How to Get Around GamStop

how to get around Gamstop

Looking for ways how to get around GamStop?? You must be tired of being away from gambling sites for so long. Ideally, the GamStop self-exclusion scheme is open up to all punters, including UK punters. Also, they have a high record search for ways for getting around GamStop.

GamStop has its advantages. It is not totally a bad idea, although it has its drawbacks. However, research shows that quite a large number of players sign up on the scheme unknowingly. This poses a threat to their gaming time. Generally, we have put together this piece for every punter, introducing various ways on how to avoid GamStop.

Here is best options how to get around Gamstop:

  • Use Non Gamstop Sites
  • Enable VPN And Gamble
  • Created Shared Account
  • Use Sites That Don’t Need Verification
  • Find Offline Gambling Venues

Popular Ways Around GamStop For UK Players

common ways to avoid gamstop

There are several ways to bypass GamStop. Most of these ways are well known by UK players. Now, as earlier said, there are many options on how to get round GamStop for a punter with active self-exclusion. Our experts have carefully put together the best option that every British punter would be comfortable with.

Bypass Self-Exclusion with Sites Not on Gamstop

MyStake Casino
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  • 20€ Min. Deposit
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GoldenBet Casino
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  • Great Gambling Operator
  • Free From GamStop
Rolletto Casino
100% Up to $1500
4.8 /5
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Not Using GamStop
  • Sports & Casino Sections
BassWin Casino
100% + 100 Free Spins
4.7 /5
  • No GamStop
  • €20 Minimum Deposit
  • Regular Tournaments & Lotteries
Kinghills Casino
Welcome Package £450 + 250 Free Spins
4.9 /5
  • Special App with All Top Games
  • No Cooperation With GamStop
  • Daily Cashback Up to 25%
Crazy Star Casino
200% Bonus up to €1000
4.8 /5
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Non Gamstop
  • Excellent Payout Rate
CosmoBet Casino
200% Up to $1500
4.9 /5
  • 20 EUR Min. Deposit
  • New Non GamStop Site
  • Quality Gaming Sections
DonBet Casino
Welcome Bonus 150% + 50 Free Spins
  • 20 EUR Min. Deposit
  • Not on GamStop
  • Extensive Gaming Collection
FreshBet Casino
100% On First Deposit
4.8 /5
  • €20 Deposit For Bonus
  • x30 Wagering
  • Works With GamStop Players
Velobet Casino
150% Welcome Bonus + Up to 70 FS
4.9 /5
  • €10 Min. Deposit
  • Not Listed On GamStop
  • Diversity of Casino Games
Bounty Reels Casino
150% To Your First Deposit!
4.9 /5
  • €10 Deposit For Bonus
  • Legit Site Not On GamStop
  • 60+ Game Providers
Golden Mister Casino
150% On First Deposit
4.8 /5
  • Available On GamStop
  • 20EUR Min. Deposit
  • Wide Selection of Games
JokaBet Casino
£450 Bonus + 250 Free Spins
4.8 /5
  • £20 Min. Deposit
  • Over 5000 Games to Select From
  • Accepts GamStop Players
Nine Win Casino
100% + 150 FS Welcome Offer
4.8 /5
  • Not With GamStop
  • €15 Min. Deposit
  • 5000+ Quality Games
Lucky Mister Casino
100 FS on First Deposit
4.9 /5
  • Min. Deposit €20
  • Not Registered On GamStop
  • Trending Slots & Games
Tropicanza Casino
100% Deposit Bonus
4.9 /5
  • Min. Deposit €20
  • Not Under GamStop’s Control
  • Wide Variety of Games
Richy Leo Casino
x1 Wager 10% Bonus + 10FS
4.9 /5
  • €20 Deposit Required For Bonus
  • Not On UK Self-Exclusion
  • Special Weekly Games
Rollino Casino
Welcome Bonus 450% Up To €6,000
  • Accept GamStop Users
  • £20 Min. Deposit
  • More than 4000 Games to Choose From
Royal Fortune Casino
Bonus of 500% Up to £3000
4.7 /5
  • GBP 20 Min. Deposit
  • With No GamStop
  • x35 Wagering Rate
Royal Lama Casino
175% Welcome Bonus
  • Not On UK Self-Exclusion
  • Deposits From 20EUR
  • Hundreds of Casino Games
Jettbet Casino
200% + 100 Free Spins Bonus
4.8 /5
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • New Non GamStop Brand
  • Fast Deposit & Payout
Golden Pharaoh Casino
400% Bonus + 100 Free Spins
4.8 /5
  • Work Without GamStop
  • Beneficial Bonus Package
  • No ID Confirmation
Rabbit Win Casino
100 FS On First Deposit
  • 20EUR Deposit For Bonus
  • Doesn’t Work With GamStop
  • Special Promotions For Players
Love Casino
100 Free Spins + 400% Bonus
4.8 /5
  • Not Integrated to GamStop
  • £20 Minimum Deposit
  • Huge Welcome Package
Richy Fox Casino
175% Welcome Deal
  • Deposit From €20
  • Not Linked To GamStop
  • Top Welcome Deals
Tropical Wins Casino
150% Initial Offer
  • €20 Deposit For Bonus
  • Wagering Req. x35
  • Accepts GamStop Players
Lucky Carnival Casino
100% Deposit Match
4.9 /5
  • Min. Deposit €20
  • Not Regulated By GamStop
  • Hundreds Casino Games
BigWinBox Casino
100% Match On First 3 Deposits
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Available On GamStop
  • Top-Notch Game Providers
Hand of Luck Casino
10% and 10FS with x1 Wager
  • €20 Deposit For Bonus
  • Big Slots Collection
  • Not Connected To GamStop
SlotoNights Casino
100% Offer Up To 3 Deposits
  • €20 Minimum Deposit
  • Special Tournaments
  • No Cooperation With GamStop

Try Different Games To Avoid GamStop

Interestingly, bypassing your self-exclusion is not a big deal. As earlier mentioned, there are several ways to avoid GamStop. However, the simplest way around self-exclusion is using different non GamStop sites. Here, we would consider some viable options or platforms to bypass self-exclusion.

  • Online Casinos:
    Are you looking for a way to avoid GamStop? Then casino websites not affected by Gamstop self-exclusion is your best option. These casinos have several features that make them attractive. They are exciting, welcoming, user, and mobile-friendly.
  • Online Bookmakers:
    Online bookmakers are part of the alternatives on our list for going around an active self-exclusion. Punters can easily sign up on these reputable online bookies without Gamstop and keep their gaming time active.
  • Online Slots:
    There are slot sites not registered with Gamstop. Playing on these sites gives you access to unlimited gaming time. More gaming time leads to more winning for you as a punter.
  • Bingo Sites:
    Punters are humans. The beautiful thing about people is their reaction to restrictions. When GamStop hinders gambling, bingo sites become a way out. Check out for bingo operators not blocked by GamStop.
  • Lotto Sites:
    Playing on lotto sites allows you to win several jackpots. For starters, Gamstop free lotto sites are waiting to welcome you when Gamstop is restricting you. Go for these sites today!

Avoid GamStop With Offline Gambling Venues

bypass gamstop with offline casinos

Interestingly, land-based casinos are functional in the United Kingdom. Despite having the devices and means to gamble online, some punters still choose the brick-and-mortar building. Also, the brick-and-mortar building is a good place to stay off the radar of GamStop.

The choice of land-based casinos sounds tedious and could be more stressful if you are used to online platforms. However, it provides a punter with an alternative when Gamstop is restricting him. Gamstop has no connection to offline casinos.

Get Around Self-Exclusion Using VPN

avoid gamstop with vpn

With self-exclusion being active, a gambler would be flagged if he tries to access any UKGC-licensed casino. However, with a VPN, he can access other international casino sites that accept UK punters. This is a new means of getting around GamStop. There are reputable betting sites outside the UK with proven records. They are also legal and licensed by top gaming authorities.

These international sites are not under Gamstop. That doesn’t make them less of a betting site. Interestingly, most of them have better offers for new and regular members.

There’s an important question and it’s not about whether can you get around GamStop using a VPN, but if people from other countries are even allowed in the casino in the first place. Let’s take a popular example to better illustrate the point. Apart from the UK, there are only 27 countries that are allowed on William Hill. These include Australia, Ireland, Norway, Spain, etc. Some of these countries are also limited in access to some features like claiming particular bonuses or having access to certain game providers.

  • Do Your Research
    Does the website accept users from other countries? If yes, which countries have unlimited access? When you know about this for your favourite UK-based casino, you can choose the right VPN that offers a server in that country.
  • Find the Right VPN
    Different VPN providers offer different countries. Some free browser extensions offer limited bandwidth or durations. You have to make a comparison between a few to settle on the right option.
  • Free vs. Paid VPNs
    If you’re starting with free VPNs, we recommend Privado VPN for 10GB bandwidth per month and access to a bunch of countries; or Proton VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth but access to only three countries. You can upgrade any free VPN to a premium version for more bandwidth, speed, or countries later.
  • Install & Turn on the VPN
    Install the chosen VPN, sign up for an account, and activate it. It will show you a confirmation message once you’re connected. Now, when you access the website, you will be accessing it as a user from outside the UK. Note that if your payment method has been blocked, this will not unblock it.

Gamble with GamStop With No Verification Sites

skip gamstop with no id sites

Ideally, it is expected that gambling sites do a background check on new members. This is to ensure that players with self-exclusion cannot avoid GamStop or are given a free pass. It would be impossible for a punter to have any gambling activities with an active GamStop.

There are sites without ID verification that would accept punters with active GamStop. It is best to sign up on such sites to continue enjoying gambling without any restriction.

Get Past Gamstop with Crypto Sites

go around gamstop with crypto sites

Presently, there are a couple of changes that are coming in the gambling industry. One of such is the evolution of crypto sites. Here, players are allowed to carry out cash transactions through bitcoin. With the use of BTC as its main payment option, a punter can bypass GamStop self-exclusion, get past ID verification, and also KYC verification.

Most punters easily fall in love with this method of getting past Gamstop because they don’t have to worry about submitting their ID. Also, these bitcoin online casinos allow them to get past GamStop.

Bypass GamStop Using Shared Account

play when on gamstop with shared account

Another easy way to avoid GamStop is by using a shared account. This method is quite easy to see through. You would need a friend to share his account with you. Interestingly, this has a major advantage. Your friend could stop you from being addicted to gambling. Also, both of you can enjoy gambling together.

Gambling is interesting and fun when it is done over drinks and light food. It releases positive emotions for both parties. Also, check out online casinos that accept credit cards. That would be the best option.

Complete the Self-Exclusion Period

Complete the Period of Self-Exclusion

The most risk-free way to get around GamStop is to get through it. Check how much time is remaining before you can gamble again and let that time elapse. You might want to find some hobbies in the meanwhile or revisit the original purpose of placing yourself in the program. Once you’ve waited out the period, you can simply get in touch with GamStop and ask them to remove your name from the exclusion list. It might take a few days, but once you’re out of GamStop, you will be able to play at any casino normally without using VPNs or any risky manoeuvres.

So, whenever you’re wondering about how to avoid GamStop, it might be prudent to just remember why you signed up in the first place and wait out the time period. The self-exclusion program has its own set of problems, but it has certain advantages as well. It allows you to introspect and reevaluate your priorities. Think long and hard before you go the route of bypassing GamStop and keep the risks of other methods in mind.

Overview of Available Ways Around Gamstop

Features of Ways How to Get Around GamStop
Reviewed Ways Around GamStop9
Proven Options How To Bypass Self-Exclusion5
The Safest & Legal MethodComplete the Self-Exclusion Period
Fastest Method to Avoid GamStopUse VPN
Most Popular Options Among GamStop CustomersSites And VPN
Best Site That Bypass GamStopDonBet Casino

Main Information to Know Before You Bypass GamStop

We’ve talked about the five ways, from the most resilient one to the most risk-free one. But that’s not where the story ends. Nobody can deny the positives of going around GamStop, but there are also some drawbacks and risks. The bottom line is that getting around GamStop must be weighed carefully. Below are the pros and cons:

Positive Sides of Avoiding GamStop

benefits of bypassing GamStop

Some might prefer instant access to their favourite games while others might like the anonymity of these processes. There are several good things about not being restrained by GamStop anymore. These advantages cause people to research on how to beat GamStop and start gambling again.

  • Start Playing Immediately: Playing immediately is one major advantage of gambling with GamStop. There is no slowing down or long procedure. To cancel GamStop earlier gives that edge over other punters. Also, the punter is not going around looking for a casino that is blocked by GamStop.
  • Gamble with New Operators: Here, you get the chance to explore the gambling industry. Most punters are very much limited because they have little knowledge. New casinos not on GamStop and new betting sites not registered with GamStop are interesting to sign up on.
  • Great Pastime: When you get round GamStop, you will definitely have a great pastime. Your gambling experience would be one of a kind. Interestingly, you would want everyone to know about it.
  • Opportunity to Remain Relatively Anonymous: International casinos are not required by any strict regulatory body to hand over data on players. They also compete with each other quite aggressively. So, these casinos have to prioritise hassle-free sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals to win more users. Incidentally, the KYC requirements are low. By using cryptocurrencies you can be even more anonymous.

Negative Sides of Getting Around GamStop

drawbacks of getting around GamStop

Now that we’ve covered all that’s so nice about bypassing GamStop using various means, it’s also important to take a look at the potential disadvantages. There are mainly two disadvantages here.

  • Possibility of Addiction: If you suffer from gambling addiction or financial instability because of gambling, then the idea of bypassing GamStop is only going to make matters worse. This instils a sense of even more craving once you’ve already bypassed GamStop. And more craving never goes well with those worried about their gambling problems. If you could cancel GamStop earlier this wouldn’t be a problem. But bypassing it altogether might also not be the best option.
  • May Cause Financial Debts: When a player has no control over his gaming habit, there is every possibility he would end up in financial debt. Credit card gambling offers punters an easy means of making a cash deposit. Interestingly, credit card gambling could lead to more debt for the punter.
  • Dangerous for Players with Issues: Players who cannot curb their gambling habit would keep creating more issues for themselves when they bypass self-exclusion. It is best for punters to gamble when on GamStop to have some form of restrictions.

How to Behave After Getting Around GamStop

how to behave after bypassing gamstop

Knowing how to behave after getting around GamStop is a crucial consideration. It makes sure that you don’t get into trouble down the line. There are many ways around GamStop but none of them will yield long-term results if you’re not careful after getting around it. Here’s a quick list of things to keep in mind:

  • Evaluate Your Gambling Habits:
    You need to seriously evaluate your gambling habits and their implications on your personal life, social life, and financial situation. If you feel that the best course of action is to play in limits, first find out how you will place those limits or practice bankroll management.
  • Explore Other Self-Exclusion Options:
    Maybe you were put off by the strictness of GamStop. There are other types of self-exclusion programs. You can find a reputable online casino that has all your favourites and a self-exclusion program of its own, for example, which is more flexible. Or, you can go with a more specific program such as Self-Exclusion for exclusion from bookmakers in your area, SENSE for excluding yourself from land-based UK casinos, approaching the Bingo Association to self-exclude yourself from bingo venues and halls, using Bacta to exclude yourself from arcades and gaming centres, and so on.
  • Set Clear Budget Limits:
    Setting a budget isn’t just for your financial well-being, but also for making more profit from your bets and gambling sessions. People who practise good bankroll management tend to not chase losses and never overspend. Over time, this works in their favour, because the house always has the edge. Sensible bankroll management is a viable strategy to overcome that.
  • Choose a Safe Non-GamStop Platform:
    There are many gambling platforms such as online casinos, bingo sites, and sportsbooks (or a combination of two or all of them) that could be your solution. Read up on reviews and make an account. If you stick to such a website, you will be forever outside the purview of all UK-based self-exclusion programs.
  • Seek Help If Necessary:
    If none of the above works, it’s time to seek professional help. You can see remarkable improvements by talking to someone who’s qualified. TalkBanStop, GambleAware, GamCare, etc. are organisations that you can trust. You can talk with someone anonymously, if you wish, and try to come up with a solution.

Get Around Gamstop FAQs

🤔 What Are the Ways Around the Gamstop?

There are several ways around Gamstop. Here we have described six ways around GamStop that do work. Here are the possible ways through which you can go around Gamstop: Bypass self-exclusion with sites not on GamStop, Avoid GamStop with offline Gambling Venues, Get around self-exclusion using VPN, Gamble with GamStop with No Verification Sites, Getting past GamStop with Crypto Sites, ByPass GamStop Using a Shared Account

🤔 What Is The Best Way to Avoiding Self-Exclusion?

There are various ways of avoiding self-exclusion. It is best to select the one you are comfortable with. For instance, if you choose to use crypto sites other than visiting a land-based casino, that’s fine. However, we would suggest using sites not on Gamstop as the best alternative to GamStop. Players can easily sign up and continue gambling.

🤔 Is It Safe Bypassing GamStop Scheme?

There is nothing wrong with bypassing GamStop Scheme. Safety is not an issue. These ways around GamStop are legal and licensed. Besides, punters are only restricted by UKGC licensed sites. Punters in the UK have always sorted out ways around GamStop. The search is continuous because players want to get back in the game.

🤔 Can I Play On UK Brands When On Gamstop?

A punter cannot play on UK brands when on GamStop. UK brands have a UKGC license and are authorized by GamStop to restrict any active self-exclusion player. They work hand in hand. To avoid GamStop, a player would look out for gambling sites not licensed by UKGC.

🤔 How Long Does The Self-Exclusion Period Work?

Self-exclusion works differently. It depends on what a player selects. Ideally, options are between 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. So, when a player selects 6 months, he would be excluded from gambling sites under UKGC for that duration. At the end of this duration, he can reactivate or end it. Preferably, most punters end it.

🤔 What To Do After The Self-Exclusion Period Ends?

Ideally, at the end of a self-exclusion scheme, two options become available to the player. Either he puts an end to the scheme finally, or he decides to reactivate the scheme. However, the choice is up to the player. Most times, players end it. To end the scheme, he would have to contact GamStop and follow the necessary procedures for putting an end to the scheme.


We prepared this guide for informational purposes only. None of these ways are endorsed or tested by us. For example, you can get in trouble even if you use VPN and are not careful. Some steps are more reliable, such as using international casinos to get around self-exclusion but we do not recommend that. The only circumstance under which we advise players to attempt to bypass GamStop before the exclusion has fully elapsed is if registering for GamStop was an impulsive or unintended choice. It’s made abundantly clear that there are only three time frames for GamStop bans and that they cannot be lifted or shortened before you sign up.