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independent slot sites in the uk

Online slots are the most entertaining game and many British users play on standalone slot sites as they can offer even more. They can offer much better bonuses for instance. Some sites will even provide no deposit bonus on a particular slot. This is just a small part of what makes independent slot sites so appealing.

Now you probably want to play independent online slots and have fun here. If the answer is yes, you are on the right page. Our team has been testing and reviewing these casinos for the past month and not the time is right to see the outcome.

You can find the best independent online slots available in the UK here:

  • Bonus Strike
  • Jammy Jack
  • Twinky Win
  • Papaya Wins
  • Koi Spins

List of Independent Slots In The UK

What We Check on Standalone Slot Websites

what we check in independent slot sites

There are a lot standalone online slots and independent websites where you can play them. But, we need a simple system that works well and players can use it within minutes to test sites and rank them. We have been using the same thing for a long time and it works well. So, if you want to know about these factors, continue reading.

  • Casino Games From Independent Providers:
    These are standalone casinos for UK users and as such we want to see one thing available at all of them. We like to see independent providers that can offer amazing bonuses and deals that players will want to claim as soon as possible.
  • Latest Slot Games:
    There is no need to add that these sites must offer new independent online slots as well. You will want to play the latest game and you will want to do that as soon as it is released.
  • Excellent Promotions:
    As always, we will look at all the promotions available at the casino and we will try to rank sites that have the best ones. The goal is that player gets free spins, find independent casinos with no deposit bonus, and a welcome match deposit. If all three are available, great!

Best Independent Slot Operators

top independent slot operators

If you are still looking for independent sites where you can play amazing slots this section is just ideal for you. We will reveal all the casinos or better said operators that have been offering the ultimate slot collections for a long time. These casinos were tested by our team. What this means is that they are offering impressive deals and they passed the tests so they are on the list. Here are the best independent slots for British users:

Bonus Strike Slots

It is an independent slots site like no other. You don’t have to worry about UKGC, GamStop or anything similar. This also means that the limits of these organizations are not available at this casino. In other terms, this means that players get the ultimate freedom for playing slots and other games as well.

Bonus Strike site is loaded with all sorts of games as you can assume. Then we can see that promotions are regularly added to all players and these are some of the most impressive deals you can get. We like the fact you can use a mobile phone to gamble here as well. There is no app so use a web browser instead.

Jammy Jack Slots

Jammy Jack is a standalone online slots operator on the web you will like. It offers independent deals and bonuses and doesn’t obey the rules set by countless organizations and gambling authorities. Nevertheless, the site is safer and offers fair games only.

Countless deals are available here and new ones are added as we speak. Games are versatile as well. You can find almost any slot you want to play and the one developed by any software developer you have in your mind.

Twinky Win Slots

Twinky Win is another standalone slots operator that you will appreciate. First of all, the site doesn’t have self-exclusion support. They do not obey UKGC limitations and there are no annoying rules that some players really don’t like.

Games come in huge sections and you can easily find the one you like. All rare and common slots are available here. Yes, other games are available at the casino. We must add that mobile gambling is smooth and most games will run just fine on any Android or iOS.

Papaya Wins Slots

Papaya Wins is an independent slots website that doesn’t have a UKGC license but accepts players from the United Kingdom. There are no limits associated with the aforementioned gambling authority so you are getting the ultimate level of freedom to play and have fun.

The casino is massive in size and offers all types of casino games. Slots are the most versatile and you would need days to explore all of them. Other games are impressive as well. Some of the best deals are available here and you can claim multiple ones, with a bit of luck. Don’t forget that you can use credit cards and other methods to fund your account at the casino.

Koi Spins Slots

Koi Spins is an independent slots site in the UK operator that has been known for offering the ultimate level of freedom to players who want to have a great time. The site is not linked with UKGC and other British programs which is nice. You have the ability o find all sorts of slots even the ones that are not available at UKGC sites.

Countless deals are available here as you can expect. Players can use any device to play a game or two. Customer support is excellent. They are always available and they are really helpful.

Good Standalone Slots Operators

popular independent slots sites

If you want to know all about independent slots in the UK that deserve your time and effort you can check the ones below. These are all fair sites for gamblers from the UK who want to have fun and enjoy. They don’t obey UKGC rules which makes them impressive and appealing for lack of a better word.

How To Pick Independent Slots Website

how to choose a website for independent slots

If you want to find sites that offer great slots but not follow the rules and directions of UKGC you will need to know something more about these factors from below. These have a huge role in you, choosing the best site and placing your first bet in a safe and appealing manner. Here is how you can choose proper independent slots.

  • Choose Credible Independent Slots Provider:

    The first thing you will have to do is to choose a provider that is independent but also credible. What this means is that you will play games at a casino that is safe and offers fair games to all players. You can win big time and you can withdraw the winnings. All the sites that we have listed above are credible so they won’t do anything bad to lose that credibility.

    This is mandatory and the first thing that you will need to do. Only after you have found a casino of this kind you will want to proceed. It truly can make a difference and that difference is massive.

  • Read the Terms And Conditions:

    Always read the terms and conditions at the casino. There you will see players from the UK supported, which rules you must meet and so much more. In addition, you will want to read the terms and conditions for bonuses. This is a separate page and the one you will want to read as soon as possible.

    Each casino is different hence there is no way we can generalize the matter. You will need to read these pages in order to understand what you can expect and what your gambling will look like.

  • Find the Best Promotion Offer:

    A great bonus can make a difference and it is something that you will like to use. It means that you will get a lot of free money or free spins in this case and you will see low wagering requirements. With an offer like this, you can maximize your winnings.

    Take a look at all the offers that the casino has to offer. Some casinos will have a whole page loaded with bonuses so you can claim more bonuses and you can truly maximize your winnings.

  • Sign-Up and Receive Your Bonus:

    The next step is to create a new account. You will need to provide an accurate date and you may have to verify your account. Some casinos will ask this while others will not. One way or another, it is a great and simple process.

    Keep in mind that you will need to claim the bonus if you want free spins or a match deposit offer. To do that, pay attention while depositing funds or while creating the account. No deposit bonuses are given before you deposit funds.

Independent Slot Sites FAQs

What are independent slot sites?

These are casinos or gambling sites that don’t have a UKGC licence and as such, they don’t need to follow their rules or promote their ideas. For instance, these sites do not support GamStop. Casinos of this kind are common and they are very appealing. They offer a great level of freedom, something you will want to enjoy.

Where to find independent online slots for UK players?

Yes, you can use Google and you will find some examples. But, the best place s right here. We have tested the casinos and we will provide you with all the details and information you need to know. At the same time, you will see what you will get while playing the game and how it will affect your gambling sessions.

What is the best independent slots site?

The best one is Jammy Jack and this is a casino that has it all. You will get the ability to play countless slots developed by all software developers and you can get amazing deals and bonuses.

Are independent slots safe for UK players?

Yes, these are safe and you don’t have to worry about anything. We can add that these are still safe and offer fair games only so you don’t have to worry about anything. As always, it is important to choose a reputable and well-known operator where you will be able to play great games and win and be able to get those winnings.

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