NatWest Gambling Block

natwest gambling block

NatWest allows you to block debit card transactions toward gambling operators and merchants with the help of a simple feature. Credit cards are already banned from gambling transactions in the UK. It’s important to note that NatWest’s gambling block doesn’t affect bank transfers and offline gambling, such as purchasing lottery tickets in a supermarket. If you’re after a solution to block payment methods and happen to have a NatWest bank account, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the bank’s gambling block feature today.

Additionally, NatWest also provides additional resources to tackle gambling, but the majority of them are third-party and not tied to your bank account. The block will decline all card transactions, whether they are through a payment processor on a website or an e-wallet like Apple Pay.

Why NatWest Offers a Gambling Block

Banks have become quite aware of the real issues that British people are struggling with. Just a few years ago, there was no gambling block feature that you could set up for your own personal bank account. But that is changing swiftly.

NatWest’s decision to offer the gambling block feature to its customers simply follows the common movement of the banking industry, in general, to help you from overspending on online casinos and control your finances in a better way. It’s a win-win situation – you get your finances in order and NatWest gets a customer without a financial problem.

How the NatWest Gambling Block Works

Are you wondering what are the gambling blockers that everyone seems to be recommending? The NatWest gambling block works by stopping gambling transactions (essentially, payments being made to merchants and operators that NatWest identifies as gambling-related) across all channels. This includes Chip and Pin, Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Online, and In-App purchases.

This covers any subscriptions or recurring payments you have set up with an online casino. All of that will be declined automatically. It also covers any lottery tickets that you have purchased online or through an app. The bank will send you an app notification and an SMS notification for all payments declined this way.

Overview of NatWest Gambling Block Feature

NatWest’s gambling block is an excellent tool to block gambling transactions. As long as NatWest’s database has identified a casino platform or sportsbook operator as a gambling platform, it can automatically block all transactions to it if you’ve turned on the feature. This includes all types of payment channels and payments, including in-app purchases and online deposits into a casino wallet. Here’s an overview of the feature:

Feature Description
Service Name Gambling block
Activation Method A “gambling” toggle in the official iOS or Android app connected to your NatWest bank account
Availability All NatWest customers
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period You need to wait 48 hours before the feature is turned on or off

How to Activate NatWest Gambling Block

Now, let’s talk about how you can activate this gambling block feature on your NatWest account. Of course, you must have a bank account with NatWest. The official NatWest app must also be installed and configured on your device, as it’s an app-based feature. The feature only works for card transactions and allows you to block gambling sites on android or Apple devices effortlessly. Below is the step-by-step guide to activating your NatWest gambling block feature:

  • Log into NatWest Mobile Banking App:
    First, open the NatWest mobile app and log in with your credentials. Here, you will find an account section. You can go to your cards individually here. Note that credit cards are already banned as per the DCMS directive, but you can still use the toggle for your credit cards to be on the safe side.
  • Turn the toggle off:
    When you’ve clicked on “Manage my card” from the list of present options, you will see an option called “Card payment controls” inside the options on the screen. Here, you will find a toggle called “Gambling” if you scroll down. You can turn it off here and repeat the steps for all cards. The toggle is for allowed transactions. Therefore, turning it “off” actually means disallowing gambling transactions, or, turning the block “on.” When you want to turn the block off, you will need to turn this toggle “on” instead.

Alternative Gambling Blocks

NatWest has followed through on the promise of making the UK a safer place for those struggling with gambling problems and overspending on online casino platforms. But the bank isn’t the only one. From HSBC to Lloyds, nearly all banks provide convenient tooling to self-exclude yourself from all types of gambling transactions with the tap of a button or the flip of a toggle in the official mobile app. Here are our guides for the rest of the banks:

  1. Monzo gambling block
  2. Barclays gambling block
  3. HSBC gambling block
  4. Halifax gambling block
  5. Santander gambling block
  6. Lloyds bank gambling block

Conclusion: Is It Worth to Use NatWest Gambling Block?

NatWest’s gambling block can help you turn off all gambling transactions from your cards, and this applies to all cardholders and across payment channels. It’s not as reliable as the gambling blocks of a few other banks, however. The default (and only) cooldown period is 2 days and cannot be extended, for example. Still, it’s a convenient tool for anyone looking to stop overspending – especially in regard to online casinos without GamStop program, as those are casinos you can’t self-exclude yourself from, though some provide self-exclusion tools.

If you use non-GamStop sites and wish to take a break, then NatWest’s features might just be the right thing for you.

Popular Questions & Answers

What is the NatWest Gambling Block?

NatWest provides a gambling block free of cost to all of its customers. It’s a feature that allows you to disable your cards from paying any gambling operator through any app or website. It covers all payment channels including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How can I activate the gambling block on my NatWest account?

The process is quite simple. You need to access the card in question and go to its options. There, you need to turn off the toggle in front of the “Gambling” heading and the block will be turned on. Follow our step-by-step instructions for more information or get in touch with the bank’s customer support staff.

Is there a charge for using the NatWest Gambling Block?

No, the feature is provided completely free of cost to all those who have a NatWest card and the official app installed on their device. You can turn the feature on or off as many times as you wish without incurring any fee.

How long does the gambling block stay active on my account?

The gambling block has no duration and it will stay on until you turn it off. You cannot set it to automatically expire after a set period of time. Note that when you do turn it off, you will need to wait 48 hours before it takes effect.

Will activating the gambling block affect my credit score?

No, activating the gambling block does not do anything to your credit score. This information is kept private and not shared with any credit score companies or the UKGC. You can freely turn it on for as long as you want or not turn it on at all.

What if I change my mind after activating the gambling block?

If you do change your mind, you can turn the block off by allowing gambling transactions using the same process that you used to turn the gambling transactions off in the first place. As mentioned, you will need to wait out a 48-hour period before this takes effect.

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