Independent Bingo Sites

independent bingo sites

Many UK players prefer to play bingo on independent operators and there are many reasons why. However, finding the best independent bingo sites may be hard and not something all players would like to do. Luckily for them, we are here and we can help right now. Below you will see all the things you are interested in and get all your answers.

Our team of experts was able to find the best standalone bingo operators and review each one. The most important thing here to know is that we have created accounts at all of these sites and we have played games here. Now we will share all the things you may want to know about each one. Let’s begin.

You can quickly check the best independent bingo operators:

  • Richy Fish Bingo
  • Jimmy Winner Bingo
  • Hawaii Spins Bingo
  • Twister Wins Bingo
  • Scarab Wins Bingo

List of Independent Bingo Sites

What We Check on Independent Bingo Operators For UK Players

how we score independent bingo sites

How we can find independent bingo sites that are worthy of your time? There are not countless of these platforms but there is a decent number available. The secret lies here. We use a system of a few factors that allow us to test and rank a site easily and quickly but still provide all the details you will need.

  • Comprehensive Gaming Sections:
    A casino must offer a great game selection. This is mandatory for all independent online casinos in the UK and therefore it is the first factor we will look at. A site with a few games is not very appealing to players these days.
  • Simple Registration Without KYC:
    Many players like and want to play bingo without verification and we can offer that. We will reveal casinos where you don’t have to create a new account and verify it. You can create one and just play bingo which is great.
  • Availability for UK Users:
    These are usually non-UK registered casinos but they still must be available for UK players. If a casino is not available or better said doesn’t accept players from the United Kingdom, it won’t be on the list.
  • Accept All Players:
    These are bingo sites with no GamStop and it is another, very important factor. What it means is that a player who has active self-exclusion at GamStop must be able to play games here and enjoy bingo without any limitations.

Best Independent Online Bingo Operators

best standalone online bingo sites

If you want to get a detailed answer in no time you will want to continue reading. Below we can see sites that allow you to play bingo online and have fun but there are no countless rules, limitations, or anything similar that may have a negative effect. We have tested all of these and we played great bingo. Now you can learn how to do the same thing as well. These are the best sites to find standalone online bingo:

Richy Fish Bingo

Richy Fish is an independent online bingo platform where you can find all sorts of these games. The site is not linked to UKGC, GamStop, or anything similar. But, they still offer a lot of great games which is something that we all like and you will like as well.

There are a lot of great promotions available and you can claim most of them. In addition, you can have fun enjoying other gambling options. Payment methods are secure, fast, and offer instant transactions. There is no need to add that the UI is great.

Jimmy Winner Bingo

Jimmy Winner is a standalone bingo site where you have tons of options. You can play all variations of bingo you like and you don’t have to worry about UK restrictions or any similar limitations. The casino will accept all UK players right now and allow them to play all casino games.

Payments are instant which is mandatory in 2022. The UI is modern and appealing. Yes, you can play games using a smartphone. There is no app so you can use a web browser you like. The site is modern and based on the latest technology.

Hawaii Spins Bingo

Hawaii Spins offers independent bingo for UK users and it is a completely independent site of this kind. This is a good thing and you can play games here if you want to skip UKGC rules and limits.

The site does offer some of the best bonuses you can find these days, which is impressive. We also like the fact that the site offers the best payment methods and offers instant transactions. Mobile gambling is supported.

Twister Wins Bingo

Twister Wins is an independent bingo website that allows UK players to play even if they have active self-exclusion at GamStop. At the same time, we can see that the casino is massive and comes paired with all major features, elements and so much more you will want to explore.

The casino has great customer support which is something we like. The UI is modern and appealing to use and it is another advantage. But, the site is loaded with games so you can literally find any game you like and play it today.

Scarab Wins Bingo

If you want to play standalone online bingo games make sure to check Scarab Wins. Scarab Wins site is loaded with games but it doesn’t even follow UKGC rules and it is not part of the local self-exclusion program. The site is also paired with some of the most impressive bonuses you can find.

Other games are available if you are wondering. Then we can see that multiple payment methods are available also. The casino supports mobile gambling and has been known for superb customer support and an overall list of features.

Other Good Standalone Bingo Operators

popular independent bingo sites

When it comes to standalone bingo for British players sites you have additional options as well. These ones are all safe and fair which is great and it is a clear advantage compared to other sites. The bingo sites are properly tested and each one offers you a lot of bonuses, deals and a lot more you can claim and you will want to claim.

How To Choose an Independent Bingo Site

how to select an independent bingo website

How you can find a site where you can play bingo of this kind and have fun? The answer is to look at the things we will reveal below. We also check for the same things when we are playing at a site and when we want to find one that players will have a great time at. Look at these if you want to find the best standalone bingo halls.

Find Reputable Standalone Bingo Operator

Find an operator that is reputable and that has been linked to a lot of positive reviews and comments online. When you find one, you will see that players have a great time playing bingo there and they are regular players. At the same time, this means that the site is safe and offers fair games. The operator will not do anything to jeopardize the reputability they have already.

We have tested all the sites that offer just this and now we have recommended them to you. This means that you can find a site of this kind in no time and start your gambling session and have fun.

Read Customer Reviews

The best thing you can do is also to check reviews of players who have been gambling at the site where you want to gamble. By using this tip, you can find out all about the advantages, and possible issues and also see what your gambling sessions will look like.

Always check as many reviews as possible. Yes, the alternative is to use our reviews. They can help as well. You won’t gamble at a site that has only negative reviews and it is another way to find out about the safety of the site.

Find Best Offers

Always check for available bonuses and promotions. The goal here is to find deals that will give you more money to play games with. If you do this, you will have more funds hence you can play longer. This simply means that you can win more.

Look at no deposit bonuses, bonus match deposits, and also daily or weekly deals. These are the most common offers at online gambling sites and you can find them all the time. Try to claim as many of them as you can.

Register And Claim The Offer

The next thing to do is to create the account and claim the offer you like. This is a simple task and you will need a few minutes only. Once you are ready, make sure to check other bonuses and promotions you find interesting. If you made the right choice you will have a lot of them available all the time and you can claim as many of them as you like.

These days you can use a smartphone to do that. Gambling via smartphone does have some advantages. It is important to add that most sites will support all devices you can think of so there are no issues here.

Independent Bingo Sites FAQs

Are there any independent bingo sites?

Yes, there are a lot of them and we have reviewed and tested the best ones. Now is your time to find the one that you like and create an account there. Consider these sites first due to the fact they are very popular and they come with great offers. They are fair and safe sites to gamble at as well.

Where to find independent online bingo available for UK players?

The best place to get your answer is right here. We have personally tested all of these sites and platforms so you can create an account at the one that matches your needs the most. At the same time, we guarantee you the safety you will get here and you don’t have to worry anything about fairness. It is guaranteed as well.

What is the best independent bingo operator?

The best one is Richy Fish. We say this due to the fact the platform is loaded with games and bonuses. You can find and claim all of them instantly and you can have a lot of fun. At the same time, this platform has some of the best reputability scores we were able to find.

Are independent bingo websites safe?

Yes, if you choose a reputable site like the one from the list above you don’t have to worry about safety and fairness. The site would be fair and it will make sure you are able to withdraw your winnings when you like. There is no need to be sceptical. These sites have millions of daily users.

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