High Stakes Betting Sites

high stakes betting sites

High stakes sports betting refers to placing significant wagers on sports events, which brings about the potential for notably higher winnings, but at an equally higher risk. Playing at high stakes betting websites has a different draw to playing with regular-size bets, as the same limitations in terms of wager and win restrictions do not apply. This translates to a much bigger potential for rewards followed by just as big of a risk of possible losses.

Bettors looking for an adrenaline-pumping high stakes online sports betting action in the UK have plenty of options. Everything you need to know about navigating the tricky world of high stakes sports betting from placing your bets to understanding odds and the best online betting platforms, is featured in this article.

Finally, you can instantly test the following high stakes betting sites:

List of High Stakes Bookmakers

Ranking Factors for High Stakes Sports Betting Sites

ranking for high stakes sportsbooks

With high stakes online bookmakers, you have to fulfil specific criteria to be eligible to make high stakes bets and be able to fairly and timely cash out potential winnings. To that extent, several important factors directly influence high-stakes sports betting sites and by extension, bettors who like to use their services. The following key aspects should always be on your list of considerations when picking online bookies for high stakes betting:

  • No Restrictions for Making Stakes
    Unrestricted betting is crucial in picking out the best sportsbooks available to UK bettors. Most bookies find ways to impose restrictions on regular bets, usually hidden in the terms & conditions sections. With high stakes sports betting, one of the rewards is that bookies, like Velobet, allow bettors to engage in a high-risk, high-reward scenario by removing any and all stumbling blocks in terms of wager, payout, or win and losses limit.
  • Licence by Reputable Gaming Authorities
    UK sportsbooks are as legitimate as they come but are also under the watchful eye of Gamestop, which can cause all sorts of unwanted delays and stumbling blocks for bettors. Most of the best UK casinos have licences outside the UK, like Gibraltar sportsbooks or Curacao sportsbooks. These are both legal and secure licences by reputable authorities and, at the same time, circumvent the UK-specific GamStop, allowing bettors to enjoy betting with no limits.
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
    When you’re playing high stakes, apart from no restrictions and as many playing options as possible, you also want to get immediate deposits and cashouts when you’re done for the day, which most of the betting sites that allow credit card payments in the UK allow. The maximum delay you might experience as a high roller in certain sportsbooks is 24 hours, while deposits are immediately available. Note that under UKGC law, credit cards are explicitly prohibited to use for gambling purposes.
  • Positive Reviews & History of Reliability
    Licensing might be a defining factor in picking a high-stakes sportsbook site to play at, but other bettors’ experiences are also important, and you should always try and find as many honest ones as possible. All the best high-stakes bookies in our guide have stellar reputations and are highly rated by punters and bettors alike.
  • Resources for Responsible Betting During High Stakes
    An important aspect that places the high-stakes sportsbook operators we reviewed below among the best available to UK players is their responsible gaming policies. All the best high stakes bookies feature responsible playing resources listed on their sites, as well as self-exclusion protocols that bettors can activate whenever they wish. Both online and phone-based 24/7 services are listed on all the best high stakes sports betting sites.

Best Sites For High Stakes Betting

top sites for high stakes gambling

UK bettors have plenty of sports betting sites to choose from, but not all offer high-stakes betting services. Even among the ones that do, figuring out the best is not easy, which is why our teams of professionals did rigorous testing, coming up with the very best high limit betting sites:


fresh bet casino not on gamstop

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Whether you are looking to bet on derby day football matches, horse racing, or who the next British UFC champion is going to be, FreshBet Sportsbook has the means to cater to all your needs. Powered by Upgaming, this leading high stakes bookmaker in the UK offers bettors a host of features, including live streaming, Edit Bet, and Cashout. The offer extends to include different crucial markets like Outright Winner, Double Chance and 1×2.

In terms of high stakes betting, the clear user interface and huge live sports offer bettors a seamless playing experience at competitive odds accompanied by generous bonuses and promotions. The real-time odds, involving decimal, fractional and American formats make the FreshBet sports betting experience a particularly exciting and immersive one.


Representing the new generation of sports betting sites, we ran into GoldenBet Online Bookmaker. This high stakes bookmaker launched in 2021 and offers a very diverse and engaging experience for UK bettors. Licensed in Curacao, GoldenBet is free from GamStop restrictions, making it particularly accessible for UK bettors.

Both seasoned and novice bettors can access over 40 sports, with very competitive odds that can drop as low as 2.5-3% for top events in crucial markets. Live betting, plentiful bonus options, multi-view and a cross-platform integration via mobile phone-friendly website and dedicated apps make this high stakes betting site particularly popular among true connoisseurs. Cryptocurrency payouts set the GoldenBet apart from other sportsbooks that only offer traditional payment options.


Established as a cryptocurrency casino in 2023, Velobet is one of the best high limit sportsbooks in the UK. Offering reliable and super helpful customer support available 24/7 via live chat, an intuitive gameplay interface, and integrating both casino games and live sports betting are just some of the features this sportsbook provides to high-risk bettors.

The offer of this increasingly popular high stakes online sports betting site ranges from traditional sports to virtual sports and eSports, available through a wide range of markets. Velobet’s impressive bonuses, which include the likes of 3+1 Free Bet and a 10% crypto deposit cashback bonus add flavour to the already decadent betting experience.


Even though it is the most recent among non-Gamstop online casinos and sportsbooks in the UK, DonBet is an ultra popular high stake bookmaker in the industry. The combination of more than 400 football markets and high winning limits offers a clear draw (pun intended) for experienced and newcomer bettors alike.

DonBet’s multilingual website interface, an array of 20+ payment crypto and traditional options, and betting features like Edit Bet and Live Streaming have set a new standard for real-time sports betting odds. Moreover, this high stakes sports betting site offers free Line Predictor tool for pro members, pop up injury reports and years’ worth of betting data analysis.


rolletto casino not on gamstop

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Arguably the most popular non-mainstream high stakes bookie in the UK, offering a remarkably extensive range of sports betting while circumventing Gamestop. Rolletto Sportsbook offers a European & Asian View feature, over 350 football markets, and upwards of 97% odds on top leagues. Extra bet options the likes of Player to Score, Cards and Corners also feature heavily.

Roletto’s live betting section exceeds 200.000 events per year, averaging a payout rate of 92% and above. This betting site for high stakes is also a proud award winner, with the latest accolades being Best Bitcoin Casino and Casino of the Month for April 2023.

Other Popular High Stakes Bookies

other well known high stakes bookies

Apart from the best and most popular high stakes online sportsbooks we covered above, it would be fair to mention the best runner-ups, as they do offer lots of variety and diversity in terms of markets, bonuses, and bet options:

What You Should Know About High Stake Bookmakers

Apart from the obvious clear rewards of engaging in high stakes betting, there are plenty of other beneficial aspects of picking high stakes over regular ones. As long as you register with a reputable and reliable provider, you can enjoy all of the following sports betting perks.

Common Pros Of High Stakes Sports Sites

pros of high stakes betting sites

The top-rated high stakes bookmakers in the UK not affiliated with GamStop have plenty of advantages over UKGC-licensed operators. Here are a few points worth mentioning.

  • Opportunity To Gamble Being Self-Excluded: Allowing bettors access to sports betting sites when they are under the limitations imposed by GamStop. We only focused on the high stake bookmaker betting sites not under GamStop, like FreshBet and Roletto, which provide bettors a means of safe playing with no overly strict limitations.
  • Higher Betting Limits Compared to Standard Sites: High-stakes sports betting providers allow bettors to deposit and wager as much funds as they want, thus increasing their chances of large winnings. With no limit bookmakers, wagering requirements, win and deposit limits that usually apply in regular sites are not something high rollers need to worry about.
  • Possibility of Larger Payouts: Arguably the most enticing and attractive aspect of playing with high stakes is the chance of winning big, which is only available to high-stakes bettors. Bookmakers reward those who like to engage in high risks with high rewards that are available for withdrawal as close to immediately as possible.
  • Compatible with a Variety of Credit Cards: All sports betting sites have integrated a large variety of different payment options for both depositing and withdrawing funds. The usual range of Mastercard and American Express betting sites is now extended to include those that also accept and integrate popular cryptocurrencies and eWallet services, like for example, Velobet.
  • No Need for Verification of the Source of Money: All high stakes bookies we feature in our review have betting licences that allow them to accept deposits without the need for verification of IDs and extended background check procedures. In other words, after you register an account with sportsbooks that don’t need verification, you’re free to play with as high wagers as you desire, while still betting at a safe and reputable establishment.

Common Cons Of High Stakes Online Betting Sites

cons of high stakes bookmakers

As there are upsides to playing at high stakes sports sites for high rollers, there are drawbacks to consider that go beyond the obvious high risks associated with betting large sums.

  • Increased Risk of Significant Financial Losses: Betting high stakes has the potential of yielding high rewards, but can also result in significant financial losses. While playing in such a manner is what makes the experience engaging for high rollers, it is the inherent key risk that bettors need to be acutely aware of.
  • Additional Credit Lines Are Accessible: In most cases, online sports betting providers that offer high stakes betting allow bettors perks like additional credit lines which in the long run may turn out to be a drawback. While credits allow play to continue and may reverse the fortunes, you need to be aware of the double-edged sword they represent.
  • Harder To Be Responsible Bettor: When you’re thinking about playing with high stakes, it can become increasingly difficult to stay on the responsible side of betting. Bookmakers like to offer different incentives to keep bettors active, and you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls and when to take a break and re-group if luck is not smiling at you at the moment.

Alternatives To High Stakes Sportsbooks

alternatives to high stakes bookmakers

While playing at high stake bookmaker sites online is what we’re focusing on today, there is a case to be made for alternative options, too. Lower stakes sites and sites that offer no limit on any size of bet are two options to consider before engaging in high risk sports betting action:

High Stake Betting Tips: Responsible Way

responsible way of high stakes betting

With high stakes betting sports sites becoming more and more accessible, being aware of responsible gaming practices becomes even more pressing. Operators that allow high-stakes betting provide every incentive to keep playing, making it crucial to approach the entire thrill of playing with a proper betting strategy.

  • Set a Budget and Stick to It:
    Even though you’re making risky bets, you should set a budget before playing and always stick to it. A budget is the best way to avoid falling into the credit pitfalls, which are hard to crawl out of.
  • Gamble for Entertainment, Not Income:
    Income refers to a repeatable, reliable way of earning money. Betting on sports should remain fun and enjoyable. The moment you stop enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Take Regular Breaks:
    As engaging as playing with high stakes can be, concentration will waver after a certain period, regardless if you’re winning or losing. Set your own break intervals or check to see if you can activate any session limits.
  • Keep a Detailed Record of Your Bets:
    A look back at what you’ve wagered and what you’ve won is a great way of not only tracking your finances but also recognizing trends and improving your gameplay results.

How to Open a High Stakes Sports Betting Account

how to join a high stakes site

Opening an account on a high limit sports betting establishment is just as easy as doing it in a regular sportsbooks site, except for a few aspects you need to keep in mind before and after registering:

  • Research and Choose a Reputable Sportsbook:
    Not all enticing betting sites are secure or provide what they claim. Picking an online sports bookie with a stellar reputation and a versatile offer is crucial before registering for an account.
  • Check Legal Requirements:
    UK bettors have the chance to register at online sports betting establishments that are not UK-based while still playing legally. Always check the licencing and legal sections of a sportsbook before moving on to the registration form.
  • Fill Out the Registration Form:
    Registration forms are pretty straightforward, requiring only basic information like first and last name, email, a username, and picking a currency to play with. Make sure to check that you agree with the payment options provided before submitting your information.
  • Deposit Funds and Place Wagers:
    The most straightforward aspect of opening a high stakes account is to use your preferred method to deposit funds and then start wagering live or pre-game bets.
  • Diversify Across Bookmakers:
    Opening several accounts with different high-stakes online sports betting providers is a great way to ensure you minimise the risk of losses by diversifying your betting platforms.

High Stakes Online Sports Betting Sites: FAQ

🤔 What is high stakes online sports betting?

High stakes online sports betting refers to betting very high amounts on live or virtual sports events. High stakes betting takes place before games or in cases of in-play bets, during them, offering bettors the chance to win a very big sum, but also carrying the inherent risk of significant losses.

🤔 How do I start betting on high stakes sports betting sites?

The key aspect of betting at high stakes sports betting sites is detecting reliable platforms that provide such services. After that comes the registration and verification of your account, after which you can start betting.

🤔 What sports can I bet on?

High stakes sports betting allows bettors to bet on all the most popular sports events, including high stakes football betting, basketball, rugby, cricket, MMA, tennis, baseball and more. Online bookies also provide betting on virtual sports, eSports, and racing.

🤔 What are the minimum and maximum bet limits?

Maximum and minimum bet limits depend on the terms & conditions of different platforms. Concerning high stakes betting, the limits are either set very high like in the case of Roletto’s £4688.75 limit, or there is no limit at all, like FreshBet, DonBet and VeloBet.

🤔 Is high stakes online betting legal?

Yes, high stakes online betting is legal in the UK. The same licensing and legality laws and regulations apply to all sports betting sites, including our above-mentioned top choices: GoldenBet, VeloBet, FreshBet, DonBet and Roletto operators, regardless of the size of the bets and potential betting limits or lack thereof.

🤔 How do I know if a betting site is safe and reliable?

Check out our dedicated reviews of the most popular sports betting sites in the UK. We cover all the key points like operating licence, website design, digital security protocols like SSL, customer service and player experiences, which define how sound the security of an operator truly is.

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