Santander Gambling Block

santander gambling block

On this page, we’ll discuss the specifics of the Santander gambling block every bank client can activate. Santander is one of the most prevalent financial service companies in the UK, and to improve user experience, it permits customers to impose different restrictions on their cards.

One such limit is blocking gambling transactions on gambling websites and sportsbooks. This helps users control their spending without paying for blocking tools or apps. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about this gambling block’s purposes, functionality, and other important features.

Why Santander Offers a Gambling Block?

According to our research, statistics say that over 1.3 million people in the UK suffer from gambling addiction. This issue is on the rise and appears to impact a significant number of individuals. For this reason, Brits have the option to use various gambling blocks and tools, including the Santander gambling block, which is completely free of charge. The option may be highly beneficial for bank customers whose debt has increased because of gambling or who experience difficulties paying for basic needs.

How the Santander Gambling Block Works

Everyone can activate the Santander block gambling tool directly through their mobile gambling app. The primary purpose of the feature is to block transactions to gambling platforms. This way, if you try to fund your account with your Santander card, the payment won’t go through. If you’ve linked your card to PayPal, blocking of PayPal for gambling will also take place, as the bank provider will automatically decline such transactions. Please note that when you choose to remove the restriction, you’ll have to wait for the cooling-off period to end.

Overview of Santander Gambling Block Feature

We’ve conducted a careful investigation, focusing on every specificity regarding the tool. Our findings show that the block is completely free of charge, and every bank client can activate it manually. The Santander restriction is similar to the feature, allowing you to block Revolut for gambling activity, as both options have the same cooling-off period of 48 hours.

Feature Description
Service Name Santander Gambling Block
Activation Method Manually
Availability Available for every bank user
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period 48 hours

How to Activate Santander Gambling Block

The activation of the Santander gambling block is quite simple. You can do it yourself, or if you experience difficulties, you can contact the customer support team for further assistance. For your convenience, we’ll provide instructions on how to block gambling on Santander for as long as you want to. Following these steps will result in a successful activation of the feature.

  • Open the Santander Banking App:
    The first step is to open the Santander banking app. From there, users can manage their payments easily and at any time. Click on the button that says Manage Cards. If you don’t see it in your list of shortcut buttons, click on More Options, and all buttons will show on the screen.
  • Explore the Different Options:
    Once you’re in the section that allows you to manage payments from your card, you can choose between various options. One of them is to freeze your card, but this will block all transactions. To limit payments only to online gambling websites, you need to access the Card Control section.
  • Activate the Santander Gambling Block:
    When you access the Card Control section, you’ll see all the limitations you can impose on your card. To block gambling-related transactions, simply click on the toggle for the respective category. The restriction will become available instantly. If you choose to deactivate it, you’ll have to wait for 48 hours.

Alternative Gambling Blocks

There are various gambling blocks players can use whenever they want to take a break from gambling. Each of these has its specifications, so it’s vital to consider these in advance. The cooling-off period, for example, may differ depending on the block. Below, we’ve presented several great alternatives to the Santander block for gambling transactions. All of them are user-friendly and highly effective.

  1. Monzo gambling block
  2. Nationwide gambling block
  3. HSBC gambling block
  4. Halifax gambling block
  5. Lloyds bank gambling block

Conclusion: Is It Worth to Use Santander Gambling Block?

The Santander block is an excellent option for users who want to limit their spending on gambling. It’s easy to activate, and you can use it for as long as you want to. Our research revealed that the feature is totally free of charge. It even works on non-GamStop websites for sports betting, as Santander blocks payments to all platforms of this type. This makes it an excellent match for any bettor who wants to take a break.

Santander Gambling Block: FAQ

What is the Santander gambling block?

The gambling block by Santander is a feature that allows all bank clients to block gambling transactions. Once you activate the restriction, you can keep it for as long as you need to.

Who can use the Santander gambling block?

Every client of the Santander bank can use the gambling block feature. It’s free of charge, and you can activate it directly through your mobile banking application by following the instructions we’ve provided in one of the previous sections.

How can I activate the Santander gambling block?

You can activate the Santander gambling block by accessing your banking app. Go to the Manage Card section > More Options > Card Control. Next, click on the toggle next to Gambling Transactions to block them.

Can I deactivate the Santander gambling block?

If you want to deactivate the Santander feature and play with bookies without limits, you can do that by going to Card Control. Once you deactivate the block, there will be a 48-hour cooling-off period.

Will the Santander gambling block affect other types of transactions?

One of the best qualities associated with the use of gambling blockers is that they give you the opportunity to block only gambling transactions. The restriction won’t affect other types of payments.

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