Greyhound Racing Betting Not On GamStop

greyhound racing betting not on gamstop

In the UK, we bet on many different sports, with greyhound racing not on GamStop the sixth most popular spectator sport. With its popularity, the sport which has a history in the UK dating back to the 1920s, there is no shortage of greyhound racing sportsbooks not on GamStop. So join us as we dive into these betting sites and find the best ones of the bunch.

Many online betting websites not on GamStop have popped up over the last few years. When we look at bookies that don’t have GamStop restrictions, we carefully consider various aspects such as the betting options, bonuses, and licences. We thoroughly research greyhound racing betting, not using GamStop, to ensure we recommend only the best of the best to our UK punters.

List Of Non-GamStop Greyhound Racing Sites

Other Greyhound Racing Sportsbooks Not On GamStop

While the bookmakers listed above are all excellent options, there are other great greyhound racing betting sites not on GamStop if none of these are quite right for you. If you want to bet on greyhound racing betting while on GamStop, then the bookies listed below are reliable and trusted options for UK punters that we would also recommend.

Review Criteria For Betting Sites Not On GamStop Offering Greyhound Racing

When we examine and evaluate sites offering greyhound racing not on GamStop, we consider specific criteria. Part of being a reliable online bookmaker isn’t just offering the sport to bet on. It also means having a trusted company operating it, excellent promotions, a reputable online presence, and a great user experience.

Below, we look at some of the top criteria we consider when reviewing bookmakers not covered by GamStop or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). We also explain why these criteria are essential to evaluating bookies.

  • Managed by Trusted European Betting Companies
    The top European online sportsbooks are managed by reliable and trustworthy European betting companies, like Santeda International BV, who manage multiple online bookies that are not not part of GamStop. By analysing and researching the company that runs a bookie we can determine how reputable and trustworthy it is.
  • Covers Various Sports and Betting Options
    An essential characteristic of any online bookmaker is the available sports. While we expect greyhound races to be available, we also check what other sports are on offer. Greyhound races may be the reason you visit and wager on the site, but sometimes you might want something different, and other sports will be to your benefit in that case.Therefore, bookies with a wide selection of sports to bet on rank well with us.
  • Reliable Online Reputation From Other Punters
    We’ve mentioned that bookies run by trusted European companies rank well with us, but this also goes hand-in-hand with having a reliable reputation. Other punters using the site will leave reviews and comments on their experience. While we know that any bookmaker will have negative reviews, we check the comments carefully to see if there are regular problems, if the bookie resolves issues quickly, and so on.
  • Excellent User Experience on the Betting Platform
    Part of our evaluation is to check how punters experience the site. For that reason we sign up, claim a bonus, play, and even contact customer service. This way we can find out first hand if the site is user-friendly, easily navigable, and works as described. If any of the previously mentioned aspects are bad, the bookie simply does not make it to our list.
  • It’s Not Part of the GamStop Network
    We specifically check that a bookie is not part of the GamStop network. These offshore running bookies allow punters who are part of GamStop to continue to bet on their favourite sports, while also offering other benefits like the ability to deposit using a credit card. As you can guess, only bookies that are not part of GamStop make it onto our list.

A Brief Overview of Greyhound Racing Gambling Operators Not Registered on GamStop

We took it upon ourselves to look into all of the non GamStop greyhound racing betting websites to find out how many are available right now, we are also slowly beginning to check them all out . Below is a short summary of our findings so far.

General Information About Greyhound Racing Bookmakers With No GamStop
Number of Greyhound Racing Sportsbooks Without GamStop70+
Checked No GamStop Greyhound Racing Online Bookies55+
Notable ThingsNew Sports Sites, Popular Events
Most Popular Greyhound Racing Betting SiteDonBet
Recent Greyhound Racing Gambling Site not on GamStopRichy Leo

Reasons To Join Greyhound Racing Bookies Not Covered By GamStop

Explore some of the reasons why you should consider greyhound racing betting not on GamStop sportsbooks. In this short section we will look at the most prevalent reasons to use these websites, such as payment methods, sports events, and verification procedures.

  • No Sign-Up Verification Procedures: When signing up at UKGC bookmakers, there’s extensive verification involved. Having trouble with one aspect of the KYC process means that you can struggle to bet on your favourite races. However, with non-GamStop bookies, you will find less strict to no initial verification sportsbooks available. All of this means that you start playing faster and never miss a race to bet on because of waiting for verification.
  • Independent Regulation is More Adaptable: The independently running bookies don’t need to follow the very strict UKGC regulations. As such, they can offer things that UKGC sites can’t such as certain payment methods, faster verification, and more. All of this means that you’re more likely to find a sportsbook that better fits your needs with an offshore bookie.
  • Deposits by Credit Card are Allowed: One of the UKGC regulations some players don’t like is that they can’t deposit with credit cards. However, with non-GamStop bookies, online betting with credit cards is once again available. You can deposit and sometimes even withdraw using your credit card, which is more convenient if you don’t have any e-wallet accounts or are not a crypto punter.
  • Numerous Sports Events to Bet on: Because bookies based outside the UK often cater to punters around Europe and even the world. This means that they offer more sports and events to cater to all their players that UK based sites just don’t. As a result, you might even find more greyhound races from other countries, like Australian races.

Reasons To Skip Greyhound Racing Betting Sites Not On GamStop

While there are multiple benefits to greyhound racing not on GamStop scheme, there are also some drawbacks. You should carefully consider these cons before deciding to register and play at a betting site not covered by GamStop.

  • No UKGC Regulations: If you’re betting at online sportsbooks outside the UK, it means that the UKGC regulations don’t apply. While it can be a benefit if you want to bypass the strict regulations, it also means that the protection these regulations provide don’t apply. For example, none of the UKGC rules that enforce fairness apply, and depending on the licence the offshore casino holds, you will likely end up being less protected.
  • No Gamban Gambling Certificate: Offshore casinos often offer only non Gamban betting. Gamban is an organisation that provides a multi-level blocking system across various devices. Without the certificate of this organisation, you can’t be sure whether the casino is committed to responsible gambling, which is crucial, especially if you’ve previously self-excluded via GamStop.
  • Less Protection for Players: One benefit of the UKGC that you don’t have access to at non-GamStop websites is its protection. Punters who experience problems with UKGC bookies can contact this licencing authority to help them resolve the issues and ensure a fair ruling. With offshore licencing authorities, you don’t have the same assurances and levels of protection, and it’s often more difficult to reach them to resolve issues with a bookie.

Alternative Sports To Greyhound Racing On Non-GamStop Bookies

If you need a break from online greyhound racing betting without GamStop, then there are multiple other sports you can take a look at. While we all know about the globally popular ones such as football, rugby, and cricket, there are many other options available to UK punters at non GamStop bookies. Below are the most exciting sports that act as good alternatives to greyhound racing.

Favourite Events Among Greyhound Racing Punters on Non-GamStop Sites

If you’re an experienced fan of greyhound racing, then you’ll know all of the biggest and best races to keep an eye on. For punters who are new to greyhound racing, this is where we have you covered. Below, we summarise some of the best non GamStop greyhound racing events throughout the year.

Greyhound Racing Events Information
Greyhound Racing Event Description Frequency Location
English Greyhound Derby It is a prestigious race organised since 1927 with a £175,000 prize. Annual – May Towcester Greyhound Stadium, Northamptonshire, England
Irish Greyhound Derby Run since 1928 and offers a €300,000 prize and the Pat Doran Trophy. Annual – August Shelbourne Park, Dublin, Ireland
The Melbourne Cup Known as the richest race, it offers a $1 million prize and began in 1956. Annual – December Sandown Park Greyhound Race Club, Victoria, Australia
Golden Jacket One of the longest greyhound races, with a distance of 714 metres. Annual – February Crayford Stadium, London, England
East Anglican Cup This race started in 1975 and spans 462 metres, with all dogs clocking a time under 30 seconds. Annual – September Yarmouth Stadium, Norfolk
Select Stakes This event is a semi-recent race that started in 1996 as the Betfred Select Stakes. Annual – July Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, England
Association Cup It is another one of the longest races, as the track is around 720 metres long. Annual – April Wentworth Park, Sydney, Australia
Sandown Cup Not as popular as the Melbourne Cup, the race previously known as the Woolamai Cup is run over 715 metres. Annual – September Sandown Park Stadium, Victoria, Australia

How To Wager On Greyhound Racing Sites Not Covered By GamStop

When you register and wager at a non-GamStop bookie, you should consider the following steps. Following these will help you get started and easily place your bets on your favourite dogs and races within minutes. Take a moment to read it, especially if you’re new to online betting.

  • Choose a Sportsbook That Isn’t on GamStop:
    Use our comprehensive list of online bookies to find your ideal site. Consider each site’s pros and cons, and find one that works best for you.
  • Register and Login:
    To create your Bookie account, click on the Sign-Up/Register/Join button to get started. Follow the prompts, like adding your personal details, creating a password, and adding your address.
  • Examine Greyhound Racing Events:
    Look through the available greyhound events and see what races and events are available. Choose one of the races you want to bet on and click on it.
  • Select Your Bet Type:
    Once you’ve opened the race you want to bet on, you’ll find the different betting options, such as straight and reverse forecasts, tricasts, and winning distance, with the various odds of the race.
  • Check and Place Your Bet:
    Review your selection to ensure that your stake and the bet on your bet slip are correct. You might need to double-click for the site to accept it as part of the bookie’s security measures.

FAQ for Greyhound Racing Betting Websites Not On GamStop

🤔 What are greyhound racing betting websites not on GamStop?

Simply, they are bookmakers located outside the UK that do not have a UKGC licence, and so they are not part of the national GamStop exclusion network. This doesn’t mean that these bookies which offer multiple sports, including greyhound races, aren’t licensed by other reputable gambling authorities, like Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Curacao, and Malta Gaming Authority.

🤔 Is it allowed for UK punters to bet on greyhound racing outside GamStop?

Yes, technically, no law stops punters from betting at offshore casinos as long as they understand that the UKGC protections won’t apply to them. The only thing to consider is that you may not receive some of the protections provided by UKGC regulation. However, some of these, many punters find too restrictive such as the inability to make a deposit with a credit card.

🤔 Are the non-GamStop greyhound racing bookmakers safe?

Yes, while they do not have a UKGC licence, they are licensed by other gambling authorities, so they are safe and fair to play at. The operators also employ security measures like SSL encryption, firewalls, and secure payment portals to protect players personal data and funds.

🤔 Why should UK punters choose to bet on websites not part of GamStop for greyhound racing betting?

There are various benefits to using these sites. For players who self-excluded using GamStop, no UKGC bookmaker will be available to them. These sites are good alternatives if you feel safe and in control again to gamble. It also means you can bet without worrying about the UKGC regulations.

🤔 What are some of the best greyhound racing bookies that GamStop doesn’t cover?

Some of the best non-GamStop bookmakers available to UK players are Golden Pharaoh, CosmoBet, and Rolletto Casino. These platforms all ensure a safe player environment, offer excellent greyhound events, and have user-friendly sites. We’ve thoroughly evaluated each to recommend you only the best bookies.

🤔 Can UK punters find every greyhound racing bookmaker without a GamStop mentioned here?

No, we have a strict review process that ensures we only recommend the best betting sites. Due to this review process and our numerous criteria, you’ll only find the cream of the crop available on our site. We review the websites to find the most reputable and trustworthy bookies that provide the best bonuses, betting options, and odds.

🤔 What types of greyhound racing bets can I place on these websites?

There are various bets you can place on these races. The straight forecast is one where you bet on the first and second placed dogs in the correct order, while the reverse forecast doesn’t care about the order, just that the two dogs finish the race in the first two positions. You can also find bets like tricasts and winning distance available.

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