Halifax Gambling Block

halifax gambling block

Halifax abides by the rules of responsible gambling and supports players who are battling gambling addiction via several advanced features. This popular UK bank enables clients to freeze their debit cards and regain financial control. The self-exclusion tools are available via the native mobile banking app or help centre.

The best part is you can halt deposits, but withdrawals of winnings will still be processed. Blocking transactions for gambling purposes is one of the best methods for responsible gambling. If you’re a customer of Halifax and are curious about how to implement a gambling block, continue reading our guide.

Why Halifax Offers a Gambling Block

The financial sector is viewed as an enabler of online gambling, and Halifax strives to protect its customers’ mental and financial well-being. That’s one of the key reasons for implementing a gambling block feature.

The Halifax gambling-blocking feature is part of a wider industry trend, providing clients with tools to reduce the risks and harmful effects of online gambling. Multiple financial institutions offer gambling block features. However, Halifax was among the first UK financial institutions to ride the wave and expand the policy through additional training for customers and a dedicated support centre.

How the Halifax Gambling Block Works

The Halifax gambling block option empowers clients of the bank to manage their gambling payments. If you’re wondering how to block gambling sites, you can use the telephone and reach out to contact customer support or use the mobile banking app to activate the self-exclusion.

Both methods will stop transactions to online casinos or sportsbooks for a period of 48 hours, after which your debit card settings will revert to default. Halifax customers can also adjust their gambling spending limits on debit cards if they do not want such a radical measure as self-exclusion.

Overview of Halifax Gambling Block Feature

The Halifax Gambling Block feature is available to all customers with an active account at this bank. If you’re dealing with gambling issues and looking for ways to control your betting impulses, you can access the gambling block option for free on any weekday.

The Halifax mobile banking app is the fastest route to freeze your debit cards, but you can use online banking to seek out help. This option was introduced in 2019 and is constantly being upgraded and augmented with additional methods for responsible gambling.

Feature Description
Service Name Halifax Gambling Block – Card Freeze
Activation Method Mobile Banking App or Customer Support
Availability 24/7
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period 48 hours

How to Activate Halifax Gambling Block

As previously mentioned, multiple options are available to activate the gambling block. However, if you’re still not sure how to delete all gambling accounts, the fastest and most convenient method is to use the Halifax banking app.

This process is no different than using any other mobile app. You can trigger the gambling block in a couple of minutes and protect yourself from gambling addiction. The necessary steps to activate the ban on gambling transactions via the banking app include:

  • Open the Halifax Banking App:
    Access your Halifax mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store, App Store or the Halifax official website. You must create separate login credentials to access your bank account, a process for which the customer support team can be particularly helpful.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage Card’:
    Open the “Manage Cards’’ section on the app, and click the ‘‘Card Freezes and Limits” tab. There, you will find a Gambling toggle, which you need to turn to the “On” setting or activate to freeze gambling transactions. Alternatively, you can enter a monthly limit for gambling transactions.
  • The Ban Will Take Effect:
    Once activated, the self-exclusion will be in force for a period of 48 hours. After that time limit expires, your app settings will return to the default. In the meantime, responsible use will remain ongoing, as any gambling transaction limit you’ve previously set will be in place for the rest of the month.

Alternative Gambling Blocks

UK banks strive to be competitive, and that’s reflected in their responsible gambling policies. Most financial institutions provide some sort of a gambling block, most often a self-exclusion via their native apps.

Considering that most players might have more than one bank account, we’ve provided a selection of alternatives for Halifax you might find useful. Each of these banks supports a safer gambling experience:

  1. Monzo gambling block
  2. NatWest gambling block
  3. Barclays gambling block
  4. HSBC gambling block
  5. Lloyds bank gambling block

Conclusion: Is It Worth To Use Halifax Gambling Block?

The Halifax gambling block is a valuable tool for players realising they need a break from online wagering. Thankfully, the feature works on UK non GamStop casinos with games of all kinds, and it’s intuitive to use. It’s a great method to temporarily suspend your gambling activities and create some space to reconsider your future steps. It’s highly effective because it cuts access to your finances, the main source enabling gambling.

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