How to Remove BetBlocker

how to remove betblocker

1.3 million online gamblers in the UK have problem gambling. This forced the UK government and its regulatory authorities to regulate gambling activities to help problem gamblers.

One measure includes the installation of Betblocker, a free app designed to block access to any gambling site. After installing the app, you set a self-exclusion period, ranging from one day to five years. Unfortunately, some players don’t know how to remove BetBlocker after their self-exclusion period ends.

Other times, some gamblers might change their mind after activating BetBlocker. One trick these players seek online is how to bypass BetBlocker and resume their gambling activities. Is it possible? Learn how to remove the BetBlocker app from your devices.

Main Info to Know Before You Uninstall BetBlocker

Choosing the uninstall option for the BetBlocker app seems like a straightforward process to resume your gambling activities. However, it is important to know that the BetBlocker functions to block your access to gambling sites. Hence, it prevents the buildup of any addictive gambling behaviours. Therefore, when you remove BetBlocker, you’re taking control of your gambling activities. It might lead to financial losses, but you’re in control.

Pros of Bet Blocker Bypassing

Choosing to delete BetBlocker comes with a set of advantages for a gambler looking to resume their gambling entertainment. It means a player regains control of their gambling activities. Here is a look at some benefits gamblers can accrue by bypassing BetBlocker:

  • Regain Control Over Own Decisions:
    The first advantage of bypassing the free app is regaining control over your decisions. This level of freedom makes it easy for gamblers to try out gambling in other online casinos. This is without worrying about getting locked out of accessing an online casino. It creates a sense of ownership over your gambling activities.
  • Access to Harmless Entertainment Options:
    Bypassing the app gives gamblers access to harmless entertainment options. Most users look for other entertainment options available from non GamStop online casinos for Brits that feature more gaming options to explore. This allows such users to stretch their gambling palate without worrying about the self-exclusion program.
  • Avoiding Overly Restrictive Measures:
    GamStop online casinos in the UK have overly restrictive measures that control one’s gameplay. Moreover, more measures of winning caps and verification protocols limit one’s sessions. Therefore, bypassing these restrictive apps gives one total control over their gaming experiences. These non-GamStop casinos provide ease of access to available gaming options.
  • Opportunity to Place Bets:
    These restrictive apps prevent one from accessing gambling sites on their devices and placing bets. A quick bypass opens access to these gambling sites, enabling users to place bets. In addition, these users can easily access various betting options available at sports betting sites not affected by Gamstop and continue their gaming sessions. The betting options are extensive, with unlimited options on each wager.
  • Additional Payment Options are Offered:
    Most GamStop casinos in the UK have limited payment options for users to explore. By bypassing BetBlocker, users can access other payment options, including e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. For example, users can easily access MasterCard online casinos and enjoy the thrills of fast payment processing and no fees charged on payments.

Cons of BetBlocker Removal

Despite the freedom that comes with the BetBlocker app, there are a few limitations a user should be willing to anticipate. When you get rid of BetBlocker, it leaves you at risk of a gambling relapse. Here are a few disadvantages of bypassing this app:

  • Risk of Relapse for Individuals with Gambling Addiction:
    The main disadvantage of uninstalling the app is risking a risk for individuals with gambling addiction. The new freedom to gamble at various casinos might increase their addiction levels, resulting in financial problems, bankruptcy, and a breakdown of close relationships. It is highly tempting to resume your gambling, but it leaves you exposed to becoming a gambling addict.
  • Can Lead to Significant Financial Lossess:
    One of the aftermaths of uncontrolled gambling is financial losses. Problem gamblers tend to increase their screen time at online casinos while trying out their luck with various gaming options. The increased time spent at the online casino means more money spent on wagers. This results in huge financial problems and, even worse, bankruptcy.
  • Contribution to Mental Health Issues:
    Research shows that pathological gambling directly triggers or worsens symptoms of mental health, such as anxiety, depression, obsessions, and personality disorders. Gambling can spiral out of control, similar to alcohol or drugs, if compulsively gambling. Incurring losses or financial problems can trigger one’s depression, risk suicide, or worsen personal relationships.

How to Uninstall BetBlocker: Guide

Uninstalling Betblocker is a tedious process since the software developers understand that most problem gamblers will be tempted to relapse and continue their gambling activities. But what happens when you’re done with your self-exclusion period and still can’t access gambling activities on your devices? Well, we recommend learning how to disable BetBlocker to resume your gaming. Here is a step-by-step guide:

How to Uninstall BetBlocker on Android

Have you decided to uninstall the BetBlocker app on your Android device? Well, it is a simple process on how to bypass Bet Blocker app. Follow these steps to remove the blocker app and regain control and unrestricted access to gambling websites:

  • Open ‘settings’ on your Android device and navigate through the ‘apps’ section or ‘application manager’.
  • Scroll down the list of available apps to find the ‘BetBlocker app’ from installed apps on your device.
  • Long press on the app until the options list pops up, including the ‘uninstall’ or ‘remove’ to start the uninstallation process.
  • Confirm whether you’re sure about proceeding with the uninstallation process with the blocker app.
  • After uninstalling, restart your device to ensure the process occurs. The BetBlocker app has been completely removed, and you can regain your unrestricted access.

How to Remove BetBlocker on Windows

Maybe you’re not an Android user but rely mostly on your laptop or desktop to continue your gambling activities. Well, it’s also possible to remove BetBlocker from PC to regain control of your gambling sessions. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  • Open the control panel on your windows panel. This is where users can easily adjust their computer settings, including user accounts, system and security, ease of access, and installed programs.
  • Navigate to reach the ‘programs’ available on the computer. This contains a list of installed programs on your PC. This includes the option to uninstall a program permanently from your PC.
  • Click on the programs and features with numerous functions, such as viewing installed updates, running programs, turning the Windows feature on, and uninstalling a program from your PC.
  • To uninstall, review the list of installed programs on your PC. Search for the BetBlocker app, right-click, and choose the ‘uninstall’ option from the context menu. Initiate the uninstallation process.
  • After uninstalling the blocker app from your PC, restart your PC. Afterward, check the list of installed programs to see whether the app is completely removed. Resume your gaming sessions without any restrictions.

List of Safe Casinos not on BetBlocker

Other Top Casinos Without BetBlocker

There are casinos on BetBlocker that force users to learn removing BetBlocker for unrestricted access. However, there are top casinos without BetBlocker. These casinos provide unrestricted access to gambling activities for their users. Moreover, they provide an extensive library of games for punters to explore. This is while operating within a regulatory framework for secure and fair play. Here are some of these top casinos:

Additional Ways of Getting Around BetBlocker

Do you still face trouble uninstalling the BetBlocker app? Don’t worry! Based on BetBlocker reviews, many users face a similar issue on their first uninstall. Fortunately, there are several ways to bypass the blocker app and resume your gambling. Here are several ways of getting around BetBlocker to regain your control of your gambling activities:

  • VPN Services:
    Installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one alternative to bypassing the blocker app. A VPN masks your IP address, confuses the blocker app, and counts it as a different device. This technique is present in proxy servers while acting as an intermediary between your device and the gambling site.
  • Use of Fake Data or ID of Your Friends:
    Another way to bypass the app is by entering fake data during registration. Or, you can use your friend’s ID to sign up for a preferred online casino. This option provides temporary access to resume your gambling activities. However, this disregards the terms and conditions of the online casino.
  • Using Sites That Don’t Need Verification:
    The most recommended option to avoid legal or ethical concerns towards responsible gaming is using sites that don’t need verification. A casino site without ID verification gives unrestricted access to any gambler.

Alternative Guides to Uninstalling Self-Exclusion

Do you struggle with uninstalling self-exclusion programs? Well, it is important to note that these programs promote responsible and ethical practices. Therefore, when you uninstall BetBlocker, you know what you’re getting into. Here are some alternative guides on how to get by with uninstalling self-exclusion:

How to Delete BetBlocker: FAQ

🤔 How do I get rid of BetBlocker?

Getting rid of BetBlocker starts with understanding its importance in promoting responsible gambling. Afterward, there are various ways to uninstall the app. First, simply by installing on your Android or Windows devices. Other alternative ways include installing a VPN, using your friends’ ID, or choosing no-verification online casinos for unrestricted access to gaming options.

🤔 How do I delete BetBlocker on Windows?

Deleting the BetBlocker app on Windows starts with accessing the control panel and choosing available programs installed on your PC. Proceed with finding the BetBlocker program, right-click, and select uninstall from the context menu. Restart your PC to complete the uninstallation process.

🤔 Will deleting BetBlocker remove all restrictions immediately?

No. Deleting BetBlocker does not remove all restrictions immediately. The app imposes restrictions by modifying settings and blocking specific sites. Therefore, you must take extra steps to regain access to these gambling sites. Try our additional recommended ways above.

🤔 Can I play at casinos without deleting BetBlocker?

Even though BetBlocker’s mandate is promoting responsible gambling by limiting access to gambling sites, you can still play at certain casinos without deleting BetBlocker. There are certain online casinos not blocked by BetBlocker where users can continue their gaming experience without any restricted control.

🤔 Can I reinstall BetBlocker after deleting it?

Yes. You can easily reinstall BetBlocker after deleting the app. Proceed by re-downloading the application from the official website. After installing it on your device, configure settings to reinstate your preferred restrictions. Remember that after installing, it will limit your access to gambling activities on your devices again.

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