Is GamStop Self-Exclusion Anonymous?

is gamstop self-exclusion anonymous

GamStop has been one of the most special tools for responsible gambling you can find online. This tool allows you to create an account and make your access to gambling UKGC sites impossible. You can choose how long this self-exclusion will last. Some users will choose 5 years which is very long. Others may opt for 6 months.

In 2022 over 84.000 players created an account here and have been using GamStop ever since. A fun fact is that 50% of the users will opt for 5-years long self-exclusion. To use this tool, you all have to provide a lot of data. Here we will see how GamStop uses that data and try to reveal all the related things you may need to know.

Does GamStop Keep Users Data?

The shortest answer here is yes, GamStop will keep your data. In a nutshell, they will keep your data as long as you use the self-exclusion and afterward. They will need to keep data like your name, address, phone number, email, and more during your self-exclusion.

Once you are done with self-exclusion and you remove it (the period you have selected at the beginning must pass) GamStop will still keep your data. In reality, they will keep it for 7 years. If you don’t trust us, check their terms and conditions or contact GamStop via phone and you will get the same answer. Even if you try to create the account and use GamStop but you quit, your data will be stored on their servers for 30 days.

Who Has Access To GamStop Users Data?

The data you will provide you GamStop while creating the account will be stored on their servers. The data will be used by this tool, as you all know. But it will actually be shared with casinos and betting sites that are part of the UKGC and hence the GamStop.

If you don’t like the idea, you can always opt for casino sites that not connected to GamStop because they don’t have any links with this platform. Sites of this kind will not be interested in the data you will provide while suing GamStop.

How GamStop Can Share Users Personal Data?

GamStop will share the data only with the casinos and betting sites that have UKGC and are part of the platform. They will not share the data with advertisement agencies, sell your data, or do anything else.

See, GamStop is developed by the government in the United Kingdom so it is safe and reputable. Your data should be safe. We can add that most of the time this will be the case but there are no impressive guarantees we can provide here.

What Personal Information Does GamStop Keep?

All we can say here is that the amount of data you will provide is massive. You will need to provide data such as your name, email address, mobile number, date of birth, and home address. The last one here is a bit strange because GamStop works online only.

There is a second part of this story. GamStop will ask you to share details regarding your sexual orientation, health, religion, trade union membership, and even more. Honestly, there is no need to ask for this amount of data when using GamStop. Most of the data here doesn’t have anything with online gambling and keeping you safe from addiction.

How Not To Share Data With GamStop?

There are a few options and we believe all of these are important and essential. The first one is to use crypto gambling sites. These will not ask you for personal data and you don’t need to provide that. At the same time, we can see that sites that do not support GamStop will also offer you the same perk.

There are many anonymous sites as well. These are available online and you don’t need to worry about your data while using one. The platforms are still safe but they don’t ask for as much data as UKGC casinos and websites. Players who don’t want to share their personal details have been playing at these sites for ages and they are happy.

Is GamStop Program Anonymous FAQ

Is GamStop Anonymous?

Yes, it is an anonymous platform and you can use it. But it will keep your data and it will share it with all the sites and platforms that are part of UKGC. This applies to GamStop casinos and betting sites.

What data does GamStop keep?

In a nutshell, GamStop will use and store your email address, full name, real address, telephone number, and more. It will even store details about your religion, health, sexual orientation and so much more.

How to remove my personal information from GamStop?

You will need to ask them to remove the data once your self-exclusion is done. You cannot do this before or while self-exclusion is active. GamStop needs the data to work properly.

How not to share my data with GamStop?

The only way is to play at sites that are not part of GamStop and play at anonymous sites and crypto casinos. These sites are still fair and reputable. They just don’t need nor want a UKGC licence or GamStop.

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