How to Stop Casino Spam Emails

how to stop casino spam emails

Online casinos sometimes resort to aggressive marketing tactics and inundate users with repetitive promotional emails. This can be quite annoying, particularly if you are currently not interested in playing casino games. Learning how to recognise and stop casino spam mails is thus very useful, and in practice isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first.

We prepared a detailed guide to educate our readers about unwanted messages and teach them how to know the difference between legitimate promotions and outright spam. The line between them can sometimes be blurry, which only makes it more important to learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of an exploitative mail campaign, and even more crucial to know what to do to stop it in its tracks.

How To Recognise Casino Spam Emails

Creators of spam messages use different techniques for eliciting a reaction, but most of those rely on similar principles. It may not be obvious that a message you just received is spam, but upon closer inspection you might be able to see its true purpose. That’s why you should always view all incoming messages with an inquisitive mind, starting with their source. If the messages are coming from online casinos without GamStop exclusion tools, they are less likely to be spam. On the other hand, certain casino brands are known for constantly spamming users with fake or misleading offers.

The following table can serve as a rough guide for distinguishing between normal marketing emails and spam messages that are best ignored.

Feature Casino Spam Emails Non-Spammy Casino-Related Emails
Sender’s Address Obscure server or public email service Clearly associated with the official website of the casino
Subject Line Contains promises that are too good to be true Introduces a specific feature or bonus promotion
Content Generic text with lots of mistakes Professionally written text that directly addresses the topic
Unsubscribe Option Non existent Clearly marked within the message
Attachments and Links Suspicious attachments and embedded links sometimes present Only links to the official website may be included
Legitimate Source No Yes

Guide on Cancelling Spam Emails from Casinos

You should be proactive in your fight against spam coming from online casinos. While you may not be able to completely eliminate it, you can significantly reduce the number of emails you are getting. There are several measures to take if you seriously want to limit the amount of spam in your inbox, and we will guide you through each of them so that you are well prepared to take the necessary steps.

№1. Manage Email Filters

Every email service has spam filters, which typically act as the first line of protection against unsolicited messages from advertisers. However, some emails can still get through if your filters are not optimally set. That’s why it’s recommended to review the filter settings from time to time and change them as the situation requires. To successfully manage your email filters and keep casino spam away, just do the following.

  • Step 1: Check your current settings:
    Reviewing the spam filter settings is the right place to start. Many people just leave the default settings on forever, and never even think about adjusting them. Instead, you should open the settings section and look into the currently active measures so you can decide what to do next.
  • Step 2: Increase the protection level:
    If you want to prevent casino spam emails from reaching your inbox, you should set the filters to the strictest level. This is as simple as picking a different option from a drop down menu. However, be aware that setting the protection level to ‘High’ might result in some legitimate messages ending up in the Spam folder.
  • Step 3: Block known spam sources:
    You should make it a habit to add known addresses that send spam emails to your block list. If you blacklist only a handful of the most significant senders, the amount of incoming messages will drop instantly. Any new sources of spam should be added to the list promptly.
  • Step 4: Set up automatic deletion of spam:
    There is no reason to allow spam mails to take up valuable space on your account. Deleting them on a weekly or monthly basis is a prudent way of keeping your digital footprint lean. On most platforms you can do this automatically if you activate this option.
  • Step 5: Periodically update filters:
    Follow up how your filter settings are performing and don’t be too lazy to adjust them if there are still spam messages from casinos in your main inbox. Spam campaigns may intensify in some periods, potentially necessitating the use of less tolerant filters.

№2. Unsubscribe from Casino Email Lists

If you visited casino websites or participated in online promotions in the past, your email address may have ended up on some mailing lists. In most cases, it should be possible to remove yourself from the list, so that the messages stop arriving. The following actions will help to dissociate yourself from such lists and consequently find some respite from the incessant bombardment with promotional mails.

  • Step 1: Find out to which lists you are subscribed:
    You may not even be aware that you are a part of a group mailing effort. If you look at the recipients list in a spam message, you might discover a huge number of email addresses there. That’s a sure sign that you have been added to a list, often against your will.
  • Step 2: Open a spam message and find the unsubscribe option:
    If you carefully review the content of a message, you can usually find instructions on how to stop receiving emails from that sender. This typically requires you to reply with a short message or click on a link.
  • Step 3: Actively remove your address from any lists:
    Complete all the recommended actions immediately to make sure your address will be removed from the list. These actions typically don’t take too much time, but you need to read the instructions carefully and execute them to the letter.
  • Step 4: Block the lists you can’t unsubscribe from:
    Unscrupulous marketers sometimes fail to give users the unsubscribe option. This is a sure sign of a spam campaign, so it’s perfectly OK to take the gloves off and solve the matter with an old-fashioned block.
  • Step 5: Report persistent spammers:
    You could also report the sender to online watchdog organisations for the casino industry. This might help in the overall fight against spam, which is becoming pervasive in the gambling sector. If you are residing in the United Kingdom, it may be best to notify the UKGC about the casino site that violates your privacy.

№3. Protect Your Email Address

Your email address is the gateway that spammers use to reach you, so this piece of information is quite valuable. The most effective defence against spam is staying away from places where your email could be harvested and added to mailing lists used by spammers or sold to third parties. Learning how to safeguard your email address is a key part of digital security, and the following measures should help.

  • Step 1: Avoid risky websites and suspicious banners:
    Be careful when you are visiting gambling websites, especially if you are not familiar with the brand. By interacting with gambling content, you are signalling your interest and consequently becoming a more attractive target for spammers. Bad actors in the market could try to take advantage of your organic interest and send unsolicited mails.
  • Step 2: Reject promo offers that require email registration:
    Some websites might attempt to get you to provide your information in exchange for a small perk, i.e. a casino bonus or a real money gift. Whenever you are asked to provide your email, you should seriously consider what you are getting in return and skip any trivial or shady-looking offers.
  • Step 3: Install anti-phishing tools:
    You should also become accustomed to using anti-phishing mechanisms to prevent your address from being stolen. This is a simple and inexpensive form of protection that is especially effective against theft of personal information on the web.
  • Step 4: Use a secondary email for casino play:
    Since it takes only a few minutes to create an alternative email address, it makes sense to use a dedicated email for gambling activities. That way, even if the address ends up on a casino mailing list, at least spam messages won’t reach your primary inbox. You can also delete the secondary address if it starts attracting too much spam.
  • Step 5: Periodically check whether your email is compromised:
    Since personal data is often sold on the dark web, you might need to check whether your email address is passed around in this manner. Any compromised addresses might need to be terminated, as they are already shared with too many spammers.

Other Guides You Can Find Useful

If you are concerned with non-stop advertisements for casinos and want to stop them, you shouldn’t limit your response to spam emails. There are other annoying forms of casino marketing that can be just as disruptive, if not worse. We can offer a couple more articles that deal with such issues.

Popular Questions about Spam Casino Messages Removal

What are spam casino messages?

Spam is an unwanted, repetitive email that arrives in regular intervals even if you don’t respond to any messages. Most of those messages prompt you to click a link or take another action that furthers the spammers’ goals. Some online casinos use spamming to attract new clients or promote bonuses.

How can I unsubscribe from casino email lists?

Most circular emails have the option to opt out and you can usually find it within the message. By clicking on the Unsubscribe button or replying with a certain code, you can indicate that you don’t want to receive any more messages.

Are there legal actions I can take against persistent spam senders??

While spam is not illegal per se, repeated refusals to take your email off the list could be seen as harassment. Additionally, any misleading offers contained in the messages could run afoul of advertising regulations. British users can contact UKGC in such situations and ask for legal advice.

How can I protect my email address from casino spam?

We described some methods for keeping casino spam out of your inbox, including managing spam filters and protecting your email address. However, these actions need to be conducted regularly if you want permanent protection against intrusive email ads.

Where can I find more information about dealing with spam?

You are certainly not the only person struggling to deal with casino spam, and this topic is heavily discussed online. A simple Google search will put you in touch with watchdog organisations or websites where concerned casino players exchange tips and tricks for combating spam.

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