Top Self-Exclusion Programs

top self-exclusion programs

Most online gambling sites have self-exclusion programs. In the UK, casinos are obliged to participate in GamStop, the leading self-exclusion scheme in the country. However, you’ll encounter various alternatives, considering GamStop only works for UKGC licensed sites. Players looking for how to get around self-exclusion can always explore games on offshore sites. On the other hand, if you are determined to take a break from all forms of online gambling, you can use reputable game blockers.

There are many applications and schemes available for players who have decided to stop gambling. Some schemes offer flexible self-exclusion terms, so you can take short one-month breaks or go for an indefinite period. It all depends on your preferences. In the following sections, you’ll find information about the top self-exclusion programs on gambling websites. Some schemes are restricted to specific countries, while others are software applications that block all gambling material.


GamStop is the leading self-exclusion program you’ll encounter online. It was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and is a license requirement, so all UKGC-licensed sites are registered on the program. GamStop offers UK players a chance to break from gambling products and promotions provided by UK casinos. Casinos participate by conducting thorough KYC ID verification during registration and log-in. The player information is then compared with the GamStop database.

If you are registered on GamStop, you won’t play games provided by UK casinos until your self-exclusion term expires. The minimum period is six months, but players can choose up to five years. However, many casino sites aren’t on GamStop, so you can continue playing your favourite games despite being on UK self-exclusion. As aforesaid, GamStop participation is only mandatory for UKGC licensed gambling websites. Players can still explore games on sites licensed outside the UK.


SpelPaus is another popular self-exclusion scheme, especially among Swedish players. It is more like GamStop but is designed for gambling operators in Sweden. All sites licensed in Sweden must participate in SpelPaus or risk losing their license. Players can then opt to self-exclude from games on such sites. SpelPaus offers self-exclusion terms of one month to six months. You can also choose an indefinite period (until further notice).

SpelPaus is a license requirement for operators in Sweden and doesn’t work on independent websites. There are many casino sites without SpelPaus, so you can continue playing despite being blocked from Swedish gambling platforms. SpelPaus is free of charge and offers reasonable self-exclusion terms. Unlike GamStop, you can take a one-month break and continue once your term expires. However, the schemes are pretty similar and are strictly enforced. If you are on SpelPaus, you won’t access games on casinos licensed in Sweden.


AAMS (Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato) is an Italian self-exclusion program similar to GamStop and SpelPaus. The scheme was introduced to help problem gamblers take control of their hobby through self-exclusion. AAMS works more like other national self-exclusion programs, meaning it is a mandatory license requirement. All sites licensed in Italy must participate in the scheme to retain their licenses. If a player is registered on AAMS, they won’t access real money games and bets provided by Italian licensed casino sites.

Unfortunately, AAMS only works in Italy, so players can still access offshore and independent casinos. Nonetheless, the scheme is perfect for punters who hold accounts with casinos licensed in Italy. You can self-exclude for a couple of months, half a year, one year, five years, or forever. Once on the scheme, your information will be added to the Unique Self Exclusion Registry (USER), blocking access to Italian casinos until your term expires.


ROFUS is another self-exclusion program available for players in the United Kingdom. You can use the registry to break from all gambling products offered on Danish online and land-based casinos. Like GamStop, SpelPaus and AAMS, ROFUS is a license requirement, meaning all casinos licensed in Denmark must participate in the scheme to provide players with a chance to self-exclude at will. Players can register on ROFUS using NemID and will automatically be blocked from all Danish gambling sites.

ROFUS is slightly different from GamStop because it blocks access to both online and brick & mortar casinos. You’ll need to register on SENSE (Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion) to block access to land-based casinos in the UK. In Denmark, ROFUS is enough to block you from all Danish casinos. You can self-exclude for a couple of months, a year or indefinitely. However, you’ll still have access to casinos licensed outside Denmark.

Top Self-Exclusion Programs FAQs

What is gambling self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a voluntary decision to break from gambling websites, including all real money games and promotions offered by the casino. Players on self-exclusion won’t have access to their accounts until they complete their term. Most programs provide a minimum self-exclusion period of six months, although some offer terms as little as one month.

Is self-exclusion for gamblers free?

Yes. Casino self-exclusion programs like GamStop are free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for the program, and you’ll be blocked from games on the site. However, if you choose gambling blockers, you might have to pay a license fee. Various paid applications block all forms of online gambling.

How can I cancel self-exclusion?

In most cases, you won’t be able to cancel a self-exclusion program. Players looking for ways how to cancel self-exclusion can choose offshore websites licensed outside the UK. With so many options, you can sign up on another site to continue exploring your favourite games. The other option is to wait out the self-exclusion term.

Can I play at online casinos when my self-exclusion period is active?

Yes. You won’t have access to your accounts on the sites where you are actively registered on self-exclusion. However, many online casinos accept players blocked elsewhere. You can sign up for an account with no verification or independent casinos. If you are using a game blocker, you can use a device without the self-exclusion software.

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