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Prefer to play on casino operators outside the United Kingdom? In this guide, we will help you by revealing all the main things about non UK casino sites, what they offer and which ones deserve your attention. Many UK gamblers seek this option at the moment and these casinos are extremely popular due to that reason.

Non UK licensed casinos come in many options. We were able to find and test the most appealing alternatives and now we will present you with the main options. It is mandatory to play at reputable international online casinos so our team had this factor as the main one. Each one was properly tested and reviewed accordingly.

Here are the best non UK casinos that accept British players:

List of Non UK Online Casinos

How We Rate Non UK Licensed Casinos

how we rate casinos not licenced in the uk

It is relatively easy to find casinos without UK license. As stated in the beginning, they are common and popular. But, we needed a system on which we can rank these sites. That’s why our team developed a simple, yet highly effective set of rules that will be implemented on all casino sites on our list.

  • Don’t Fall Under UKGC:
    These are non UKGC casino operators so they must not have licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Authority. This is the first and the most important factor we use. Keep in mind that they must have a permit!
  • No GamStop Exclusion:
    UK players are looking for these casinos in order to avoid GamStop. As such, they must be casinos without GamStop support. This allows you to play games despite your self-exclusion scheme.
  • Excellent Slot Section:
    There is no need to tell you that slots are extremely popular among UK players. These sites must have an impressive collection of non UK online slots among other games in order to be on our list.
  • All Popular Sports Covered:
    Those of you looking for non-UK bookmakers will like these websites as well. They should offer impressive betting options for all popular sports. Gamblers like to bet in some cases.

Best Online Casinos Outside The UK

best non-uk casino sites

Here we have the main section and the one you will probably want to read right now. After days of searching, testing, and reviewing, we are able to present you with the ultimate list of casinos that are not related to the UKGC, but are still reputable, safe, and should be visited. Each one is different, making it suitable for different types of gamblers. Here you can check the following online casinos not in UK:

  • CasiRoom Casino
  • Lucky Manor Casino
  • CasiGood Casino
  • Win Diggers Casino
  • Mister X Casino
  • BetOnline Casino

Casiroom Casino

Casiroom Casino has been the best non UK online casino and the one that attracts millions of gamblers from the country on a regular basis. They do not have a UKGC licence and don’t need to follow complicated and in some cases annoying rules set by this gambling authority.

CasiRoom casino has slots, table games, live dealer games, and also additional games available. Tournaments and slots are included also. The list of software developers is one of the best in the gambling industry. Offers are extremely high and available on a regular basis. All you need to do is to collect the promotions and play games. They do promote responsible gaming and share links to helpful platforms.

Lucky Manor Casino

Lucky Manor Casino is the best casino site without UK licence for many players. They do not cooperate with the UKGC or follow their requirements. This means that a player can have more freedom of playing games here. There is no complicated or annoying set of rules that usually have a negative effect on gambling.

The games available include slots, table games, live games, and many more. Tournaments and lotteries are offered so you can check these as well. All major software developers are supported. In addition, promotions are offered for most games and they are very appealing. The site uses a modern and easy to use user interface.

CasiGood Casino

Here we have one of the most advanced casinos on the list. CasiGood is modern and based on the latest technology. It is easy to navigate and all major options are supported. This has been a popular non UK slot site that offers great games and some of the best software developers. In essence, they do not have links with any of gambling authorities from the United Kingdom.

Betting and gambling options are offered. You can enjoy slots, live dealer games, or similar options. Sport and live betting are available as well. Zeppelin option is available here and it is used by many players on a daily basis. Keep in mind that promotions are massive and probably some of the best you can get today.

Win Diggers Casino

Win Diggers Casino is a non UK regulated casino. Thanks to this, gamblers can make deposits using their credit cards. This isn’t something you can do at UK casinos. They are not limited by UK regulations and offer their games to all players from this country and the rest of the world.

Games available are provided by software developers. The list of available options s extremely long and you can even find some rare and forgotten names. In a nutshell, games available include slots, live games, lotteries, tournaments and so much more. There are plenty of options and many of the games are paired with high bonuses available on a regular basis.

Mister X Casino

Here we have a casino that doesn’t support GamStop nor works with UKGC. It is completely independent and available for all players from the United Kingdom. The site is modern, safe and reputable.

This, non UK based online casino offers slots, casino games in general, lotteries and tournaments. Some of the best live dealer games are available. Playing can be done using any internet-capable device which is a great advantage for smartphone players. Yes, promotions are always available. Just pick the one you like and use it.

Other Non-UK Casinos Accepting UK Players

popular non-uk casino sites

Above you were able to see the best casinos that met our requirements. But, the actual list is much longer. There are so many non UK regulated online casinos that we don’t have the space to mention all of them in one section. Below you can see additional options that are worthy, reputable, and do deserve your full attention.

Overview of Non UK Licensed Casinos

Casino Sites Outside the UK: General Information
Reviewed Non UK Casinos130+
Listed Online Casinos Without UK Licence78+
Best Non-UK Online CasinoDonBet Casino
Featured No UK Licensed Casino WebsiteRichy Leo Casino
Newest Non UK Casino SiteJokaBet Casino

If you are looking for non UK casino sites you need to know one thing. They come with pros and cons. Yes, advantages are much better and more important, but you still need to know few drawbacks so you can form a proper image in your head. Here we will discuss both, pros and cons and reveal all of the main ones.

Advantages of Non UK Casino Operators

pros of online casinos outside the uk

All non UK casino accepting UK players come with 4 main advantages that we like a lot and believe have a huge effect on gambling among UK players. The sits are popular precisely due to these points.

  • Don’t Need Verification:
    These are casino sites without ID verification so you can play without an annoying process of verifying the account or having to worry about anything similar. Some have simple while some don’t have any verification at all.
  • Not GamStop Partners:
    Are you looking for ways how to get around GamStop? If the answer is yes, then these casinos are the best method to achieve that. They do not cooperate with GamStop so you can gamble despite your self-exclusion, period.
  • Accept Credit Card Deposits:
    Some of you know that credit card online casinos are popular. UK sites do not offer this ability anymore. Luckily these casinos do. You can use any credit card to fund the account and withdraw your winnings.
  • Licensed By Offshore Authorities:
    Some refer to these casinos as offshore casino websites due to the fact they have a license obtained from offshore regulators such as Curacao, Gibraltar, and a few more. This means gamblers have rights and they can enjoy fair gambling.
  • Exclusive Bonus Systems:
    Many casinos that are based outside the United Kingdom can offer some promotions that you do not find in other places. Many players choose online casinos without wagering requirements because there you do not need to spend hours trying to wager out your promotion before the withdrawal.

Disadvantages of Online Casinos Without UK Licence

cons of online casinos not licensed in the uk

When we take a deep look at the non UK registered casinos, we can see a few drawbacks. There are 3 of them that are important and should be discussed here. After this, you will get a much better idea of what to expect.

  • Not Cooperate With GamCare:
    These are casino websites not covered by GamCare or any similar platform. They do promote responsible gambling but do not accept blocking or self-exclusion systems. Their games are always available for players.
  • No Local Licences:
    These casinos are known as Curacao online casino operators meaning they have licence from this gambling authority. They are still safe but famous UKGC isn’t available in this case scenario.
  • Don’t Have Unified Exclusion Mechanism:
    Reversing GamStop program is simple and easy at these websites. On the other hand, they do not have a universal exclusion system. Some do have systems of this kind, others promote some but there is no one platform like GamStop that covers all the casinos.

Types of Non UK Online Casino Games

non uk online casino game types

What type of games you can play at casinos outside the United Kingdom? The answer is a lot of different types. In the lack of a better word, you can play all standard popular and even less-known games that are available at any casino in the UK and in other parts of the globe. You definitely have plenty of options. Available games include:

  • Non-UK Slot Games
  • Non-UK Poker Games
  • Non-UK Bingo Games

Alternatives to Non UK Casino Sites

non uk casino site alternatives

Non-UK regulated online casinos do come in many options. There are 4 of the main alternatives players can use at any given moment. These are still safe and fair sites to gamble, but they do not cooperate with UK authorities or gambling commissions. Gamblers can try new sites and enjoy different forms of gambling which is always a nice thing. You can check out the main alternatives below.

Non-UK Online Casinos FAQs

🤔 What are non UK online casinos?

These are regular casinos or websites for gambling that work in the same way as any other casino. But the only difference is the lack of a UKGC licence. It is important to add that they do have a proper permit usually obtained from Curacao. This makes the casinos safe and fair gambling establishments.

🤔 Can I deposit with GBP at casinos outside the UK?

Yes and no. This will depend on the casino where you are gambling. Most sites do accept this currency for deposits and withdrawals, while some accept it only for deposits. Don’t forget that many casinos are adding GBR as a supported currency as we speak, so we believe in the near future more sites will support it completely.

🤔 Is it possible to join non UK casinos for UK players?

Yes, you can create an account at this casino, play games deposit funds as many times as you like, and withdraw your profit when ready. They do accept all UK players and there are no additional steps or anything similar you need to worry about. Many sites don’t even require verification from players.

🤔 What is the best non-UK based casino operator?

There are so many options that recommending the best casino of this kind is extremely difficult. It depends on what you want to play and what you need from a casino. Anyway, for this purpose, we would like to recommend the Million Vegas Casino. It is loaded with games, offers stunning promotions and so much more, all available right now.

🤔 Are non UK online casinos safe?

It is important to add that you need to gamble at a reputable casino. It means that the site will have a permit to use fair games and also offer customer support. These casinos do have their games tested on a regular basis so there are no issues present. Your information will be encrypted so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to them.

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