BetFilter Review

betfilter review

Nothing hits quite like that jackpot on your favourite game when you least expect it. Games of chance can be pretty intriguing, especially when you are on the winning side. However, chasing the big win comes with its caveats and can have a negative impact on your finances. Sometimes, we must seek alternative solutions to protect ourselves from our unwise decisions.

The BetFilter app is a go-to choice for many staking enthusiasts and has undoubtedly proved its effectiveness. When subscribing to the app, UK players can easily block gambling websites from all over the world. Let’s explore BetFilter’s capabilities and help you find out how it can help you regain a clear mindset.

BetFilter: General Information

The gambling-block tool features a subscription-based model and will set you back $69,95 for a year. The software is compatible with and can be installed on all devices. Given that most players access games from their mobile devices, the BetFilter iOS app is notably helpful. Have a look at the table below for a complete summary of BetFilter’s general aspects:

Feature Info
Release Date 2017
Price $69,95 per year, $118,90 for two years
Platforms Supported Windows, Android, iOS
Customer Support Available via email
Purpose Block gambling websites
Functions One-time installation and instant blocking

Advantages of BetFilter

With all the different gambling-block tools and software available on the market and some even free of charge, it’s normal to have some questions about why you should choose BetFilter. After all, if your financial and mental health is at stake, you would want the best of the best. BetFilter certainly sets the bar high with its advantages and can be your partner in taking an indefinite break from gambling, should you require it. The advantages include:

  • Effective Website Blocking:
    The tool ultimately helps you block hundreds of gambling websites available on the web for a determined amount of time. The difference between BetFilter and BetBlocker is BetFilter’s heightened protection regarding access to any of the blocked gambling websites.
  • Customisable Blocklist and Whitelist:
    Sometimes, we want to block certain casinos or sportsbooks that get the best of us. If you would like to block a particular set of gambling platforms, you can do that by selecting the specific platforms from BetFilter’s entire list.
  • Password Protection:
    The BetFilter app is password-protected across all devices, meaning that nobody except you has access to it. If you would like to share your credentials with your loved ones, that’s okay, though you can rest assured knowing that your information is safe.
  • Multiple Device Support:
    You can install the app on all your devices, which is quite convenient. If you have concerns about whether BetFilter will help you block gambling sites on iPhone, the short answer is yes, of course, with the iOS app.
  • Positive User Reviews:
    The BetFilter team strives to help players feel safe and have a positive experience. You can find numerous positive user reviews across the web, some even claiming that the CEO reached out to them personally to help them with their inconveniences.

Disadvantages of BetFilter

It’s important to keep in mind that regardless of the tool’s functionalities, the process of quitting or taking a break from gambling requires more than just an app. If you want the software to work, you must work with it and refrain from identifying loopholes. Even though the BetFilter app does seem like the ideal solution for many, nothing is foolproof. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages that caught our eye:

  • Potential for Workarounds:
    Many UK players who use the service often look at ways to get around GamStop, and the same goes for BetFilter. The only potential workarounds we identified are the possibilities of accessing games from within some apps.
  • Reliance on User Motivation:
    There are many online casinos in Britain that are not on GamStop and BetFilter and can be accessed even with the blocks in effect. If you want to go cold turkey, you must be motivated, as BetFilter does not utilise motivation techniques.

How to Register at BetFilter

Bet-blocking services and tools are often associated with lengthy registration procedures and additional personal information requirements, which can have a negative impact. When players decide to use such an app, they can easily change their minds if the registration process seems too complicated and invasive. BetFilter stands out from the crowds and is relatively easy to set up by following a couple of steps:

  • Access the Website:
    First, ensure you are in a country where the service is eligible. Then, head on over to BetFilter’s website and take a look at their monthly, annual, and bi-annual subscription offers.
  • Download the Tool:
    Make your way to the download page, after which you will be given several options. Depending on your device, you will need to download the corresponding installation. There are installation packages for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Launch BetFilter:
    Open the downloaded file in your usual downloads folder and follow through with the installation procedure. Launch the app and familiarise yourself with the interface, exploring the available options.
  • Register:
    You will be automatically prompted to register or sign in to BetFilter to take advantage of its functionality. During the process, you will be asked to choose your blockage duration period and make your payment.
  • Initiate the Block:
    After you have completed the sign-up process, you will be asked if you want to allow or block some particular websites as well. When done, the block immediately takes effect.

How to Remove BetFilter

Considering that players often find ways to avoid Gamban, GamStop and other gambling-block platforms, it’s essential to understand whether they can do so with BetFilter. If you have decided to stop staking activities, you probably did it for a good reason and should avoid working around it.

However, we did our due diligence on the tool and discovered that it can be bypassed with one method. Gambling websites often use email to deliver various news and promotions to their players, containing links. When the links are opened through the Gmail app, the BetFilter block seems ineffective.

Popular Alternatives to BetFilter

Perhaps BetFilter is not quite what you’re looking for. Even though the procedure to set everything up shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, it can be problematic for some. Luckily, you can take advantage of plenty of alternatives, particularly if you are residing in the UK area. We have dozens of options in our portfolio, so you can explore the gambling blockers overview to learn more about each one. Some of our suggestions include:

  • Gamban:
    Gamban is one of the most popular gambling block tools available on all devices and platforms. It is priced at £24,99 annually. Read our Gamban reviews to familiarise yourself with the service and see if it fits better than BetFilter.
  • GamCare:
    This is not a tool but rather a guidance alternative. If you find yourself in a problematic situation because of gambling, you can give the National Gambling Helpline a call, as GamCare operates it. Read our GamCare reviews to learn more.
  • GamBlock:
    GamBlock is another blocking software that helps online gamblers control their gambling activities. Read our GamBlock reviews to learn more about the software, pricing, and other functionalities you might find helpful for your case.
  • Net Nanny:
    Net Nanny is labelled as the best parental control software, allowing kids and families to have a safe online time. Head over to our Net Nanny reviews to learn how to use this website blocker tool to block gambling sites.
  • BetBlocker:
    BetBlocker can be seen as a direct competitor or alternative to BetFilter. Both tools work on the same principle, but they have a few differences. One of them is that BetBlocker is free to use. Read our BetBlocker reviews to learn more.

Is BetFilter Effective?

BetFilter is certainly a powerful app and has proved useful to many, though not to all. Like any other bet-blocking service, it can have a positive impact on some, but some might find ways to work around it. Thus, we stumbled upon both positive and negative BetFilter reviews online.

Some players found the tool helpful and managed to escape the gambling cycle, but others were not so fortunate. While the tool does block out many gambling sites, player complaints state that some manage to squeeze through. Remember, whichever tool you decide to go with will only get you so far; the solution lies primarily within your dedication to curb your gambling urges.

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