GamCare Review

gamcare review

Welcome to our GamCare UK review, which provides crucial information you shouldn’t know about the organization and its activities. Gambling is popular part-time in the UK and worldwide, and there are many betting sites available for anyone looking to explore real money games. However, gambling has its adverse effects and many people are affected.

GamCare is a charity organization launched back in 1997 and provides help, resources and advice to players affected by problem gambling. The organization serves England, Scotland and Wales. Virtually all UKGC licensed casinos are part of GamCare and strive to help those struggling with gambling addiction. Our review examines the organization, its activities and alternatives.

GamCare Activities

GamCare cooperates with the majority of UK and non-UK gambling websites. The charity organization is dedicated to helping problem gamblers recover and regain control to battle compulsive betting. It provides various services for everyone affected by gambling, directly or indirectly. Players can find resourceful information or speak to experts and advisors to help them navigate the negative impacts of compulsive gambling. To achieve its purpose, GamCare offers various services, including free face-to-face support, counselling, self-exclusion programs, and safe gambling standards.

As a charity organization, GamCare doesn’t require any payments like other agencies. Players determined to exercise self-restraint can speak to gambling experts and learn more about how to bet responsively. Since its launch, GamCare has refined its services and activities to ensure all players in the UK have access to resources, information and helplines. Here’s a quick overview of GamCare activities.

  • Maintain Support Forum:
    GamCare runs a 24/7 support forum that players can use to find help, advice and information around gambling. The forum brings together experts, advisors and previous problem gamblers who share tips and other vital resources.
  • Counselling Gambling Companies:
    The organization provides counselling services to GamCare and non GamCare casinos to help create a sustainable gambling atmosphere. It is also responsible for the Safer Gambling Standard, the quality standard for social responsibility among casino operators.
  • Offers Support Chats:
    Players affected by compulsive gambling can speak to experts and advisors through live chats and support chats around the clock. The organization also offers face-to-face help throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Cooperate With Gambling Blockers:
    The list of gambling blockers features many organizations, including Gamban, Gamblock, NetNanny and Betfilter, among others. GamCare cooperates with most gambling blockers, so players can quickly find ways to self-exclude from all forms of online betting.

GamCare: General Information

GamCare was introduced in 1997 as a charity organization dedicated to helping problem gamblers recover and exercise self-restraint. The organization is committed to mitigating the adverse effects of gambling in the UK and offers various services, including chats, resources, counsellors and advisors. It offers workshops, blogs, videos, quizzes, testimonials and so forth, with resources for gamblers, youth teachers, teachers and parents. Bookmakers that don’t need verification can also apply for GamCare certification as long as they have the required responsible gambling frameworks.

The merits of GamCare are straightforward, especially if you have been struggling with compulsive betting. Since its establishment, the charity organization has helped problem gamblers recover and continues to commit resources towards promoting safe and sustainable betting in the UK. Here are two reasons why GamCare exists and why players should choose platforms that are part of the organization.

  • Helps Problem Gamblers:
    The goal of GamCare is to create awareness about the negative impacts of gambling and provide help for players that are suffering from compulsive betting habits. The organization offers helplines, forums, advisors, blockers and more.
  • Promotes Safe Gambling Habits:
    GamCare provides counselling services to help casinos establish frameworks for identifying and helping players with a problem. They also released the Safer Gambling Standard in 2018 to ensure all operators are doing enough to help players.

Popular Alternatives to GamCare

GamCare is one of many organizations driven to help problem gamblers. There are several schemes and programs available for UK players looking to take control of their betting habit and some are free while others charge self-exclusion fees. Here are two popular GamCare alternatives that reduce ways how to get around self-exclusion programs.

  • GamStop Self-Exclusion:
    GamStop is the most popular self-exclusion program available for UK players. The scheme allows players to take a break from gambling. It was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and all UK licensed casinos must participate. Once a player registers on GamStop, they will be blocked from all real money games available on UK casinos. The minimum self-exclusion term is six months, but players can choose one year or five years. Unfortunately, there are many UK gambling sites not affected by GamStop, considering no law prohibits offshore casinos and the scheme only applies to UKGC sites.
  • Gamblers Anonymous Forum:
    Like Narcotics Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have come together to help put an end to gambling. The forum’s sole purpose is to stop betting and help those who have been affected by problem gambling to do the same. It comprises experts and previous problem gamblers who share their experiences and advice. The Gambling Anonymous Forum is a great place to find inspiration, resources, support and vital tips needed to conquer compulsive betting and recover from its adverse impacts.

GamCare UK FAQs

What is GamCare?

GamCare is a charity organization established in 1997 to help problem gamblers in England, Scotland and Wales. The organization provides resources, helplines, support, forums and other frameworks designed to protect players from the negative effects of compulsive gambling. Most UK casinos are members, but there are many other gambling sites not on GamCare.

How can I join the GamCare forum?

It is advisable to join GamCare if you suspect that you have a gambling addiction. Joining is an effortless process that you can complete with a few clicks. All you need to do is visit the official GamCare website and register for an account. You’ll be required to provide an email address, username and first name.

Is GamCare free?

Yes. GamCare is free, so you can sign up for an account and get help without paying any fee. However, if you want to block access to all gambling websites and adverts, you should consider third-party apps like Gamban and Gamblock, which have self-exclusion fees. Nonetheless, GamCare and GamStop don’t charge players.

Does GamCare have self-exclusion?

No. Unfortunately, GamCare only provides gambling support and helplines. Players looking to self-exclude from online casinos and betting sites must use GamStop or other blockers, like Gamban, Gamblock, Betfilter, and NetNanny. Note that GamStop only works on UK casinos. However, GamCare cooperates with these gambling blockers, although it has no self-exclusion program.

Is GamCare available for UK players?

Yes. GamCare is designed for players in England, Scotland and Wales, so UK punters can join to get gambling support for free. It is a charity organization that offers access to accurate information, resources and gambling help in the UK. However, GamCare partners with many casino operators, including those outside the UK.

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