Gambling Blockers Overview

gambling blockers overview

Gambling blockers offer a chance to step away from online casinos for as long as you want to. Most offer flexible terms, ranging from six months to five years. However, you can find gambling blockers that allow you to quit betting for as little as one month or indefinitely. One good thing about gambling blockers is they can work even on independent online casino operators, effectively protecting you from all forms of online betting.

Most gambling blockers are software applications you can install on all devices you use to access casino sites. Once you install the software, you won’t be able to access online gambling websites. There are several blockers available for players looking to self-exclude from real money games and promotions. Some use sophisticated algorithms to detect casino sites, while others have a database of blocked sites and keep adding new platforms. Below is an overview of the top five gambling blockers available for UK punters.


GamBan is one of the most popular game blockers you’ll encounter when looking to quit gambling on EU casinos. The app blocks the majority of websites from Europe and isn’t only limited to online casinos. It uses an elaborate database that includes sportsbooks and casino websites, eSports, crypto sites, trading platforms and skins, making it one of the most influential game blockers. GamBan also keeps adding new sites to its library.

If you find a casino that’s accessible, report it to GamBan, and it will be blocked instantly. Unfortunately, there are many non-GamBan gambling sites. The software relies on a database, and not all online casinos have been added to the library. What’s more, GamBan only works on the devices you install it in. You can still play using another smartphone, tablet, iPad or computer without the app. Nonetheless, the game blocker blocks access to most casino sites licensed in the UK.


Gamblock is an efficient app you can use to block access to all forms of online gambling. Unlike most game blockers, the software doesn’t rely on a database. Instead, it uses sophisticated algorithms that detect gambling material and block it instantly. This eliminates loopholes, such as newly registered casinos. You can install Gamblock across all devices you use to gamble online, and it comes with flexible terms ranging from six months to five years.

Gamblock has been around since 2000 and is one of the leading game blockers in the market. It is easy to use and activates within 24 hours of registration, just like GamStop. Once installed, you cannot remove the app, and won’t have access to online casinos and sportsbooks until the self-exclusion term expires. Because of its algorithms, Gamblock may end up blocking regular games, including all RNG-based options whether or not they are real money options.


NetNanny is another reliable game blocker you can use to restrict access to gambling websites. It was launched in 1993 to provide a parental control solution and block all kinds of harmful online content. NetNanny became popular in the 2000s but has evolved into a robust solution for preventing access to unwanted sites. You can use it to block online casinos and sportsbooks, porn sites, adult content, radical movement forums and so forth.

Using NetNanny is as effortless as any other game blocker. It is an app you can install across your devices and offers flexible self-exclusion terms. NetNanny also has location tracking, screen time management, instant alerts and other exciting features you can use to protect yourself from casino websites, adverts, and more. It works across Android and iOS devices as well as Chromebooks, gaming consoles, video streaming platforms, and social media. Once installed, you’ll lose access to gambling websites and promotions.


GamStop is perhaps the most popular game blocker available for UK punters. It is a mandatory license requirement for sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, so all UK sites participate in the scheme. GamStop involves blocking access to websites licensed by the UKGC and offers a minimum self-exclusion term of six months. Players can also choose one year or five years. However, the scheme only works in the UK, and there are many UK gambling sites not on GamStop.

GamStop has a library of all legitimate UK casinos and allows players to register to be self-excluded from such sites voluntarily. Once on GamStop, you won’t be able to play on casinos and sportsbooks licensed in the UK. Each casino is obliged to perform thorough ID verification to identify punters who have registered to step away from betting offers on UK sites. Players don’t have to pay for anything as the program is free and designed to help those with a gambling problem.


BetBlocker is an app-based game blocker with more than 6,000 sites in its database. It is designed to prevent access to gambling websites in the UK and comes with irremovability and parental control features. You can use BetBlocker to block gambling sites, adult content and other online content you don’t want to encounter. Once installed, you cannot delete BetBlocker until the self-exclusion term expires. However, the solution uses a library, so it has loopholes.

BetBlocker restricts access to both UK and non-UK sites, which is excellent when looking to avoid all forms of online gambling. It works more like NetNanny and offers flexible terms, ranging from a few months to several years. Players can also add new sites to the library to block access to all gambling offers. The app comes with a free version to test its efficiency, which is excellent when comparing the best game blockers.

Overview of Gambling Blockers FAQs

What is a gambling blocker?

As the name suggests, a gambling blocker is an application that blocks access to gambling websites (casinos and sportsbooks). You can install it on your device or sign up with your information to self-exclude from online gambling. Most gambling blockers will protect you from online casinos for at least six months, and you can choose to self-exclude forever.

How do gambling blockers work?

Gambling blockers work in different ways. Most use a library containing player information or existing online casinos. Players can purchase a license that allows them to block gambling websites for a limited period, after which they can choose to continue gambling or extend their self-exclusion term. Some, such as GamStop, SpelPaus, AAMS, and ROFUS, are free of charge.

Can UK players use gambling blockers?

Yes. Gambling blockers like Gamban, Gamblock, NetNanny, etc., are available for anyone looking to take a break from online casino products. UK players can register on GamStop, which is the best self-exclusion program if you want to block websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. You can also download and install all blockers mentioned above.

What is the best gambling blocker?

We recommend Gamban because of its advanced algorithms and library. Gamban has been around for several years and keeps growing its list of blocked websites. The app is easy to install and offers flexible terms, so you can choose the best self-exclusion period based on your needs. However, GamStop, Gamblock, and NetNanny are all reliable.

Are gambling blockers free?

No. Most game blockers, especially those that require an installation, aren’t free. You’ll have to pay for the license, and the longer the term, the more you’ll pay. However, game blockers also come with a trial period or free versions you can use to test their reliability. You can also find free self-exclusion programs, such as GamStop.

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