Gamban Review

gamban review

Welcome to our complete Gamban review, which explores crucial things you should know about the game blocker. Gamban is self-exclusion software that you can install across your devices. It blocks access to gambling sites, mobile casinos and various other online materials. The app currently blocks more than 13,000 gambling websites.

There are many similar apps, but Gamban blocks the majority of UK sites and even some independent online sportsbooks, making it a reliable choice whenever you want to take a break from online betting. Players can also add to the database, which is excellent for blocking new sites and others missed by Gamban.

Gamban: General Information

Gamban was designed to help players block access to EU gambling sites. It uses a database that features gambling websites, sportsbooks, esports, crypto websites, skins, and trading platforms. Players can download and install the Gamban app on their smartphones, tablets and computers to instantly block access to any website in the database. If the site is accessible, punters can add it to the database and Gamban will immediately update to block the platform. Once installed, the app remains irremovable until the self-exclusion term expires.

Advantages of Gamban

There are many benefits of using Gamban, especially if you are struggling with compulsive gambling. The app recognizes and blocks gambling websites instantly, without affecting your browsing. It is lightweight, sleek and very easy to use. Simply purchase your license, download the app and install it across your devices. Here are three more advantages of Gamban game blocker.

  • Available on Smartphones:
    Gamban runs smoothly across mobile operating systems. There are two main mobile versions available; one for Android users and the other for iOS. Both apps work on smartphones and tablets/iPads and are light on the processor.
  • Has Free Version:
    Although Gamban is a premium game blocker that costs around $24.99 per year, users have access to a 14 –day free trial period. The free version has the same features and is the same app.
  • Easy to Start:
    Getting started with Gamban self-exclusion is a dauntless task. Simply visit Gamban official website, register, download the app, install, and begin your free trial. You can also purchase to get your self-exclusion period started.

Disadvantages of Gamban

Like most game blockers you’ll encounter, Gamban is not all great. The app has a couple of drawbacks worth noting before you register. Aside from the price tag attached to using the software, players still have loopholes as the system relies on a database that has to be updated. Here are two disadvantages that come with Gamban.

  • Doesn’t Block All Sites:
    Gamban effectively blocks UK betting sites but isn’t nearly as successful when it comes to blocking offshore gambling operators. Because it relies on a database, some new casinos and platforms aren’t still accessible.
  • Slow Support:
    The game blocker has a vibrant community and huge user base, which translates to slow support. Players have to wait for several hours to receive help from the support team, which can be frustrating.

How to Remove Gamban

You should contact customer support immediately if you end up on Gamban by mistake. However, no way around the Gamban app involves removing it. Even if you close your account, the app will remain irremovable until your self-exclusion term expires. Alternatively, you can look into new gambling sites that don’t need verification to find those yet to be added to the Gamban database. We recommend waiting out the self-exclusion term, which can be anything from six months to five years.

Popular Alternatives to Gamban

Game blockers are popular in the UK and offshore. Some have been around since before the 21st century, while others are only a couple of years old. However, each is different and comes with unique pros and drawbacks. Here’s a brief overview of four different gambling blockers you can use instead of Gamban.

  • GamStop Self-Exclusion:
    If you bet using UK casinos, then you have come across GamStop. It is a voluntary self-exclusion scheme that players can join to block access to all online gambling websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). All UK sites are obligated to participate in GamStop and block registered players from their site. However, there are many GamStop-free gambling sites, considering the scheme only works for UK websites. Even so, GamStop is a sure way to self-exclude from gambling in the UK and comes with a minimum term of six months. It is also free.
  • BetBlocker:
    The BetBlocker app is an excellent Gamban alternative and works more or less the same. It is a software-based solution that players can install on their phones or computers and has a robust database featuring UK and non-UK gambling sites. Once installed, the app will instantly block access to all websites in its database and also block gambling adverts and promos. What’s more, the app features parental control, so it can be used to block other online content and has self-exclusion terms ranging from two months to five years.
  • Gamblock:
    Launched in 2000, Gamblock is one of the most reliable game blockers you can use in place of Gamban. Unlike other software-based solutions, Gamblock doesn’t rely on a database. Instead, it uses sophisticated algorithms that detect and block all gambling-related material. You can use it to block access to gambling sites, adverts, promotions, pop-ups and more. The app works across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, so you can block access on all your devices. It is also the solutions most businesses and government offices use to ensure company computers aren’t used to gamble.
  • SpelPaus:
    This solution works more like GamStop, albeit designed for players in Sweden. SpelPaus was launched in 2019 and is a license requirement for all casinos licensed in Sweden. Players can register to block access to operators in Sweden and the minimum self-exclusion term is one month. You can also choose up to a year or until further notice. Unfortunately, because the scheme is only mandatory in Sweden, there are many gambling sites without SpelPaus. Players committed to self-exclusion will need to complement it with other game blockers.

GamBan UK FAQs

Where can I download GamBan?

The best place to download the Gamban app is the official site. Once registered, you can download the software directly from the Gamban website and install it on your computer. If you want the mobile apps, you can use the direct links from the Gamban website. The links point to the respective app stores; Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS).

Does GamBan have a free version?

Yes. Gamban offers a 14 day free trial period within which users can explore the software and find out more about how it works. Players will have access to the same app features and functionalities. However, you’ll be required to pay for your self-exclusion license once the free trial period elapses.

How long does GamBan work?

Gamban offers different licenses depending on the self-exclusion term chosen. Players can choose up to five years, but the minimum term is one month. The most popular license is for one-year self-exclusion. Once you register and pay for the app, you won’t be able to uninstall it until the self-exclusion term is completed.

Where can I find GamBan prices?

Gamban prices are listed on the official website under ‘Pricing’ and there are two main plans. The first is a ‘Cool Off’ monthly subscription, while the other offers Gamban’s popular one-year ‘Exclusion’ license. The blocker claims to provide flexible pricing, so you can get a custom plan that suits your needs.

How can I stop GamBan?

You cannot stop Gamban before the license expires. The great thing is Gamban has a one-month license that you can easily wait out to resume gambling. However, even if you take the annual license, there’s no removing the Gamban app until your self-exclusion term expires. You can call customer support if you are on Gamban by mistake.

Which OS GamBan supports?

Like most game blockers, Gamban works across mobile and desktop operating systems. Players can find the software versions for Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS mobile apps. The software is lightweight and runs smoothly without interrupting your browsing. It also runs in the background and features no adverts.

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