HSBC Gambling Block

hsbc gambling block

Responsible gambling is a cornerstone principle for the UKGC, but this philosophy doesn’t apply only to online casinos. Payment providers and financial institutions such as HSBC enforce a CC gambling ban, creating a cooling-off period for clients. HSBC is only one of the personal and online banking providers that enforce such gambling blocks, disabling users from depositing funds for gambling purposes for 72 hours.

The gambling restrictions enable customers using debit cards or the Pay by Bank app to initiate a ‘Cool Off Period’. During that period, transactions related to gambling will be declined. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of what HSBC offers. Keep reading to learn more!

Why HSBC Offers a Gambling Block

HSBC is a prominent financial institution, fully compliant with UK laws and regulations. It supports the UKGC’s goal to prevent the development of gambling addiction in casino players.

This is not the only UK bank to offer a self-exclusion as a measure to protect its clients from gambling urges. However, it is one of the latest institutions to afford customers a time frame within which they can reconsider their gambling activities. The method is supposed to create positive friction and safeguard customers from further mental health and financial consequences. It’s another step towards the bank’s commitment to inspire safe spending.

How the HSBC Gambling Block Works

The HSBC self-exclusion feature works similarly to the method employed by Revolut blocking for gambling and is available on the bank’s app. Customers can use the HSBC UK mobile app to turn on the self-exclusion feature.

Alternatively, they can request the option be activated through phone banking or make an in-person visit to a local branch. Once the gambling block is activated, attempts to make a transaction for gambling purposes will be prevented for 72 hours. After that time passes, you can lift or extend the ban.

Overview of HSBC Gambling Block Feature

The HSBC self-restriction tool is available to anyone with an account at this bank. The feature is cost-free and accessible via the bank’s mobile app, from which customers can switch it on and off. Customers can add or remove gambling restrictions on debit cards and the Pay by Bank app.

When turned on, the feature will block any transactions going towards an online casino or bookmaker. Customers will receive SMS notifications of blocked transactions during the self-exclusion period.

Feature Description
Service Name HSBC UK
Activation Method Mobile app, telephone banking, via local branch
Availability UK customers
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period 72 hours

How to Activate HSBC Gambling Block

The process of activating an HSBC gambling block is very intuitive. It makes no difference if you are trying to block gambling sites on iPhone or Android mobile devices. Once activated, the bank will immediately implement the self-exclusion and stop transactions towards a gaming platform. However, you must be an HSBC customer with an active bank account to benefit from this feature. If you are, here is how to use this feature:

  • Log into HSBC Mobile Banking App:
    The first step includes logging into your HSBC app using your digital secure key. Once you access the app, you can go to your debit card account. If you do not have the app, download it from the bank’s official website or an app store. The download is free, while the installation takes only a few seconds.
  • Apply for Gambling Restrictions:
    Open the “Manage Cards” section on the app and select the “Gambling Restriction” option. After you enter the gambling section tab, toggle the button to ‘On’. If you have joint accounts, each person must set their preferences for gambling restrictions. Repeat the steps if you have more than one card you want to set the gambling block on.
  • The Self-Exclusion Starts:
    Once activated, the bank will block gambling-related activities for 72 hours. After it has expired, you can remove the restrictions by moving the toggle to the “Off” position in the ‘Gambling restrictions’ section. You can receive assistance on the app or the feature by visiting your local branch or making a phone call.

Alternative Gambling Blocks

Many financial institutions are working on supporting their customers, and gambling control is one segment receiving increased attention. Banks are becoming aware that some of their customers are battling gambling addiction and are eager to help by reducing the risk. Banks are partnering with GamCare and other responsible gambling resources to provide easier access to helpful features such as gambling blocks. Several prominent examples include:

  1. Monzo gambling block
  2. NatWest gambling block
  3. Barclays gambling block
  4. Halifax gambling block
  5. Lloyds bank gambling block

Conclusion: Is It Worth To Use HSBC Gambling Block?

The advantage of an HSBC gambling block is that the block does not last as long as on some of the other responsible gaming platforms. It’s a great option to take a break from playing, even on casino sites not in GamStop list. The conventional GamStop self-exclusion options familiar to all punters will block you for at least six months or up to 5 years. In comparison, HSBC restricts gambling to only three days. This makes the HSBC gambling block an excellent method to manage your gambling activity and still retain the freedom to play online.

Popular Questions & Answers

What is the HSBC gambling block?

The HSBC gambling block is a self-restriction tool that helps prevent people with an existing HSBC account from making gambling payments. The automatic restriction is enforced for three days, after which players can determine whether to lift or extend the ban.

How can I activate the gambling block on my HSBC card?

You can activate the HSBC gambling block via the bank’s mobile app or by telephone banking. It’s possible to trigger the gambling restriction by requesting it in person in a local branch.

Is there a fee for activating the HSBC Gambling Block?

No, there are no fees for using the HSBC gambling block. The service is free of charge and available to all bank customers. You only need to have a bank account at this bank to be eligible for the self-exclusion tool.

Will the gambling block restrict all types of transactions??

No, the gambling block focuses only on transactions going towards online casinos and online bookmakers. It will not hamper your daily purchasing or any other e-commerce activity. However, the bank does not guarantee that it will be able to prevent every gambling transaction.

Who can I contact at HSBC if I have trouble setting up the gambling block?

You can contact the customer support team in case of issues setting the gambling bock. They will gladly assist you in setting up the gambling block on your HSBC mobile app. You can do the same via live chat, a dedicated phone number, or by visiting an HSBC branch.

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