How to Block Gambling Ads

how to block gambling ads

Occasionally, betting a few quid on some of your favourite games of chance can be alluring. You never know if luck will strike, and if it does, the dopamine is like no other. However, the fear of missing out on a potential win can get you to play even when you are not in the financial position to do so.

Taking a break from your gambling adventures is always a smart idea. During your hiatus, it’s normal for you to want to know how to get rid of gambling ads. Let’s look at how to avoid any contact with staking games and reduce social media advertisements during your much-needed break.

Is Gambling Advertisement Dangerous?

Gambling ads can be harmless for some but not for all. Research shows a strong correlation between betting advertisements and risky gambling behaviour. If adverts easily influence you in general, you should try to block gambling ads to make more responsible decisions.

It is essential that your gambling decisions are yours. While you are at it, make sure you unsubscribe from and block casino spam emails as well. They can undoubtedly pose an equally enabling threat, leading to uneventful bets.

How to Block Facebook Gambling Ads

If you are wondering how to stop gambling ads on Facebook, you are not alone. Paid advertisements are the bread and butter of Facebook and Meta in general. The platform doesn’t allow you to simply turn off the sometimes bothersome ads and continue scrolling through your feed. Nevertheless, there are some alternative solutions that you can implement to create a gambling-free environment on the social platform. Let’s have a look.

Facebook Ads Gambling Policy

Before we learn how to stop gambling ads on Facebook, we need to see the platform’s policies on gambling ads. Advertisers must request written permission from Meta to run advertisements that promote online gambling.

Permission is required to promote online gambling or run ads with landing pages that contain online gambling promotions. The document is then used as proof that the advertised gambling activities comply with local regulatory commissions. Ads without written permission include brick-and-mortar casinos, state or government lotteries, prize promotions, and free-to-play games.

How to Stop Seeing Gambling Ads on Facebook: Guide

The algorithms that run these platforms are in place to do one single thing: identify your interests and consistently target them. This means that the more time you spend consuming and interacting with gambling content, the more gambling ads you will receive. Let’s investigate the somewhat unconventional ways to block gambling ads on Facebook and how to utilise them step-by-step:

  • Stop consuming gambling content
    Facebook’s algorithm tracks every movement and interaction you make on the platform. Unfollow any gambling establishment, promoter, or content creator and decrease the time spent consuming gambling content to zero.
  • Hide gambling ads
    When an ad is presented on your feed, tap the little x button on the top-right corner of the sponsored content. Select the option Hide Ad and select the reason for removal.
  • Update Facebook ad preferences
    Head on over to your ad preferences and select Ad Topics in the left-side panel. Go through the list of available categories and check the option that states – see less.

How to Block TikTok Gambling Ads

TikTok can be quite an entertaining place to take a moment and escape reality. When you are trying to avoid TikTok ads gambling content, some of it popping up during your time spent on the app can undoubtedly enable you to play. If you want to remove gambling content from your For You Feed, follow these steps to scroll ad-free.

TikTok Gambling Ads Policy

Initially, gambling was prohibited entirely on the platform. During the last year or two, they have been airing a more frequent amount of sponsored gambling content by Sportsbet.

Gambling advertisers must be granted permission and be in active correspondence with a TikTok sales representative to run paid adverts on the platform.

Official TikTok policy states that social casino games must target users over the legal age of 18. Targeted advertisements are also prohibited from promoting real-money gambling or offering monetary prizes or rewards.

How to Stop Seeing Gambling Ads on TikTok: Guide

Even with the Beijing-based company’s high standards, a few gambling ads can slip through the cracks and into your feed. Minimising your frequency on the various gambling platforms can be a hard enough task already. Any exposure you receive leaning towards it can potentially trigger a risky gambling decision you might regret.

If you want to ban gambling ads on the platform yourself effectively, you need to follow through a couple of steps:

  • Cease gambling content consumption
    When shown content containing any gambling matters, do not watch it or engage with it in any way. Report or hide the video to reduce gambling content on your feed.
  • Report an ad
    Click on the share icon in the bottom-left corner of the ad, select the report option, and follow the on-screen instructions. After finalising the report, you will stop seeing ads from the specific promoter or account.
  • Hide an ad
    Tap the info icon at the bottom of the TikTok ad. Keep in mind that not all ads will have this option. Click on Stop seeing this ad, and give a reason, whether it is irrelevant, repetitive, or inappropriate.

How to Block Gambling Ads on YouTube

YouTube is one of those places where we like to visit, sit back, relax, and enjoy a long-form video instead of the fast-paced short-form content social media provides. While indulging in the plethora of videos available on the platform, an interruption by a gambling ad might lead to a quick change of heart.

It is time to investigate how we can effectively stop gambling ads on YouTube and enjoy our favourite videos without being interrupted by a gambling urge.

YouTube Gambling Ads Policy

YouTube has been owned and operated by Google since late 2006. This means that the platform’s gambling ads policy heavily relies on its parent company’s policies. There are already too many gambling ads on TV. However, Google also supports responsible gambling advertising and abides by local gambling laws and industry standards.

Anyone who wants to advertise gambling on YouTube must comply with the policy and be certified by the platform for Google Ads. Paid gambling advertisements must target approved countries and audiences above 18.

How to Stop Gambling Ads on YouTube: Guide

Unlike the other platforms mentioned above, YouTube allows its users to opt out of gambling-related ads. All you need to do is review the preferences of your Google Ads settings within your Google account and make a few adjustments.

Let’s take a look at the steps necessary to effectively remove gambling advertisements while enjoying your favourite Youtubers and their videos:

  • Visit Google Ad Settings
    Log into your Google account and visit the Google ad settings page from your web browser. You can do this regardless if you are on your desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet device.
  • Toggle on the ad personalisation switch
    You can find the ad personalisation switch at the top of the page. Turn it on to allow ad personalisation to your Google account.
  • Locate gambling adverts
    You will be presented with a list of your interests. Scroll down to the ad categories section and select see fewer when you find the gambling category.
  • Prompt
    A pop-up message will ask you to confirm, after which the platform will notify you that they won’t try to show you any ads from the selected category.
  • Gambling content
    If you are searching or watching gambling content on YouTube, some advertisements will show regardless of your ad customisations.

How Does Gambling Advertisements Policy Vary in Countries?

If you are anti gambling ads, you might as well understand some of the rules set by regulatory commissions worldwide. This knowledge might help you stop casino pop ups and enjoy a gambling-free online experience.

Europe is known for having the most rigorous gambling regulations for operators. These include GDPR compliance, anti-money laundering directives, consumer protection laws, geo-blocking, electronic identification, payment services, commercial communication, accessibility requirements, competition laws, and freedom to provide services.

When it comes to the US, there are a few advertising regulations that gambling companies from the country must follow. One of them is that gambling advertising cannot be targeted at minors and audiences under the age of 21. Gambling ads should not include people listed as sports pool participants, or in other words, players, coaches, trainers, or league employees. Ads cannot be false or misleading, and each ad must state a hotline number for problem gambling.

Other Tips on How to Stop Gambling Ads

Blocking all the various advertisements in multiple places can take time and effort. Depending on the type of device you use for content consumption, you can attempt a few other things.

Now that we have learned how to stop seeing gambling ads on individual platforms and customising your ad preferences let’s explore the alternative approaches:

  • Block Particular Advertisers
    You might not be able to block all gambling sites. However, if you take the time, you can block some of the big players that you often find advertising gambling.
  • Mute Similar Gambling Advertisements
    You should also consider muting advertisements similar to those of gambling. There are plenty of ads out there that don’t include gambling but promote it in indirect or subtle ways.
  • Use Ad-Blocking Software
    If you use a desktop computer, ad-blocking software is the most efficient solution. Various free options are available online. Read our BetBlocker review to learn more about the extension’s capabilities.

How to Stop Getting Gambling Ads: FAQ

Why are gambling ads still on TV?

Gambling advertisements have been and continue to be one of the most prominent ways to get a player interested in a game again. Television, as the most prominent media outlet in the world, is a great tool to facilitate gambling to broad audiences.

How do I stop gambling ads on my phone?

You can stop gambling ads on your mobile device by setting and customising your ad preferences so they do not promote that type of sponsored content. An alternative approach is installing ad-blocking software on your phone; however, not all solutions of that nature are reliable.

How to remove gambling ads from Facebook?

You can remove gambling ads on Facebook by customising your ad preferences on the app through the settings menu. Another option is to hide any gambling ads that might pop up during your time on Facebook and reduce content consumption altogether.

Why do I keep getting gambling ads?

Online casinos without GamStop exclusion systems tend not to bother users with targeted advertisements and pop-ups. However, some, if not most, online casinos that do condone it still post numerous paid advertisements to catch the attention of players who want to take a break from gambling.

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