GamStop Online Self-Exclusion or Software Blockers: What Is More Effective In Online Gambling

gamstop online exclusion or software blockers effectiveness

Over 430.000 people in the UK have some kinds of gambling-related issues. The number Is growing as we speak. Are you one of those people? If you are or you want to know the solution, there are two main forms, GamStop and GamBan. The first is a platform set by UKGC and the second one is software. They are completely different but have the same goal. Today we will reveal both of them and compare them to present you with the simplest answer possible.

The Problem: Online Gambling in the UK

Gambling addiction means that you can’t stop placing bets or playing casino games. Thousands of players in the United Kingdom lose money and even fall into debt because of gambling. All of this can be prevented if you play with the money you can afford to lose. Sadly, not all players obey this rule and some of them end up in a huge problem.

Luckily for UK gamblers, there are tools and programs that can help them. One of them is GamStop. The main mission of all these platforms is to help players solve their gambling add icon once it is for all and move on with their life.

Self-Exclusion With GamStop

GamStop was created a while back by UKGC and it covers all licensed casinos (with UKGC licence only). This also means that there are online casinos not on GamStop self-exclusion which do not have a UKGC permit or have another one. A user will create the account at GamStop and choose the ban period. It can be 5 years. During that period, accessing betting and gambling sites in the UK will be impossible. But, during this time a player has the time to recover.

The benefits of this approach are a free method, effective in over 85% of cases and it is easy to use. It is also one of the methods that all players can use and get additional help if needed. There are over 365.000 users of GamStop and the number is growing. Each year, over 84.000 new users will create an account on the platform.

Software Blockers with GamBan

GamBan is an app or software. You can get it for any operating system you may use. It is not a free method but one that comes with a free trial. All you have to do is to get the app and install it on your device. Immediately, your device cannot be used for online gambling for the period of time you have selected. It is extremely complicated to remove the blocker from the device, so we can conclude that it is an effective way to stop gambling. The method covers over 40.000 sites and more than 50.000 people use it. One of the main advantages is that it covers casinos that have and don’t have UKGC licenses which is great.

GamStop vs GamBan: A Comparison

GamStop is a free method that covers only UKGC sites. The list of all GamStop participants you can find on the official site and obviously it is regularly updated, as new casino brands start their cooperation with the scheme. It is basically a self-exclusion website where you can get more help if needed and it is controlled by the government. Gamban is an app developed by a company and it has a database that will block certain sites. This database is updated on a regular basis and it usually covers even new sites. We can say that GamBan is a more comprehensive tool, as an example it recently started covering crypto trading platforms.

GamStop does have more users than Gamban but both methods are effective and they work well. If you play at offshore casinos, use GamBan. If you have been playing at UKGC sites only, use GamStop. But the most important thing is always to remember responsible gambling principles and know when to stop.

GamStop or Blockers: What Is More Effective FAQ

Can I use both GamStop and Gamban?

Yes, you can use both methods if you like. Usually, there is a need for that if you play at UKGC casinos and offshore sites. If you play with one kind only, then you can use just one method.

What is more effective, self-exclusion or blockers?

It depends on where you have been gambling at. There are many self-exclusion programs and software blockers, you can combine them and they will cover almost all the website. Both methods are extremely effective and have been used by countless people in the past.

Can I gamble online with self-exclusion?

Theoretically, you can. You will have to gamble at sites that are not part of GamStop. There are a lot of sites of this kind so you can find one that matches your needs.

Can I gamble with gambling blockers?

Yes, you can. But you cannot play on a device that has installed the GamStop app. Keep in mind that you can gamble only if you are using another device which is not always an option.

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