How to Block PayPal For Gambling

how to block paypal for gambling

Wondering how to block payment methods for gambling such as PayPal? With over 20 million users in the UK alone, PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods today. Millions of users are also using PayPal for payments on online casinos and betting sites. Therefore, PayPal has introduced gambling blocking for anyone who wants to control spending on gambling. Yes, you can now restrict PayPal transactions related to online betting.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to enforce self-exclusion and regain financial discipline by blocking PayPal for gambling. By taking control of your payment options, you can have a more responsible gambling experience. So, read on to learn all about it!

PayPal Gambling Policies

PayPal has strict rules for gambling transactions and prioritises user control. PayPal does permit payments to online casinos and sportsbooks but only to approved and verified merchants. However, you cannot use PayPal in regions where gambling is prohibited by law. Moreover, for regions where gambling prohibited, you can manage and customise preferences. You can also block payments to gambling platforms if you want to. Overall, PayPal offers flexibility and transparency to users and strives to deliver a responsible and secure gambling environment.

Why Block PayPal Gambling Transactions?

Players often block PayPal gambling transactions due to various reasons. The main reason is financial security concerns and to practise responsible gaming. Moreover, some fear potential gambling addiction, while others worry about the history of their betting activities on their PayPal accounts. Or maybe you have encountered issues with regional gambling regulations due to which you need to stop your online gambling activities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Blocking PayPal for Gambling

Nothing can underestimate the effectiveness of blockers for online gambling. Therefore, if you use PayPal as a primary payment solution, then consider blocking gambling transactions on PayPal.

During our testing, we tried to block gambling transactions on PayPal through the app. We expected to find a solution under Account Settings > Payment Preferences > Block Payments, but no relevant options were located. Therefore, we had to contact the PayPal Message Centre. So, you have to contact the customer support staff to activate a gambling payment block on PayPal.

Method Details Availability
Phone 0203 901 7000 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Sunday
Email [email protected] 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Sunday
Live Chat “Ask the PayPal Assistant” 6am to 6:30pm Monday to Sunday

How To Block PayPal Gambling Activity

To completely block PayPal payments to gambling establishments, you can contact the support staff. However, there is also another way:

  • Navigate to ‘Payments’:
    Log in to your PayPal account and locate the ‘Payments’ tab in the main menu. This is where you can set and control your transaction preferences.
  • Access ‘Manage Pre-approved Payments’:
    In the ‘Payments’ tab, go to ‘Manage Pre-approved Payments.’ You can check and modify the agreements you have with different merchants, including gambling platforms.
  • Cancel Pre-approved Payments:
    Filter the gambling-related merchants and cancel all pre-approved payments. This action will prevent any future transactions to these specific merchants.
  • Set Payment Limits:
    To add an extra layer of control, you can also set transaction limits on your PayPal account. For this, go to the ‘Limits’ section and define the maximum amount allowed for single transactions or daily spending.

Alternatives to PayPal for Non-Gambling Transactions

How to block payments to casinos if you don’t use PayPal or credit card ban? Fortunately, there are many useful tools out there that you can use to prevent gambling transactions. Sop, even if you use any other payment method on online casinos, these services can help you. But which of these tools are actually reliable and effective? Here we have listed a few alternatives to PayPal for non-gambling transactions. Explore the following alternatives:

Conclusion: Is It Worth To Block PayPal?

Yes, blocking PayPal for online gambling can be worthwhile – especially when dealing with casino sites that aren’t on GamStop. This blockage acts as a precautionary measure to control spending on gambling sites. It also promotes responsible gaming. In simple words, it helps you mitigate the temptation to engage in non-GamStop affiliated casinos. As a result, you can better manage gambling habits and avoid overspending due to gambling addiction.


How can I block gambling transactions on PayPal?

To block gambling transactions on PayPal, contact the customer support team. Moreover, PayPal has partnered with Gamban. You can also use this tool to block gambling websites and apps on PayPal. This way users can have more control over gambling payments.

Will blocking gambling transactions on PayPal affect other types of transactions?

No, blocking gambling transactions on PayPal does not affect other transaction types. The gambling block on PayPal is isolated to gambling-related payments. Therefore, other transactions remain unaffected. You can keep using PayPal to send and receive funds from non-gambling platforms.

Can I reverse a gambling transaction block on PayPal once it’s set?

Once a gambling transaction block is set on PayPal, it can’t be reversed immediately. To modify it, contact PayPal customer support for assistance. The support team will process your request. Your block will be reversed after a cool off period.

Can PayPal help me with responsible gambling?

Yes, PayPal offers resources and tools from Gamban to help you gamble responsibly. You can place PayPal payment blocks on gambling websites and apps that prevent excessive spending on online casinos. Visit their website or contact customer support for information and guidance.

How do I contact PayPal customer support to set up a gambling transaction block?

To set up a gambling transaction block on PayPal, contact customer support through the Help & Contact section on the website or app. You have the option to message, email or call the customer support team. They will respond to you promptly during working hours.

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