Gamblock Review

gamblock review

There are many solutions if you are looking to self-exclude from online gambling, and in this review, we take a look at Gamblock for UK players. Gamblock has been around since 2000 and provides players with a way to block access to all gambling-related material, including websites, adverts and promotions.

Gamblock is a convenient app you can install on your phone or PC to stop access to online gambling sites and mobile casinos. However, unlike most self-exclusion apps you’ll encounter, Gamblock doesn’t feature a database. Instead, it uses advanced algorithms to detect and block gambling content. Players can use it to block independent gambling companies available in the UK.

Gamblock: General Information

Gamblock was designed to help players looking to self-exclude from online gambling sites in EU. Once installed, the app cannot be removed until the self-exclusion term expires. Players can block online casinos for six months to five years and the software works for the UK and non-UK betting sites. The app will block all gambling-related content, including new sites.

Advantages of Gamblock

Gamblock has been around for more than two decades and has many benefits for players with a genuine gambling problem. It effectively bars access to all gambling sites and promotional material. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cross-Platform Support:
    Gamblock works across mobile and desktop operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android. You must install the software across all your devices to block gambling websites and it runs smoothly on modern smartphones, tablets, and iPads.
  • Doesn’t Have Loopholes:
    Unlike other game blockers, Gamblock is a resolute solution with no ways around it. You can use the app to block all online gambling platforms, including casino sites not on GamStop.
  • Immediate Start:
    Gamblock will start working after installation, unlike GamStop, which requires 24 hours to activate. Once you install and activate the app, you’ll no longer have access to online betting sites in the UK and anywhere else.

Disadvantages of Gamblock

Although Gamblock has many advantages, it isn’t perfect. The app has a handful of drawbacks worth noting before you install the app. Some of the key disadvantages of using the Gamblock self-exclusion app include:

  • Doesn’t Offer Quick Support: Because of its large clientele, Gamblock doesn’t have the best of customer services. You’ll need to wait a couple of hours before your inquiries are answered, which can be inconvenient and irritating.
  • May Block Even Regular Games: The app is designed to block gaming websites, including casinos and other regular games. This can cause problems when you are looking for video games blocked by Gamblock.
  • Tied To a Device: Gamblock has to be installed, so you must have it across all your devices for it to be effective. Players determined to continue gambling can bet using another device without the app, so the solution isn’t as effective as GamStop.

Top Alternatives to Gamblock for UK Players

There are many self-exclusion applications available for players in the UK and offshore. Nonetheless, not all are reliable. It is vital to find reputable options that can effectively block access to gambling sites and mobile casinos. Here’s a brief overview of popular Gamblock alternatives you can use to self-exclude from all forms of online gambling.

  • GamStop Self-Exclusion:
    GamStop is a voluntary self-exclusion scheme that players in the UK can register for to restrict access to all online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). All UKGC-licensed online casinos must participate in the scheme and are required to collect player information during registration. Player details are then compared to the GamStop database to block those who have voluntarily self-excluded. However, there are many sites not under GamStop, considering the scheme is only mandatory in the UK and no law prohibits players from gambling offshore.
  • GamBan:
    This is an excellent choice when looking to step away from online gambling sites and mobile casinos. Gamban is an application you can install on your phone or computer and it blocks access to gambling sites by matching URLs to its database. The app currently blocks more than 13,000 websites and players can add to the database to include new sites. Players cannot remove the app until the self-exclusion term expired. However, the database needs constant updating and leaves loopholes for the existence of many GamBan-free gambling sites.
  • BetBlocker:
    This is another reliable self-exclusion solution UK players can use to block access to all kinds of gambling material, including websites, emails, adverts and promos. BetBlocker also features parental control and other exciting features, allowing parents to restrict several harmful sites. It works across UK and non-UK casino sites, and players won’t be able to get around BetBlocker for the self-exclusion term. You can block sites for two months, six months, a year or five years and the app works across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • GamCare:
    Unlike other options in this list, GamCare doesn’t block access to gambling sites. Instead, it is dedicated to helping problem gamblers recover from compulsive betting by providing access to experts, advisors, forums and resources. It was launched back in 1997 and serves players in England, Scotland and Wales. GamCare provides a helpline you can use when looking to stop gambling and is more like Gambling Anonymous. It also offers casino certifications and is responsible for the Safer Gambling Standards. However, there are many UK gambling sites without GamCare, so you should always check if the casino is certified.

GamBlock UK FAQs

Where can I download Gamblock?

Gamblock is available from the official site, which has links to the respective stores for Android and iOS apps. The PC version can be downloaded directly from the official site. You can also visit Google Play and Apple Store to download the mobile apps, but it is advisable to use the links provided on the official Gamblock website.

Does Gamblock have a free trial?

No. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial version for Gamblock. The software is a premium, so you must pay for the license. The longer your term, the more you’ll pay. Players looking for free self-exclusion tools should use GamStop, or GamCare, which don’t charge anything. However, Gamblock is more effective in blocking all online gambling sites.

Where can I find Gamblock prices?

The official Gamblock website has everything you need to know about payment plans, including how to use the software and allowed devices. Self-exclusion terms start at six months, but players can choose up to five years. Each license is unique and can be used on one device or across multiple devices.

How can I stop Gamblock?

There’s no way around Gamblock once you install and activate the license. Players must wait for the self-exclusion term or find another device without the app. Since it is paid software, there’s little chance you’ll install it by mistake, so Gamblock makes it impossible to remove the app until the license expires.

Which OS Gamblock Supports?

Gamblock accommodates all devices used to play online casino games. It runs smoothly across Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, so you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, iPad, and computer without any glitches. The app retains its features across all platforms, so all you need is a version built for your device.

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