time. Net Nanny’s contact options include email and contact form. If there’s an agent available at the moment, you’ll get a response in a couple of minutes. These two modes of contact are also available at BetBlocker.

Target Audience

Net Nanny is one of the best parental control software, which allows parents to monitor their children’s online activity. Beyond its primary function, it’s also an effective tool for helping a family member in coping with gambling addiction. BetBlocker is a free gambling block tool designed for individuals dealing with compulsive gambling tendencies. However, the latter also offers Parental Controls.

Time Management

Net Nanny supports screen time management options. This means that people using devices where Net Nanny is active will only be able to use the Internet for a couple of hours. BetBlocker gives everyone the opportunity to choose for how long the tool shall remain active. The periods vary between 24 hours and five years.


One of the main purposes of Net Nanny is to help individuals aid their family members in coping with gambling addiction. BetBlocker’s aim is exactly the same – to help as many people as possible deal with compulsive gambling. Both tools offer a number of effective features to make the process as successful as possible.

Additional Features

As mentioned earlier, Net Nanny is a paid service, but it offers numerous additional features, including screen time management, social media protection, personal filter of gambling websites, and so on. BetBlocker is a free service which doesn’t even require registration. Apart from the gambling block, users can also activate different Parental Control limitations.

Similar Features of BetBlocker and Net Nanny

Net Nanny certainly differs from the majority of gambling block tools, but it’s equally efficient when it comes to managing gambling activity. The service is quite similar to BetBlocker, and in the following paragraphs, we’ll highlight all of their resemblances. Whenever we conduct an overview of gambling blockers, we dedicate enough time to scrutinising each of their features. This means that the information below is relevant and up-to-date.

Multi-Platform Support

BetBlocker and Net Nanny are responsive on a number of devices and platforms. The tools perform great on iOS, Android, and Windows gadgets. When you click the Get the App button on the BetBlocker site, you’ll be able to select the most convenient option for you. Furthermore, Net Nanny’s filters work on numerous browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.

Focus on Responsible Gambling

While Net Nanny belongs to the list of the best parental control software options, it’s also a great tool when it comes to managing gambling activity. The tool allows you to block any website you want without limitations. BetBlocker is equally effective in terms of compulsive gambling, preventing users from accessing 77,300+ platforms and 1,500+ apps.

Constant Updates

To provide impeccable services to their clients, both BetBlocker and Net Nanny update their software on a regular basis. Typically, updates focus on improving the overall performance of the gambling block tools and resolving potential issues customers have experienced. Moreover, BetBlocker updates its database by including new gambling sites and apps.


BetBlocker and Net Nanny are quite effective in helping players deal with compulsive gambling addiction. They restrict customers from accessing thousands of gambling platforms and, thus, avoid spending money on casino games and sports betting. The Net Nanny software allows clients to add as many new gambling sites to the list of blocked platforms as they want.

Support and Help

Gambling users can seek help from the relevant customer support team at any time. Sending an email and filling out a contact form are the two available modes of contact. The response time may vary, but it’s usually between a couple of hours and several business days.

Alternative Comparisons of Self-Exclusion Services

There are many more gambling block tools British players can use for free or for little cost. We’ve researched the most reliable and effective ones and provided thorough and factual reviews. Those are below in the form of comparisons, and for your ease, we’ve created a list of all the services we’ve investigated so far. Reviewing these will help you select the most efficient tool for you in case you want to manage your gambling activity.

How Effective Are BetBlocker and Net Nanny: Users’ Stories

According to the opinions from customers we’ve discovered and our own examination, both tools can be very effective when it comes to dealing with compulsive gambling. Net Nanny and BetBlockers are accessible to all British gamblers, and many players have used the services. Below, you can read four honest reviews from BetBlocker and Net Nanny customers.

Net Nanny Reviews

  • I like that Net Nanny allows me to add as many websites as I want to my list of blocked platforms. However, I was a bit disappointed to find out they charged me without notifying me first. I paid for a yearly subscription, and an automatic payment for another year was processed. Apart from this, the tool is great and works flawlessly on all devices.
  • The price for an annual Net Nanny subscription for five devices is quite fair, which is the first thing that got my attention. Also, I can block even the latest gambling sites on the market, which is a huge benefit. Nonetheless, when I tried to contact a customer support agent, I waited for five days to get a response, and he didn’t even solve my problem. So, with the exception of CS, Net Nanny is pretty good.

BetBlocker Reviews

  • This is the second time I’m activating the BetBlocker gambling block. I was immensely satisfied the first time I used it, but now I have to turn it on again… Unfortunately, I had some issues with activation, but the customer support team was quite helpful, and the agent assisted me promptly. I love that the tool is free, and it actually works.
  • The BetBlocker app does what it says it does. The fact that it’s free means it’s available to every single gambler in need out there. While I had some issues on my Android phone, I contacted the support team, and they helped me solve them. I was restricted from accessing thousands of sites, which helped me save so much money and finally overcome my addiction.

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Net Nanny is an excellent tool if you wish to help someone from your household deal with compulsive gambling. The tool gives you full control over the devices they use. You can block their access to numerous platforms, including no GamStop casino sites that remain accessible to excluded players. BetBlocker, on the other hand, gives users a chance to select a period during which they won’t be able to visit any of the sites or apps in BetBlocker’s database.


What are BetBlocker and Net Nanny?

BetBlocker and Net Nanny are tools that can help in coping with gambling addiction. They allow you to impose various restrictions and block your access to a myriad of gambling websites and mobile applications.

Can BetBlocker and Net Nanny be used on multiple devices?

Yes, you can activate the two gambling block software options on several devices. While BetBlocker is entirely free of charge, Net Nanny users will have to pay the corresponding price, depending on the number of used gadgets.

Is there a cost associated with using BetBlocker or Net Nanny?

BetBlocker is the most popular responsible gambling tool, which is completely free of charge for all customers. Net Nanny, on the other hand, is a paid service. The annual subscription fee for one device is $39.99. However, clients can take advantage of special deals, including the $54.99 annual payment for five devices.

Can I set specific times for restrictions with these tools?

Net Nanny offers screen time management options, allowing you to choose for how long your child or another family member can use the Internet. BetBlocker gives customers the opportunity to select any period between 24 hours and five years, during which they’ll have no access to all websites on the company’s database.

Are BetBlocker and Net Nanny easy to bypass?

Unlike many other responsible gambling tools, Net Nanny is quite easy to bypass, especially if you’re the admin of the account. This allows you to turn off any restrictions and to even uninstall the software in an instant. While BetBlocker doesn’t allow you to access gambling sites or apps through any device you’ve installed the blocking tool on, you can easily do that via another smartphone or computer.

Do they offer immediate support services?

Unfortunately, none of these services offer immediate customer support assistance. The available modes of contact include email and contact form. The response time varies between several hours to a few business days.

Can I customise the list of blocked sites with BetBlocker and Net Nanny?

Net Nanny gives all admins the option to customise their list of blocked platforms. This means that you can add the newest casino sites and sportsbooks. BetBlocker, on the other hand, doesn’t feature such an option. The company has a database with over 77,000 websites and 1,500 apps that BetBlocker users can’t gain access to.

Can BetBlocker or Net Nanny be used for purposes other than blocking gambling sites?

Yes, of course. Both BetBlocker and Net Nanny offer parental control services, which allow you to monitor and manage your children’s activity on the Internet. Net Nanny is one of the most well-known parental control software options out there, and it offers a variety of restrictions parents can impose.

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