How to Gamble Responsibly

how to gamble responsibly

Gambling is a worldwide hobby and comes with a chance of winning life-changing payouts. However, not many punters are lucky enough to profit from their hobby. Many people end up with a gambling problem, spending all their earnings and inheritance to fund their hobby in pursuit of overnight riches. As such, it is vital to gamble responsibly and avoid spending more than necessary on your pastime. Gambling can be addictive, so you should approach it with caution.

Most online casinos have responsible gambling frameworks, including self-exclusion schemes, such as GamStop (UK), cool off periods, maximum deposit, betting limits and voluntary exclusion. In the UK, operators are obliged to join GamStop. Punters can also find helpful information from the GamCare organization to avoid the adverse effects of compulsive gambling. Other options include game blockers and support groups, such as Gambling Anonymous. While gambling can be profitable, it is vital to watch out for the adverse side effects.

Principles of Responsible Gambling

If you are gambling on UKGC sites, you’ll have access to GamStop, GamCare and several other responsible gambling schemes. However, if you use casinos not with GamCare, you should review the self-exclusion programs available to opt-out when necessary. There are many best practices you can use to avoid spending more than necessary on your gambling hobby. Below is an overview of the fundamental principles of responsible gambling to help you avoid developing a betting problem.

  • Set Deposit Limits: Deposit limits are some of the best responsible gambling frameworks available for punters looking to take charge of their pastimes. As the name suggests, it involves setting a monthly limit for all deposits made to the casino and is a popular option in non GamStop casinos. You can quickly determine how much you are willing to risk playing real money games. If you end up losing your bankroll before the month ends, you won’t be able to make another deposit. If you are blocked from UK casinos, you can enjoy games on no deposit casinos not on GamStop, as you wait for a new month.
  • Know When To Stop: Casino games are pretty exciting and offer a chance to win something from your session. However, the games feature integrated house edges and average return to player, so you’ll end up losing money in the long run. You can still profit from your sessions, but it is vital to know when to stop. If a game is in recovery mode, you’ll lose more money. You can try playing another game, but there’s no guarantee of winning. As such, you should set time limits to avoid spending more time on casino games, especially if you aren’t winning anything.
  • Use Self-Exclusion If You See Problems: Self-exclusion is precisely what you need if you don’t trust the casino or lose more money than you intended. UK players can register on GamStop, which excludes them from all gambling sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. However, you’ll still be able to play games provided by online casinos not blocked by GamStop. To avoid the temptation, you can use game blockers and self-exclusion schemes available on offshore sites. Most operators allow players to take time away from gambling or even delete their gaming account to stop receiving promotional messages. If you spot a problem with the casino, you should self-exclude.
  • Learn The Rules: Although casino games are exciting and luring, you shouldn’t play any title without learning the rules. Each game comes with unique rules and winning chances. Some games have a high return to player, while others feature undesirable house edges that make it difficult to win anything from your session. You should play games you enjoy. More importantly, you should know how the game works and how to make the most of your time. Understanding the rules will help you determine if the game is worth playing and how much you can win. More importantly, you won’t make amateur mistakes that end up depleting your bankroll.
  • Don’t Drink While Gambling: Alcohol impairs judgment, which is why it is ill-advised to drink and drive. You should avoid gambling if you are drunk for the same reasons as you won’t make the best judgment. Drinking and gambling can leave you vulnerable to making bets you wouldn’t dare to wager if you are sober. Alcohol can also make you spend more than necessary on casino games. As such, you should only bet when sober. You are more likely to make the best decisions when sober. Drinking and gambling will only result in a rushed decision that may deplete your bankroll. You may also end up spending more than you planned.
  • Take Breaks: Breaks are essential when gambling. You’ll hardly win several games in a row, considering real money games have a house edge favouring the casino. Taking breaks will help you focus on other reliable ways of making money, besides saving you the money you’d otherwise spend trying to land life-changing wins on casino games. Most sites have a self-exclusion program that allows you to take short breaks and reflect on your gambling habit. GamStop is an excellent example available for UK punters. However, all legitimate online gambling sites have cool-off periods and self-exclusion schemes you can use to opt-out.
  • Think About Gambling As Hobby: Casino games have returned to player percentages that never hit 100%. If you play the same game repeatedly, you’re likely to lose money since the casino has to make a profit. As such, you should approach gambling as a hobby with potential payouts rather than treating it as a way to get rich fast. Not many punters are lucky enough to bag huge payouts from casino games. Most players end up losing money, but there’s always a chance to walk away with a profit. Treating gambling as a hobby will help you determine the amount you are willing to shell out on casino games.

Responsible Gambling FAQs

How to gamble responsibly?

If you want to gamble without GamStop in responsible way, we recommend using the rules described above. Gambling is a pastime, and you can win or lose money. There are no guarantees on the outcome, and casinos have to profit, so the odds are always against you. As such, you should tread cautiously.

Where can I ask questions about responsible gambling?

The GamCare forum is a great place to start if you are looking for information about responsible gambling. It offers insights and advice for players who want to avoid spending more than necessary on gambling products. You can also use the anonymous gambling forum to get tips from ex-gamblers and other members.

What to do if I have gambling issues?

If you have a gambling problem, you should acknowledge the problem and find help as soon as possible. You can ask GamCare for assistance and speak to an expert who will help you take control of your habit. You should also consider using a self-exclusion program to avoid losing more money on casino games.

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