How to Block Payment Methods For Gambling

how to block payment methods for gambling

Want to control your online gambling habits? One effective way to take charge of your activities on online casinos is to restrict payments. For this, you need to know how to block gambling on your bank account. By blocking payment methods, you can curb impulsive spending and practise responsible gambling. This is a valuable tool for those who struggle with gambling addiction.

In this article, we will tell you how to block gambling payments. From different resources to FAQs, we will discuss all the important aspects of restricting payments on online casinos. Let’s dig right in!

Need for Blocking Payment Methods

Blocking payment methods is a responsible gambling measure for UK players. This is because even players with self-exclusion can bet on non GamStop sports betting sites. These platforms allow players to bypass restrictions, risking financial setbacks. So, in order to limit yourself, you can put a block on payment methods and avoid these transactions. So, it prevents you from overspending and exhibiting problematic gambling behaviour.

Guides for Blocking Payments

Online gambling establishments accept a wide range of payment solutions. These include e-wallets, bank transfers, debit/credit cards, prepaid cash cards, etc. Fortunately, many of the online payment providers have now introduced features and tools that allow you to control and block spending on online gambling platforms. In this section, we will tell you how to block some of these payment methods to prevent unauthorised transactions on online casinos and sportsbooks. Here is a quick guide on how to block payments on Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Revolut:

Provider Feature Availability Cost Activation Process
Visa Blocks merchant codes associated with the gambling company Yes Free Contact your bank
Mastercard Blocks merchant codes associated with the gambling company Yes Free Contact your bank
PayPal Stops transactions using Gamban’s blocking software Yes Free Contact customer support
Revolut Automatically blocks card payments to gambling merchants Yes £2.99/month​​ Activate the gambling block feature under Security & Privacy
  • Visa
    To block payments on Visa debit or credit card, contact your card issuer. You can call, email or visit the branch. Share details and initiate requests to block gambling transactions. The bank will process your request and update you about the set restrictions. For additional information, contact Visa’s customer support.
  • Mastercard
    Contact your card issuer via phone, email or letter to request blocking. Tell the issues that you need gambling related transactions blocked on your debit or credit Mastercard card. The issuer will process your request and put a ban on such transactions. If needed, reach out to Mastercard’s support for immediate assistance.
  • PayPal
    PayPal has strengthened user responsibility by giving you the option to block online gambling payments. Users in the UK and US can use this feature to block any gambling website or app. To find out how to block PayPal for gambling contact the PayPal customer support team.
  • Revolut
    Revolut offers online banking services to send and receive money. You can prevent payments through Revolut on gambling sites. Now how to block revolute for gambling in the UK? Go to Security & Privacy under Profile and turn on the Gambling Block toggle. This will block all payments to and from online casino sites.
  • Other Providers
    You can also block payments on various service providers. Each platform has a distinct procedure. You can either explore the settings or contact customer support for guidance. So, checkout your payment method’s features to block gambling payments. This way you can stay in control and gamble responsibly.

Third-Party Apps and Services for Payment Blocking

Nowadays, there are many different apps and services with payment blockers that allow you to prevent transactions on gambling establishments. In this section, we explore various third-party apps and services designed for payment blocking. We will discuss each tool’s unique features, offering a comparative analysis to help you make informed choices.

Service Cost Platforms Supported Blocking Capabilities Additional Features
Gamban £2.49 Monthly, £24.99 Annually Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Blocks 55,000+ gambling sites and apps Fully transparent, Difficult to bypass
BetBlocker Free Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Fire OS Blocks 77,300+ gambling websites Parental control, Self-restriction
NetNanny 5 devices family protection plan $79.99 annually, 11 devices family protection plan $129.99 annually Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices Block all gambling sites and apps Parental controls, Internet filters, Screen time management, Website and app blockers
  • Gamban
    Many often confuse Gamban with GamStop. However, they’re two different services. So, Gamban vs GamStop comparison is not justified. Gamban is a popular payment blocking tool that blocks over 55,000 gambling platforms on your devices. However, it is a paid service that costs £2.49 monthly and £24.99 per year.
  • BetBlocker
    BetBlocker is a versatile app that not only restricts access to gambling platforms but also allows users to customise their payment blocking settings. Being competitors, you should check out BetBlocker vs Gamban comparison to pick the right one. BetBlocker app is available for android and iOS devices. The best part about BetBlocker is that it is free.
  • NetNanny
    This award-winning software extends its services beyond traditional parental controls. With its payment blocking features, it becomes a valuable ally for UK gambling enthusiasts. BetBlocker vs Net Nanny comparison is that BetBlocker is free while NetNanny is a paid service. Overall, due to its wide range of features and usability it stands out.
  • Other Apps
    Beyond Gamban, BetBlocker, and NetNanny, several other apps contribute to responsible gambling efforts. These apps and services boast lots of useful features and tools that help you manage online gambling. A few of these services include GamCare, BetFilter and GamStop. Some of these services are free while some are paid.

Banks With Gambling Blocks Available

Several banks in the UK offer robust gambling blockers to help you manage your spending and maintain a healthy balance. These banks block all transactions categorised as gambling – whether gambling at a physical venue or online. Explore the options provided by leading banks, including Bank of Scotland, Danske Bank, Halifax, HSBC, and Monzo. Each of these banks offers unique features to enhance your financial well-being.

  • Bank of Scotland
    Bank of Scotland allows you to activate a gambling blocker through the app, telephone, or in-branch services. You can switch off the blocker anytime but there is a 48-hour cooling-off period. Moreover, you can use additional tools such as setting a cumulative monthly spending limit for gambling transactions on your debit card.
  • Danske Bank
    With Danske Bank, you can activate your gambling blocker on licensed gambling merchants via telephone or visiting the nearest branch. This block is reversible and requires a 72-hour cooling-off period. You can also take advantage of tools like setting a monthly gambling spend limit and restriction on ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Halifax
    Halifax provides a gambling freeze feature to block payments to gambling platforms. This feature is accessible through the app, telephone, or in-branch visit. The block has a 48-hour cooling-off period. The bank also has extra tools like setting cumulative monthly spending limits and blocking withdrawals from ATMs on your credit card.
  • HSBC
    HSBC gambling block reduces gambling harm by restricting any transactions made on casino sites with an HSBC credit card. You can activate this feature via the app or by contacting customer support. The cooling off period is now 72 hours, previously being 48-hours. Avail additional features like self-excluding from lending services.
  • Monzo
    For Monzo users, the gambling blocker can be activated straight from the app or via web chat. This gambling black has varied cooling-off period options, ranging from 2 days to 1 year. Additional features include limits on ATM cash withdrawals, creating self-exclusion notes, and extending gambling blocks to business customers.

Conclusion: Will I Quit Gambling With Blocking Software?

Implementing blocking software can prove to be effective when it comes to improving gambling habits. The protective barrier shields me from online temptations and safeguards against impulsive decisions. However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will quit gambling. While tools like the credit card gambling ban and blocking software can help you manage your activities, you need mental resolve and self-control to completely abstain from gambling. Overall, it’s not about quitting but rather, how to navigate the shackles of excessive gambling.


Why would someone want to block their payment methods from gambling sites?

You may want to block payment methods on gambling sites to avoid and control impulsive behaviour. These blocks can also help you manage addiction and adhere to responsible gambling practices.

Can I block gambling transactions on my credit card?

Yes, many credit card providers and issuers offer the option to block gambling transactions upon request. This empowers you to take control of your spending habits and maintain a responsible approach towards gaming.

Are there any banks that block gambling transactions by default?

Many banks in the UK now have tools to block gambling payments. A few banks proactively incorporate default measures to block gambling transactions. However, generally you have to contact the bank to activate such restrictions.

What third-party services can help me block gambling payments?

Various third-party services can block gambling payments. These are specialised apps and financial management tools to give you control over gaming habits. Some of these services are GamStop, Gamban and NetNanny.

Is it possible to reverse a gambling transaction block?

The ability to reverse a gambling transaction block depends on the policies of the financial institution or third-party service involved. It’s essential to inquire about specific procedures and requirements. Usually, such bans are reversible.

Will blocking gambling payments affect my credit score?

No, blocking gambling payments typically does not impact your credit score. Blocking payments is a precautionary measure aimed at promoting responsible spending. Hence, it does not affect your overall creditworthiness.

Can I still withdraw winnings if I have a gambling payment block on my account?

Yes, you can. Having a gambling payment block does not necessarily restrict the withdrawal of winnings. However, you should always review the specific terms and conditions of the block in place to avoid any issues in the future.

Do payment blocks guarantee I can’t gamble?

While payment blocks add an extra layer of control, they may not offer an absolute guarantee against all forms of gambling. You need to complement such measures with personal responsibility and awareness.

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