Net Nanny Review

net nanny review

Though there are multiple choices for online protection, few are as prominent as Net Nanny, which is why we created this Net Nanny software review to look into its features. We explore how you can install it, what its benefits are, and even how to deactivate it as needed.

If you have ever had a question about what is Net Nanny, you will get your answers in this review. You will also learn all you need to know about popular alternatives to this software, how effective it actually is, and how you can resolve any potential issues that arise. Just dive into our review and start reading.

How Does Net Nanny Work?

The Net Nanny software is the simplest and most effective way to protect your loved ones, especially your children, from harmful websites online. This software relies on 8 key features to ensure that you and your children have a safe online browsing experience, whether by blocking websites or showing your browsing alerts.

Though how GamStop works isn’t similar to how Net Nanny works, they are based on the same principles – giving you a secure way of perusing the internet. To use Net Nanny, you will need to create an account and select a package – either for 1 device, for up to 5 devices, or up to 20 devices.

Once you do that, you can download and install the software to the device you want to protect, activating the specific measures you think will be helpful. You can utilise parental controls, screen time management, internet filters, and even a website blocker, all of which are included in your package.

Net Nanny UK: General Information

Net Nanny is one of the most popular online protection software choices worldwide, especially among British users. Based on our own research into the Net Nanny type software, we managed to create a table that overviews all of the key information you will need to know before you opt to install Net Nanny. Consult our table and decide whether it’s the right option for you.

Feature Info
Release Date 1994
Price $49.99; $79.99; $129.99
Platforms Supported Windows, MacOS
Customer Support Email, phone number
Purpose Online browsing protection
Functions Parental controls, internet filters, blocking websites, screen time management, alerts and reports, etc.

The Beneficial Effects of the Net Nanny Program

As a part of our review of Net Nanny, we discovered quite a few benefits of using this particular software for internet protection. We dive into the most significant advantages you can utilise by downloading and installing the Net Nanny program on your loved one’s device so that you know exactly what to expect and how to use it best.

  • Content Filtering:
    The first step to stopping or even preventing problematic gambling is eliminating the temptation that gambling ads pose. The Net Nanny program is a very effective way to get gambling ads blocked from one or multiple devices, depending on your goal.
  • Internet Safety:
    Another way you can shield yourself from having promotional or even informational materials affect your decision to not gamble is to stop casino spam e-mails before they get to you. Net Nanny allows you to do that with its software.
  • Screen Time Management:
    It is crucial to keep track of the time you and your loved ones spend browsing the internet and limiting that time, especially when it comes to online gambling sites. That is why Net Nanny makes it one of its main features.
  • Cyberbullying Prevention:
    Cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues of today’s world since online anonymity allows people to get away with quite a lot of bad behaviour. That is where Net Nanny steps in, especially if you have children who are minors.
  • Activity Reports:
    If you or someone you care about might be at risk of falling into problematic gambling behaviour, you can always turn to the activity reports feature. Net Nanny will track the activity on a particular device and report all of the access sites to you.
  • Great Website Blocking Abilities:
    The easiest way to stop yourself from gambling is to simply block online casino and sportsbook websites. The process that involves blocking of gambling sites is incredibly easy when you use Net Nanny since you just have to enter the site.

Negative Side Effects of Net Nanny

Though the Net Nanny app has quite a few positives, as you can see in the previous section, it is not perfect software. To give you the full picture and what you will be dealing with if you decide to pay for and install this software, we created brief reviews of the key disadvantages that using Net Nanny might involve.

  • May Be Expensive:
    Net Nanny may be one of the most effective and far-reaching protection software options, but that comes with a price. The cheapest package you can get, to install this app on one single device, costs almost $50 per year, which can be expensive for some.
  • Some Functionalities on iOS Are Absent:
    Although the Net Nanny app is readily available for both Windows and Apple devices, there are certain features that are unavailable if you are an Apple user. You have limited options as the iOS allows you to be a user and not an admin.
  • No Trial Period:
    Many other protection software give you a free trial period during which you can test its functionalities and decide whether it is right for you. Net Nanny does not offer that option, so you will have to purchase a package to use it.
  • Doesn’t Block All Gambling Websites:
    Net Nanny might be one of the most effective software solutions, but it is not all-powerful. This app does not prevent you from accessing casinos without GamStop self-exclusion, which can prove a problem because there are hundreds of gambling sites like this.
  • Tor Browser Defeats Web Filters:
    Even if you opt to block all gambling sites and block payment options for gambling through Net Nanny, you can use the Tor Browser, which the web filters have no effect on. That means you can access anything you choose, even with the Net Nanny active.

Registration Process: Net Nanny User Guide

The software developers behind this particular program have made the Net Nanny sign up process as simple and as user-friendly as possible. Nevertheless, we wanted to ensure you know exactly what you have to do and how you can install it, so we created the following guide. Just go through the steps, and you will activate the app in minutes.

  • Pick a Payment Plane:
    Once you visit the official site, you will see that the Net Nanny offers 3 payment plans, ranging from $50 to $130, depending on your requirements for this software solution.
  • Create an Account:
    You can create an account on the Net Nanny website after you pick your payment plan. Make sure that you’re the only one who knows the email and password you use.
  • Download the App to the Device:
    After you create your account, you can download the app to the specific device on which you want to install the protection. The download process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Choose the Features:
    After the installation is complete, you need to select which of the protection features you want to activate, ranging from internet filters and blocking websites to screen time management and alerts.

How to Get Rid of Net Nanny

Although Net Nanny has an impressive track record of blocking unwanted websites and tracking activity, there are ways to circumvent this app’s restrictions. To start with, you can opt for accessing non Net Nanny casinos, which are simply online gambling platforms outside of the GamStop scope.

On the other hand, you can bypass NetNanny in an even simpler way than you can bypass BetBlocker scheme – by deactivating its effects from your device. This works if you have a Windows device since you can deactivate it through the task manager or during the start-up process.

Popular Alternatives to Net Nanny

Net Nanny may be one of the industry leaders when it comes to online browsing protection, but there are other solutions that might even be better than Net Nanny, which we explore here. If you are looking for software like Net Nanny that offers similar or even more effective protection measures, you should consult our brief reviews of the following:

  • Qustodio:
    During our process of creating a Qustodio review, we found that this solution is more affordable than Net Nanny and offers nearly all of the same features. In addition to internet safety, this app also offers you a location-tracking feature.
  • Gamban:
    Though you could potentially methods for getting around Gamban, this is one of the most effective gambling-blocking software solutions online. You can explore all its key features for free during the trial period, which Net Nanny doesn’t offer you.
  • Norton Family:
    Norton Family is a software solution that allows your loved ones to explore the internet safely while keeping you informed about their activity. You can get the software, which includes location tracking, for $50 a year, but you can test it out for free first.
  • BetBlocker:
    We took the time to create a review of BetBlocker. We found that it is one of the very few completely free software solutions of its kind. You can download it from the BetBlocker site, and you can use it without an account for as long as you need.
  • Mobicip:
    MobiCip tracks your children’s online activities, but it can also help you schedule their screen time and block websites and apps. This software has three price plans: Lite, Standard, and Premium, which cost $2.99, $4.99, and $7.99 a month, respectively.

Is Net Nanny Effective?

When it comes to the Net Nanny FAQ that we encountered during our research process, the question about how effective it is was the most common question. Net Nanny is considered a powerhouse in the world of online browsing protection for a very good reason – it blocks harmful sites, provides you with activity reports, and manages screen time.

That being said, this software isn’t ideal. When you do a Net Nanny comparison with other similar software solutions, you might find that the alternatives have even more features. Of course, Net Nanny has been around for 3 decades as the go-to choice because of its reliability.

Net Nanny Not Blocking Sites: What to Do?

Net Nanny is incredibly well-developed, but that is not to say that you will never run into technical issues that affect your internet usage. If you run into the problem of Net Nanny not blocking anything or only blocking some sites, or even not delivering the activity reports it should be, there is a solution.

First, you can double-check which of the features you have activated. Once you cover your bases with that, you can make sure that you are up-to-date with your Net Nanny payments. If these steps don’t give you an answer, you can always contact customer support through phone or email during working hours.

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