Casinos Not On BetStop

casinos not on betstop

In this guide, we’re naming the casinos not listed on BetStop and providing you with as much essential information as we can on these gambling platforms. The reason why we’re looking into the casino sites not featured on BetStop is that we often get asked for updates on this dynamic list. For starters, BetStop is the national self-exclusion register of the Commonwealth of Australia. It’s designed to curb gambling addiction in the country and help players practise responsible gaming.

Before we give you the lowdown on the non BetStop casinos that you can play on confidently, let’s get to know more about the scheme. Since its mid-2023 launch, BetStop has been serving Australia’s adult residents who are at risk of excessive wagering, whether online or by phone. This applies to citizens and immigrants, as well as permanent foreign residents like expatriates from the United Kingdom.

List of Non BetStop Casinos

Ranking Criteria For Casinos Not Signed with BetStop

Thanks to our patient and diligent team of experts, we could provide you with a fine list of online casinos without BetStop restrictions. For your assurance, each site has been graded using an in-depth scoring system developed through the years in the industry. The assessment, evaluation, and ranking criteria include accessibility for self-excluded players, owner and operator history, and quality and quantity of games. Also considered are site safety and security measures, along with feedback from the player population. We’ve tested these gambling platforms ourselves, and details on the five (5) important criteria are as follows:

Accessibility for Self-Excluded Players

A critical ranking criterion for online casinos not signed with Australia’s self-exclusion registry involves favourable answers to questions on how to bypass BetStop restrictions in Australia. In other words, we wouldn’t vet establishments that aren’t available to BetStop participants residing in the federated states of Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales. We also wouldn’t include on the list sites that don’t offer accessibility to self-excluded players in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

The Owner’s History

Another critical ranking criterion for online casinos not signed with Australia’s voluntary exclusion scheme is the owner and operator’s history. This speaks volumes about a digital gambling establishment’s legitimacy, compliance with national and international gambling rules and regulations, and conformity to industry standards. What we look for here are licences from gaming authorities of governments friendly to Australia. We also give weight to a site’s commitment to responsible-gaming and fair-play principles because this reflects the owner and operator’s care, concern, and respect for the players.

Feedback from BetStop Users

Still another critical ranking criterion for non-BetStop gaming platforms is feedback from players, particularly those who have chosen to sign up with BetStop. We closely examine the sentiments of wagering enthusiasts who are currently self-excluded and then verify their statements. Authentic feedback helps us gauge the credibility and reputation of the sites, and it gives us an idea of what makes them popular. Here, we’ve observed that non-BetStop players prefer sites with responsive help desks to those that have minimal to zero customer support.

Protection of User Data and Financial Transactions

The fourth criterion is associated with data privacy, financial-transactions security, and player safety from troubles like identity theft, breach of anonymity, and deposit-withdrawal fraud. We give weight to these matters because non-BetStop establishments are offshore running casino sites and bookie platforms. As such, they could, without accountability, commit cross-border offences that could harm the players. In particular, we read the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and other legal notices to see if these documents are legally binding and are not in any way deceptive.

Quality and Number of Games

The fifth criterion is tied to the quality and quantity of the games being offered by the online casinos being reviewed. The kind and number of games available reflect a wagering site’s ability to keep their promise of a great user experience. What we specifically look for is the array of games supplied by the world’s best iGaming-software developers that, on their own, are audited and checked for fair play. After this, we grade the variety and range of slot- and table-game titles within the collection.

Additional Trusted Non BetStop Casino Sites

If you want to add to your list of trusted non BetStop online casinos and bookmakers, check out our recommendations below. Each item here went through the rigid assessment, evaluation, and rating process that we’ve explained before. Each one also underwent our strict testing, both in recreational-player and professional-reviewer capacities, before they passed muster. Here are five (5) sites and apps that would be worth your while:

Key Information About Non BetStop Casinos

Players of any experience level can agree that online casinos not on BetStop have their fair share of advantages. One is that these establishments could prove to be more generous with promotions and more well-stocked with games than their BetStop-listed counterparts. Another is that they’re usually easier to deal with, particularly in terms of payments and payouts. But we must admit that non-BetStop online casinos also have disadvantages, specifically to Aussie gamblers, considering that these establishments aren’t accountable to the Australian government. Here are non-BetStop online casinos’ pros and cons that you may find relevant:

Pros of BetStop-Free Casino Sites

Probably the biggest advantage of playing on casinos without BetStop is your freedom from various forms of restrictions. When you’re on non-BetStop platforms, you get to spin reels, roll the dice, and be dealt a winning hand whenever and wherever you feel like it. What’s more is that you’re offered a far larger selection of games, as well as deposit and withdrawal options.

  • Provide Exclusive Section for Betting
    One advantage of playing on most non-Australia-licensed (or independent) gambling platforms that feature online casinos is getting to visit betting sites not on BetStop without having to leave the site. These establishments have a sportsbook section where you can bet on your favourite team in dozens, if not hundreds, of traditional and virtual sports. They even have betting markets for politics and special events, such as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award ceremony.
  • Potentially More Bonuses and Promotions
    Another advantage of playing on non-BetStop gambling platforms is that you’re offered better bonuses and more promotions than the deals available on BetStop-listed brands. Currently, there are several independent sites and apps that are so generous, they can afford to boost your first, second, and third deposits by as much as 200%. And these match bonuses are on top of the free real-cash spins that could come in sets of 50 or 100.
  • Support a Wider Range of Payment Methods
    Still another advantage of playing on independent gambling platforms is that you can choose from a lot more payment methods than the normal 2 or 3 options available on BetStop wagering establishments. Non-BetStop online casinos with credit card depositing isn’t a rare occurrence. Owing to this, you’re free to use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards to play, have fun, and get the chance to win real cash.
  • Deposits with Simple KYC Verification
    The fourth advantage of playing on independent gambling platforms is that their deposit process isn’t as complicated and challenging as the one on BetStop sites and apps. Non-Australia-licensed brands are eBookmakers and online casinos with easy verification procedures, and their ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) verification process is simple and straightforward. Normally, their KYC process takes less than half an hour, and this is as long as you show the proper documents they need.
  • Great Worldwide Reputation
    The fifth advantage of playing on online casinos operated internationally, especially those licensed by the Maltese or Curacao eGaming authorities, is their global reach and reputation. The actual benefit for you here is that if you’re considering joining a wagering platform but are having doubts about it, you can first check if the operator is trustworthy. This is by reading player feedback on unbiased review sites that are available for free on the World Wide Web.

Cons of No BetStop Casinos

With advantages come certain disadvantages of playing on casino sites without BetStop feature, and they’re inevitable. One of these is the lack of Australian jurisdiction over gambling platforms that might compromise the safety, security, and privacy of players living in the country. Another is the near-impossibility of keeping your wagering habits in check, given that you can still play even whilst on self-exclusion.

  • Licence Issued By an Independent Authority
    Any and all independent casino sites not on BetStop are not licenced, regulated, and overseen by the Australian government. Being such, they’re not accountable to the Commonwealth and the people, particularly to the wagering public. Far be it from us to say this, but if these independent establishments were rogues, they could easily get away with their wrongdoing. It wouldn’t be easy to penalise them from Down Under, especially with their operations taking place abroad.
  • Almost Impossible for Someone To Block
    Playing on non-BetStop gambling sites and apps defeats the purpose of self-exclusion, which is to take a break from placing bets online or kick the wagering habit altogether. If you enter these independent platforms whilst on voluntary restriction, chances are, you’ll have a hard time getting out. And even if you wanted to get rid of them, you might not be able to because they’re difficult to block even with today’s most sophisticated software.

Alternatives to Casinos That Aren’t on BetStop

If you want more latitude in exploring the exciting world of non-restricted digital wagering, have a look at online casinos not on BetStop or similar schemes. We’ve prepared a short description of gambling-platform types that aren’t on GamStop, which is the United Kingdom’s national registry. For good measure, we’re also providing descriptions of gambling-platform types that aren’t on the GamCare exclusion network and those not covered by the paid Gamban blocking software.

  • Casinos Without GamStop
    There’s a cornucopia of reliable and respectable online casinos not on GamStop, the UK’s self-exclusion registry that inspired Australia’s BetStop. Whilst these aren’t issued a licence by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), they’re authorised by either the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Curacao iGaming regulator. Many big names amongst these independent platforms serve players in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Casinos Without Gamban
    There’s also a plethora of reputable online casinos and eSportsbooks not on Gamban, a paid blocking software you can install on personal computers or mobile devices. Like those not on GamStop, these platforms don’t have a UKGC licence but hold one from the Maltese or the Curacaoan regulatory body. They cater to players in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Casinos Without GamCares
    There are also myriads of trusted wagering platforms that aren’t listed on GamCare, a scheme in which voluntarily excluded players get counselling from the network of advisers. As with those not on GamStop or Gamban, non-GamCare online casinos and eSportsbooks are accessible from anywhere in the UK. You’re free to visit the sites and apps, too, when you’re in other parts of the world.

How to Differentiate Reputable Online Casinos Not Covered By BetStop & Fraudulent Ones

Distinguishing and differentiating the reputable non BetStop casinos from the fraudulent ones could be quite tricky, especially for players who are new to the online-gaming world. This is why we’ve prepared a tabled guide below, to spare novices the trouble of doing the tedious work themselves. For your quick and easy reference, we’ve arranged the comparison point by relevant point, as shown in the ‘Criteria’ column.

CriteriaReputable Casinos Not on BetStopPotentially Fraudulent Casinos
Security MeasuresVerifiable, as reflected in well-written Privacy PolicyNot verifiable, especially without a properly written Privacy Policy
Game FairnessDedicated pages on fair play and game certificationsNo information on fair play and game certifications provided
Customer ReviewsMore positive than negative feedbackMore negative than positive feedback
Customer SupportLive chat, e-mail, or phoneNot available or not working
Payment Methods and ReliabilityWide range of credible options, including bank transfersLimited options, mostly cryptocurrency
Transparency and InformationInformation on site operations expressly stated in legal notices; regulatory advisories prominently displayed on the siteLittle-to-no information on site operations, including reminders on age restrictions

How to Register and Play at Online Casinos that Accept BetStop Players

If you wish to join non BetStop registered casinos but have no idea which one to sign up on, refer to the list above that we’ve put together. Pick what suits your fancy, according to the descriptions. Our ratings could help you zero in on the site or app that fits your wagering lifestyle and provides a range of payment-payout methods. As soon as you’ve chosen a brand, follow these six (6) simple registration steps:

  • Go to the wagering site or app of your choosing.
    When you’ve selected a brand from the list above, click on the ‘Visit Site’ button. Doing so would assure you of being directed to the page that contains the correct and current exclusive offer.
  • Click on the registration link.
    Click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ tab, which will take you to the page that contains the online registration form. Review the site’s Terms & Conditions (T&C) and prepare your personal information.
  • Enter your details.
    Key in your personal information, including your preferred account username and password. Be sure to enter your correct email address because this is where you’ll be getting a sign-up verification link shortly.
  • Get verified via email.
    Shortly after submitting the filled-out registration form, you’ll receive an emailed verification link. Click on this link to confirm your registration to the online casino. With your username and password, log in to your newly created online casino account.
  • Get familiar with your account.
    Once you’ve accessed your account, check and manage your settings. Navigate the pages, including the Privacy Policy, T&Cs, and other legal notices. Next, read the terms that’s specific to your welcome package.
  • Fund your account and enjoy playing.
    Make a deposit and get the promo code that will trigger the introductory offer. Claim the welcome bonus, including the free spins, and play away. If luck smiles on you early into your membership, go back to the T&C to learn how you can cash out your winnings!

Casinos Not On BetStop: FAQ

What casinos are not on BetStop?

There are countless online casinos that aren’t on BetStop, although not all of them are worth any seasoned or novice player’s time. If you’re looking for the best wagering platforms with thrilling and trusted slots, table games, specialty games, and live dealers, you could try Plexian, MyStake, Rolletto, CosmoBet, DonBet, Royal Lama, and others we’ve described in this article. Our team has tried and tested them, so we know that they’re safe, secure, and committed to player satisfaction.

What are the best casinos without BetStop scheme?

As mentioned above, the best online casinos without BetStop scheme are Plexian, MyStake, Rolletto, CosmoBet, DonBet, and Royal Lama. Top-rated alternatives you may want to try include Candy Land, Lucky Mister, Tropicana, and Sweety Win. They’re all licenced by reputable gaming authorities with international jurisdictions, and they’re accessible to self-excluded players in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. They’re also available to BetStop participants in the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

Is it true that all non BetStop casinos give free spins?

No, it isn’t true that all non-BetStop online casinos give free spins. Some merely have match bonuses, whilst others have no welcome package at all. We recommend that you read our latest reviews on the online casinos that are offering the most attractive, most generous bonuses, particularly free spins. We regularly update our articles on gaming platforms with free spins because there are seasonal deals and special promotions that we can all use and enjoy!

How can I self-exclude from casinos that are not BetStop?

You can self-exclude from online casinos that aren’t part of the BetStop scheme by downloading blocking software, which will deny you access to thousands upon thousands of sites and apps. BetBlocker is a popular software that’s free of charge. If this isn’t enough, contact your favourite wagering establishments and let them know that you’re taking a break from gambling. The reputable ones should be able to accommodate your request instantly and ban you from their site until you’re ready to play again.

Are casinos not on BetStop safe to use?

Yes, online casinos not on BetStop are safe to use, as long as they’re licensed, regulated, and overseen by governments of countries recognised by the Commonwealth of Australia. So, just because these sites and apps aren’t part of Australia’s self-exclusion registry doesn’t mean that they’re rogues. Trustworthy gambling platforms that hold a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, Republic of Malta’s gaming authority, or Country of Curacao’s eGaming authority are all right to play on. There are also good brands licensed by the Swedish, Romanian, and Argentine governments.

Are there any drawbacks to casinos not being listed on BetStop?

From an Australian player’s point of view, there could be drawbacks to online casinos that aren’t listed on BetStop. One of these is the risk of delayed or ignored responses to urgent enquiries on financial transactions. Non-BetStop establishments aren’t necessarily accountable to the Australian government, so they may or may not choose to accommodate specific player requests. Another is the risk of being victimised by cross-border criminals who prey on users of non-regulated, non-BetStop gambling sites and apps that don’t have sophisticated safety and security systems.

How do I sign up for a casino not on BetStop?

It’s usually easy to sign up with an online casino that’s not on BetStop. If you don’t already have a brand in mind, just pick from the list of verified and vetted wagering sites and apps above. Click on the button that directs you to the gambling platform you’ve selected and then proceed with the registration. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and other legal notices first to see for yourself if the site or app is for you.

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