BGaming Review

bgaming review

BGaming is a world-famous software brand that is regarded as a market leader in the online gambling solutions niche. Its products can be found across many different casino sites and are generally celebrated for excellent game mechanics, lively graphics, smart advanced features, and high RTP values. Knowing all this, it’s no surprise that the number of BGaming casinos on the web has been steadily increasing over the last few years.

The idea behind this BGaming review is to present the offering of this software company in realistic terms and explain why its games are so successful. Rather than just describing the games, we will look into the company at a deeper level and try to single out the most relevant factors that affect the everyday player experience.

BGaming Company Overview

Hard facts about BGaming casino games and BGaming mobile products tell the story of this company in a way that anyone can understand. Such information can describe the company objectively and summarise its main accomplishments. We compiled the most relevant bits of information about this game developer and its worldwide operations and organised it as a table.

Feature Info
Founded 2018
Products Slot games, roulette, card games, scratch cards, lottery
Notable Games Lucky Lady Clover, Diamond Jungle, Aztec Clusters, Blackjack Multihand Pro, Scratch Alpaca Gold
Number of Games 150+
Headquarters Malta
Average RTP 96%
Awards Innovation in Gaming Technology and Best Game Developer at EIGE Awards 2023

BGaming Company History

The history of BGaming stretches back for more than a decade, as the work to create the company started in 2012 before the enterprise took its current shape and name in 2018. This is a company built on technological expertise that employs established veterans in their fields and manages them in a flexible way. BGaming is focused on the development of casino games and closely collaborates with online gambling providers to create fair, engaging, and entertaining games across many genres and formats. In particular, the company is famous for great slot games but also offers poker, scratch cards, lottery games, and more.

The company is headquartered in Malta, which is known globally as one of the hotbeds of gambling innovation, but it also has corporate offices located in Poland and Georgia. It didn’t take very long for BGaming to establish a reputation as a top-tier game developer, which was confirmed by its top 10 status in terms of gambling streaming time. This brand is becoming very highly regarded within the online casino industry, and the best gambling websites are now commonly hosting its games.

BGaming’s Ethics and Licencing

One of the major factors driving the rapid success of BGaming and its content is fairness. The games manufactured by this company have reliable game mechanics and stable RTP values, which practically means players know in advance what their chances to win are. In fact, the company introduced the concept of ‘Provably Fair’ games that are based on algorithms that generate the outcomes before the player makes critical decisions. Thus, the player can be assured that the odds of winning depend only on his actions, and there is a widget that clearly demonstrates the background processes.

The winning odds and other game features remain consistent no matter where you encounter BGaming’s software. The games are licensed to online casino websites but remain exactly the same, as the code is finalised before deployment. For this reason, the BGaming brand is a quality guarantee that many players have learned to respect. The company also supports ethical gambling and enforces responsible gambling tools, thus helping to keep the digital casino environment safe. It has official licences in several jurisdictions, including Malta, Romania, Greece, and Curacao.

The Company in Figures

As we said earlier, the complex operations of this software development company are difficult to sum up. Still, numbers don’t lie, and they can be instrumental in explaining the true advantages of this brand. We will present a few more quantitative facts that illustrate how successful BGaming is in the global online gambling market.

  • 1,100 online casinos worldwide have BGaming content
    There is no better figure to back up the claims of elite status in the market than the number of casinos willing to host BGaming games. With more than a thousand partner websites at the moment, BGaming is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.
  • Team with 20+ years of experience in iGaming
    The quality of games made by BGaming is a by-product of accumulated expertise in multiple relevant areas. The team behind these games has been working in the online gambling industry for a couple of decades and knows exactly what the customers are looking for.
  • 15% annual growth in demand for crypto-friendly games
    Many observers see BGaming as an innovator in the online casino space, especially noting its acceptance of various fiat and cryptocurrencies. The level of interest in crypto-related solutions is growing, and this segment will likely assume a larger portion of the BGaming portfolio in the future.

Main Features of BGaming

Anyone who spends a lot of time playing BGaming games will agree there are certain tendencies characteristic of this brand. We tried to isolate the most relevant features of BGaming from the perspective of a typical player. The following list of features should be consulted when you are trying to form an opinion about BGaming.

  • Transparency and Fairness in Their Games
    BGaming goes above and beyond the industry standards to assure players that their wagers are being processed fairly. The introduction of the Provably Fair widget is a smart and efficient way to show exactly how the outcomes are calculated in the background.
  • Unique Bonus Features and Gameplay Mechanics
    The development team at BGaming is very creative when it comes to designing unique ways to play games of chance. Additional game mechanics and bonus features make games less predictable and more entertaining while also expanding the range of strategic possibilities.
  • Releases New Games on a Regular Basis
    This game studio is quite prolific, as you can judge from the number of games it has been able to release since 2018. There are multiple games coming out practically every month, so players who like to chase new titles should always follow what BGaming is up to.
  • Holds Licences from Reputable Gaming Jurisdictions
    Industry insiders know that Curacao online casinos for UK users are becoming increasingly popular. BGaming collaborates with numerous such websites and, in fact, holds a valid licence issued in this jurisdiction, in addition to those from Malta and a few other European nations.
  • Popular for Its Roulette & Dice Games
    Table games, such as roulette and dice, have the advantage of familiarity, as most people already know the rules and basic strategy. BGaming has several titles that are faithful simulations of roulette and dice games, and they are among its most frequently played games.
  • Runs Branded Slot Tournaments
    Well-known independent casino operators are constantly looking for new ways to engage the players, and BGaming is affording them a fantastic outlet to do so. Its branded slot tournaments tend to attract a large number of casual users and give them a new challenge to solve.
  • Different Volatility and Hit Rates
    While BGaming games are similar in many respects, they fit into a wide spectrum when it comes to volatility and hit rates. In practice, that means each player can choose the game that allows him to manage risks the way he is most comfortable with.

BGaming Slots Review

You might have already encountered some of BGaming online slots, as they are well-represented on various casino sites and quite popular at the moment. Many of the slot games produced by this company are beloved by players around the world and are considered fair and user-friendly. Five of the best BGaming slots will be presented in some detail.

  • Hawaii Cocktails
    The main theme of this game is a dream tropical vacation, which makes it a lot of fun to play. It features five reels and nine paylines, so there are more possible combinations than on a traditional slot machine.
  • Scroll of Adventure
    As a combination of a classic arcade game and slot game, Scroll of Adventure brings a fresh concept to the table. This is a five-reel game that is based on Ancient Egypt, with plenty of mysteries waiting to be discovered.
  • Book of Pyramids
    BGaming has another Egypt-themed game that deserves your attention. Book of Pyramids slot game stands out for amazing graphics, creatively designed symbols, and unique gameplay, but also for a very high RTP value that exceeds 97%.
  • Lucky Lady Moon
    This is one of the best-known and best-paying BGaming slots with lots of devoted players across the globe. Characterised by high volatility and a large 6×7 grid, it’s a game that lets experienced players with a tolerance for risk really shine.
  • Princess Royal
    Princess Royal is another game with an RTP higher than 97%, and it has a medium variance. It has wild and scatter symbols that facilitate wins and features 9 paylines. The graphics are simple and straightforward, allowing the player to focus on strategy rather than the visuals.

Alternative Software Gaming Providers

For many online gambling enthusiasts, BGAming casino software is the main priority. Still, it’s worth mentioning that many other game developers are putting out excellent casino games on a regular basis. In particular, we recommend that you keep an open eye on new releases by any of the following casino game brands.

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  5. Novomatic Gaming Review
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BGaming Review: FAQ

What is BGaming?

BGaming is a technology company focused on the development of online gambling software. It produces casino games that can be deployed on many different gambling websites, always with the same mechanics and winning odds. The company is based in Eastern Europe but operates on a global level and holds multiple gambling licences.

What types of games does BGaming offer?

This game manufacturer is primarily known for producing very good slot games, but there are examples of other genres in its portfolio. Notably, BGaming also released several games similar to traditional casino disciplines like roulette and blackjack. Scratch cards and lottery games are also a part of its game collection.

What sets BGaming games apart from others?

Games made by BGaming tend to have better game mechanics, more immersive graphics, and higher winning odds than most of their direct competitors. The quality of the games is self-evident as soon as you try playing, while fairness is demonstrated in a transparent manner. BGaming products are compatible with a wide range of currencies and crypto coins.

How can I contact BGaming for support or inquiries?

The standard way of contacting the BGaming team is through the online form provided on the website. You can explain your case and request assistance or inquire about new products from this company. Existing customers have additional channels at their disposal and can get in touch with BGaming personnel directly.

Are BGaming games fair and reliable?

Yes, all BGaming games have clearly defined winning odds that remain constant over a large number of attempts. You can research the relevant parameters for every game in advance and select your favourites on an objective basis. It’s not unusual for BGaming titles to return over 97% of invested money to the player, which is comfortably higher than the industry average.

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