How to Block Gambling Sites on iPhone

how to block gambling sites on iphone

A significant number of iOS users look for information about avoiding & blacklisting gambling apps. So, can you block gambling apps on iPhone when you want to impose limits on this activity? According to our research and experience, blocking gambling apps on iOS gadgets is possible and easy.

You can do that in a few ways, including via your smartphone’s settings. In the upcoming sections, we’ll share relevant information on how to block gambling websites on iPhone without any difficulties. Some of the options are free of charge, but others require a monthly or annual payment.

Block Gambling on iPhone: Comprehensive Guide

Gamblers can easily block gambling apps and websites on their iPhones. In fact, iOS has a special built-in feature that allows you to restrict your access to specific platforms or applications you’ve installed. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk more about this, and we’ll also deliver relevant data about several useful apps and software.

Get the Most from Your iPhone

Based on our practical experience, iOS devices are great when it comes to limiting gambling activity. Users can easily block their access to various gambling websites and applications directly through the phone’s Settings. All you need to do is go to Settings and then select Screen Time.

You’ll have the option to impose restrictions on sensitive content, such as gambling websites and mobile casinos or betting apps. You can add as many sites as you want without any limit. Customers have the opportunity to set a limit that will allow them to play for a certain period of time. However, if you want, you can block your access entirely.

One thing to keep in mind is that these limits only work on Safari. In other words, they won’t apply to other mobile browsers, such as Chrome or Mozilla. To avoid the risk of not managing your gambling activity properly, we suggest deleting any alternative browsers.

Another measure that’s a bit more extreme is the use of a passcode for transactions in gambling apps. Nonetheless, in order for you to make this measure effective, it’s advisable to ask a family member to make up the code. This way, you won’t be able to confirm payments, as you won’t know the right combination.

Moreover, based on our findings, according to the App Store’s policy, all gambling apps must be submitted by the legal entities offering these services and not by developers who have created the app. This guarantees that all gambling-related apps accessible to iOS users are legitimate. As mentioned earlier, you can impose individual restrictions to restrict your access to any of them. We recommend updating your software to its latest version to avoid any potential errors.

Block Gambling Transactions on iPhone

Yes, iPhone users can block methods of payment for gambling at apps they have on their smartphones. You can easily do that by blocking all in-app purchases. However, if you don’t want to go to such extreme measures, you can ask a family member to set a passcode for you so that you can’t confirm gambling transactions. Below, you can find more detailed instructions on blocking in-app purchases and restricting your access to gambling sites:

  • Go to Settings and Select Screen Time:
    The first thing you need to do to limit your access to gambling apps and sites is to access the Settings of your iPhone. Next, you want to click on the Screen Time bar.
  • Turn On Content and Privacy Restrictions:
    You’ll see three categories, including Limit Usage, Communication, and Restrictions. Click on the Content and Privacy Restrictions button in the last category. Next, turn on the option by switching on the bar at the top.
  • Select Web Content:
    Once you activate the Content and Privacy Restrictions, you’ll have the option to select any of the options below. To block your access to gambling, you need to click on Content Restrictions and then Web Content. You’ll be able to select which websites to limit your access to.
  • Activate A Password for In-App Purchases:
    To block your gambling transactions, go to iTunes and App Store Purchases. Then select In-App Purchases and click on the button that says Don’t Allow. Alternatively, you can choose to use a password for each transaction.
  • Enjoy a Safer Gambling Experience:
    If you don’t have access to any online gambling websites and you’re not able to make in-app purchases at gambling applications, you’ll enjoy a safe experience free from any unnecessary spending.

Find Third-Party Apps & Services

According to our examination, various third-party mobile apps are fully accessible to iOS users. Some of these are completely free of charge, which makes them ideal for everyone, even those on a budget. Others, however, require an annual or monthly fee. We’ll talk more about each app’s special features, rating, and pricing in the following table:

App Name Features User Ratings Availability
GamStop Self-exclusion, a list of numerous blocked gambling apps and websites, additional compulsive gambling support resources N/A Free
Qustodio Parental control, screen time limits, personal list of blocked apps and websites, an opportunity to get a 30-day report 4.3/5 Basic Plan: $54.95/year
Complete Plan: $99.95/year
Norton Family Personal limits, parental control, alerts, reliable customer support 3.9/5 $49.99/year
GamCare Personal list of blocked websites, additional resources for overcoming gambling addiction, reliable customer support team, forum and chat rooms, self-exclusion N/A Free
  • GamStop:
    GamStop is one of the top-rated self-exclusion tools available for British users. While you can find English casino operators not affected by GamStop, none of these brands will operate with a UKGC licence. The reason is that GamStop works for all platforms with a valid licence from the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Qustodio:
    This is a paid app, but many players install it because of its excellent interface and functionality. It allows you to set various limits on your device, and you can create a personal list of websites and apps you wish to block your access to.
  • Norton Family:
    Another popular app available at the App Store is Norton Family. Its fair annual subscription fee, great customer service, and excellent responsiveness are two of the reasons why so many gamblers use it.
  • GamCare:
    One of the key perks of GamCare is that it’s entirely free of charge. Additionally, it’s a highly effective tool many gamblers use to limit their activity at casino apps and sites. For further information, we recommend you read our GamCare review, where we’ve described all of its features.

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There are various options when it comes to iPhone gambling block mobile applications. Not only this, but users can even restrict their access to casinos through their smartphone’s settings. We know that not all of our readers use iOS. For this reason, we’ve provided a detailed review on blocking gambling sites on Android in the following list. Additionally, we’ve also listed a helpful article with respect to deleting gambling accounts.

Block Gambling Apps on Android: FAQ

Why should I block gambling apps on my iPhone?

If you believe you spend too much time at gambling apps or websites, perhaps it’s best to restrict your access to such platforms. You can do that by following the tips in the previous sections.

How do I block gambling sites on my iPhone?

You can block gambling websites on your iPhone via your device’s Settings or by installing one of the perfectly optimised mobile apps. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to create a list of platforms you won’t be able to access.

How can I block gambling apps on my iPhone using native iOS settings?

You can easily block casino or betting apps on your iPhone through your smartphone’s Settings. Simply access the Content and Privacy Restrictions and switch on this option. Then, you can go to Web Content and block any website you want.

How can I ensure that the blocks I set up are secure and effective?

You won’t have access to any website you’ve added to your Web Content list. However, it’s vital to note that this restriction applies only to Safari. To ensure you won’t hinder your progress, we recommend deleting any other browsers on your phone. As for mobile apps, the restrictions typically apply to all browsers.

Can parental control apps help in blocking gambling apps on my child’s iPhone?

While most people use parental control apps to monitor their children’s activity, these are highly effective in managing gambling activity, as well. The reason is that they allow you to set various limits on your device and block your access to different sites and apps.

How to block gambling on iPhone for free?

You can block gambling sites and apps on your iPhone for free. To do that, you can use your own device’s settings or install a free mobile app or software. Most iOS players make use of the Content and Privacy Restrictions options, as these are easily accessible and cost nothing.

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