SpelPaus Review

spelpaus review

Welcome to our SpelPaus review, which explores the essential features and operations of the voluntary self-exclusion scheme available for players in Sweden. SpelPaus is more like GamStop, albeit designed to protect players in Sweden. All gambling operators looking to provide options to the Swedish market must participate in SpelPaus to retain their license.

There are many casino sites without SpelPaus, considering it is still new and only affects casino operators in Sweden. However, it is vital to understand how the SpelPaus program works, especially if you play in Swedish casinos. That’s precisely what our review covers, and more about SpelPaus pros, cons, and alternatives.

SpelPaus: General Information

SpelPaus is a self-exclusion program designed for all gambling operators in Sweden. The scheme was launched in 2019 and doesn’t affect independent online casinos. Instead, it is a license requirement for gambling operators in Sweden. Players can register voluntarily to block their access to games and marketing information from Sweden casinos and gambling sites. Once on SpelPaus, you won’t access your gambling accounts until the self-exclusion term expires. The minimum term is one month, but you can choose up to 6 months, or until further notice.

Advantages of SpelPaus

The merits of SpelPaus are quite straightforward and mimic other self-exclusion programs, such as GamStop. Essentially, the scheme allows players to voluntarily step away from casinos and online games, which is essential in curbing the side effects of compulsive gambling. However, SpelPaus has many advantages other than the inherent benefits of self-exclusion. Here are some positives we draw from SpelPaus national self-exclusion program:

  • Completely Free Self-Exclusion:
    SpelPaus is a free program that players can use whenever they want to take a break from products and marketing information offered by Sweden gambling operators. Unlike many self-exclusion apps, it is a completely free service with no license fees.
  • Support Players:
    The SpelPaus self-exclusion program was introduced to protect vulnerable players and curb the negative effects of gambling. In addition to self-exclusion terms, the website offers resources and other gambling services that players can use to learn more.
  • Reasonable Suspension Periods:
    SpelPaus offers monthly suspension periods, but you can also choose three months, six months, or until further notice. Most self-exclusion terms start from six months, which may not be practical when looking to break for a few weeks.

Disadvantages of SpelPaus

Despite its many advantages, SpelPaus has various drawbacks and limitations. The scheme only applies to operators in Sweden, but no laws prohibit players from using offshore sites across the UK, US, Canada, Australia and the rest of the world. For this reason, you might need additional solutions to ensure complete self-exclusion. SpelPaus alone isn’t adequate unless you only gamble in Sweden casino sites. Here are 2 key drawbacks.

  • Don’t Offer Partial Access:
    SpelPaus doesn’t cover casinos without a Swedish licence. However, for those it covers, the scheme enforces self-exclusion from all games, including sports bets. Unlike other self-exclusion programs, you can’t block casino games, or sports betting only. SpelPaus blocks everything.
  • Players Have Access To International Companies:
    Many international casino companies welcome players from Sweden. Unfortunately, SpelPaus is available for Sweden operators only, so players cannot use it to block offshore gambling websites. However, there are several tools for blocking all forms of gambling.

How to Remove SpelPaus

SpelPaus is a voluntary program, so players can sign up at any time. Once on self-exclusion, there’s no way to get out of SpelPaus until the end of the term. Players can choose one to six months, and have to wait out the self-exclusion term to regain access to their accounts.

Nonetheless, there are various ways around SpelPaus. One popular option is joining offshore online casinos without KYC verification. These casinos don’t collect player information, so you can continue gambling despite being on SpelPaus self-exclusion.

Popular Alternatives to SpelPaus

As aforementioned, SpelPaus is a Swedish self-exclusion program and license requirement for gambling operators. However, Sweden is one of many regions with fully regulated gambling and exclusion schemes. There are several other options for players looking to stop betting temporarily. From national programs to independent game blocking apps, here’s a look at some popular SpelPaus alternatives:

  • GamStop Self-Exclusion:
    GamStop was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission to accommodate players looking to exclude from online casinos in the UK. Like SpelPaus, the program is free, so players aren’t required to pay any fee. However, it only applies to UK operators, which means there are many casino sites that don’t join GamStop or follow UKGC requirements. All UK gambling operators must participate in the scheme and players can self exclude for a minimum of six months. Once on GamStop, players won’t have access to their UK casino accounts, until the term expires.
  • GamBan:
    This is another excellent self-exclusion solution when looking to take a break from EU gambling sites. Although there are many online casinos without GamBan, those that have it won’t accept you if you are on self-exclusion. Gamban is a software application you can download and install across mobile and desktop devices. Once installed, the app blocks access to all gambling websites, sportsbooks, crypto websites, eSports, trading platforms and so forth. Players can also add sites to the Gamban library to block them instantly. Self-exclusion terms range from six months to five years.
  • GamCare:
    Established in 1997, GamCare is a charity gambling support centre designed for players in England, Scotland and Wales. The organization provides advice, help and resources to help players fight the negative effects of gambling. Virtually all UKGC licensed casinos are also part of the charity, although GamCare also cooperates with non-UK gambling sites. Nonetheless, there are many casino sites not signed up to GamCare. The organization mainly provides gambling resources, experts and advisors, including free face-to-face counselling, self-exclusion, safe gambling standards and player support.
  • BetBlocker:
    This is another software-based solution for players looking to self exclude from online gambling sites. BetBlocker is an application you can use to block betting platforms and marketing information. The solution also features parental control, so parents can block other online content on UK and non-UK websites. Once installed, BetBlocker will bar access to gambling websites and works across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems. The minimum self-exclusion term is two months, but players can choose up to five years, within which the app is irremovable.

SpelPaus FAQs

What is SpelPaus?

SpelPaus is a self-exclusion program and licensing requirement in Sweden since its establishment in 2019. All gambling operators in Sweden must participate in the program to retain their license, and players can register voluntarily to block access to casinos and online gambling sites. SpelPaus is also a free service and only works in Sweden.

How does SpelPaus work?

Casino operators in Sweden are expected to collect player information during sign up or log in. They must then compare the information with the SpelPaus database, which includes the list of players who have voluntarily chosen to self-exclude. If the player is on SpelPaus, the casino should deny access immediately.

Can I play while on SpelPaus?

Once on SpelPaus, you won’t have access to casinos with a Swedish licence. However, many non-Swedish gambling operators welcome players from Sweden. SpelPaus doesn’t affect offshore casinos and no law prohibits players from exploring games provided by sites outside Sweden. As such, you can continue playing despite being registered on SpelPaus.

Is SpelPaus free?

Yes. Unlike other game blockers, SpelPaus is a national self-exclusion program designed for operators in Sweden. There are no fees whatsoever and the casinos are obliged to block access once players register on the scheme. Simply visit the SpelPaus official website, register and select your self-exclusion term to block access to Swedish casinos.

How long does SpelPaus self-exclusion work?

You can self exclude for one month, three months, six months, or until further notice. If you choose the last option, you’ll be excluded for at least 12 months, and your status will remain the same until you decide to end it. The self-exclusion term begins as soon as you are registered on SpelPaus.

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