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non ukgc casinos

Want to find a credible casino site without a UKGC licence? These are non-UKGC casino sites meaning they do not have a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. But, they do offer better perks which is one of many reasons why so many UK players like to play games here. In this guide, we will help you find the best ones.

When looking for casino sites outside the UK, it is important to pay attention to reputable sites that are safe and fair to gamble at. Our team was able to find many online casinos without a UKGC licence that is precisely like this and still offer fewer restrictions and more perks than any UK gambling website.

The best choice among non UKGC casino operators:

List of Casino Sites Without UKGC Licence

Things We Check Reviewing Non-UKGC Casino Websites

In order to find and test the best casinos not licensed by UKGC, we needed a system that works perfectly. We had to create one. It is based on factors that we believe the most important are and as such we apply these to all casinos. There are 3 of them and each one is equally important. The goal is to find the most appealing sites.

  • Allow Even GamStop Users:
    UKGC-licensed casinos not on GamStop have one major advantage. They allow players who use the GamStop platform to gamble. These websites are not members of the organization and as such, they do not have to meet their restrictions.
  • Based Outside The United Kingdom:
    A site must be independent online casinos for UK players that are located outside the country and don’t have nor can have a UKGC licence. This is one of the main advantages and one of the main reasons why so many British players prefer these casinos.
  • Offer Excellent Gaming Sections:
    As a player, you will need the ability to play amazing online games not with GamStop. More games mean more options and a better, overall gambling experience. Players need slots, table casino games, live games and so much more.

Best Non-UKGC Online Casinos

Below you can see 5 online casinos that met all our requirements that are perfectly safe and fair to use. You will probably recognize a few of the names due to the fact they are very popular these days and millions of UK players plays here. They have been properly tested and each one is reviewed by experts. These are the best casino sites outside the UKGC authority:

Very Well Casino

Very Well Casino is a stunning non-UKGC casino site that has been accepting all British players without questions asked. All you need to do is create the account and all games and not of the UKGC restrictions are available. The site doesn’t have a UK permit and it won’t acquire one in the near future.

Games you can play here are impressive as well. You have a long list of popular software developers. All names you can imagine are present. Game types are live dealer games casino table games, slots, tournaments, and lotteries. High and appealing bonuses are offered on a daily basis.

Magic Reels Casino

Magic Reels Casino is another, online casino not licensed by Gambling Commission that caught our attention. First and foremost, it is located outside the United Kingdom and doesn’t follow restrictions from this country. They do not cooperate with blocking platforms either.

The casino has a nice selection of games where all major types are supported. Add a few excellent bonuses and you get an idea of why we liked this place so much. Some of the best slots are available, as you may know already. In addition, both, lotteries and tournaments are available 24/7.

Win Diggers Casino

Here is an obvious fact. This is non-UKGC online casino that has been accepting all UK players without a single issue. There are no additional steps or any complications. Once you register, all the games and offers are available to you instantly. Here you can deposit and withdraw funds using credit cards, which isn’t possible at UK casinos.

The bonuses are stunning and versatile. Some of the best offers can be found here right now. The games are even better. There are a lot of them, all software developers are cooperating with the casino and players can enjoy all popular categories such as slots, live dealer games, casino table games, tournaments, and lotteries.

WG Casino

WG Casino is an interesting alternative. This casino site without a British Commission licence has been very desirable among players who want to avoid UKGC rules and complications. There is no support for GamStop either, which can be an advantage.

The bonuses and games are both available in high numbers. All known titles are present and all categories are available. Some examples include slots and live dealer games. But, you can play lotteries or tournaments as well. Some of the best tournaments are hosted here almost on a daily basis. As a user, you have a full set of rights and you have all the perks a casino of this type will offer.

Agent NoWager Casino

Here is a non UKGC licensed casino that is a bit more versatile. Agent NoWager accepts all UK players and do not have links to the GamStop or any other mechanism. They do not cooperate with UKGC and don’t have to meet their requirements either. These are all advantages at the moment due to the annoying and complex restrictions this gambling authority has.

All possible games are offered at the casino. As a gambler, you can play casino games. These include slots, table game, card games, live casino options, and mini-games. Sports betting and esports are available also. Tournaments and lotteries are offered. Bonus is high, always available and they come in high numbers so all UK Players can choose the one they like the most.

Other Popular Non UKGC Licensed Casinos

One of the best things here is the fact there are a lot of casino sites without UKGC licence that will accept UK players without any additional step or anything similar. We were able to find a lot more of them and here are the additional sites that are stunning, safe, and reputable. You can check them as well in order to find a casino that meets your requirements perfectly.

Overview of Casino Sites Outside the UKGC

Non-UKGC Licensed Casinos: General Information
Number of Non UKGC Casinos110+
Listed Casinos Outside UKGC24+
Best Casino Site Without UKGC LicenceMaximum Casino
Featured Non UKGC Online CasinoRed Lion Casino

There are a lot of things you need to know about non UKGC casino operators. These are excellent casinos that have a lot to offer, but they are not perfect. To help you understand these sites better, we have come up with pros and cons. Basically, these are advantages and drawbacks that can be seen at most casinos.

Benefits of Casinos Not Registered in UKGC

pros of casinos without ukgc licence

We have mentioned that no UKGC casino sites come with some benefits. In this section, we are going to discuss these benefits in the detail and explain each one. Thanks to it, you can get a better idea about the sites and what to expect here.

  • Many Proven Overseas Operators:
    There are many, almost countless offshore casino sites that are special, different, and safe. What this means is that a player has the ability to play games on any website he likes and enjoy gambling without restrictions. It also means you can use more bonuses.
  • No GamStop Self-Exclusion:
    These are casinos outside GamStop meaning that you can gamble despite your GamStop self-exclusion. There are no additional steps or any issues to worry about. You can register as you would normally and play.
  • Instant Verification Process:
    Many of these are casino sites that don’t need verification or at least they have a simple and fast process. You will need a few minutes of your time to complete the process and you can deposit funds, play games immediately after that.
  • Many New Operators:
    We can see new casino websites not registered with GamStop appearing on the web on a daily basis. This is an advantage. Gamblers get more options to choose from, the ability to play new and rare games, and also to activate more promotions that are very high.
  • Still, Accept Credit Cards:
    There are UK online casinos that accept credit cards! This is due to UKGC regulations. However, sites without this licence can still accept all types of credit and debit cards. You can use this payment option for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Many Excellent Slot Machines:
    At any of these casinos, you can play the best online slots not on gamstop UK and there are thousands of them. You can find rare games or play a well-known title on any device you like. New games are added on a daily basis so you have even more options each week.

Drawbacks of UKGC Free Casino Sites

cons of non ukgc casino operators

Most if not all non-UKGC online casinos do come with 4 drawbacks. These are not major and they are overseen by most players, but they still need to be mentioned and explained properly. You should get a complete picture of this gambling option.

  • No GamCare Cooperation:
    There is no need to tell you that these sites are casino websites without GamCare! This means that GamCare cannot be used and it doesn’t affect these casinos. Some may have an alternative system but most do not have it.
  • Not Recommended For Problem Gamers:
    Now when you know how to remove GamStop, you need to memorize that these casinos are not ideal for gamblers with gambling addiction or other problems. They cannot be easily blocked and they do not use other platforms of the same or similar type.
  • PayPal Isn’t Available:
    There are no PayPal casino sites without GamStop support. What this means is that you cannot use this payment option at these casinos. You will need to use an alternative method. PayPal cooperates with UKGC and it is available at sites with this licence.
  • Only a Few Great Live Casinos:
    Live dealer casinos not with GamStop are still limited. There are no many of them and the games available are usually basic and come in small numbers. We believe this is going to change any time soon.

Types of Non-UKGC Casinos For UK Players

In general, you can choose between 3 different types of UKGC-free casino sites. These are categorized according to the licence they have or the one they don’t have. Obviously, they must not have a UKGC permit, but they must have a licence from another gambling authority in order to be reputable and safe.

Non-UKGC Casino Websites FAQs

🤔 What are non UKGC casino sites?

These are online casinos that do not have a UKGC licence. Each online site for gambling must have a permit from the gambling authority which guarantees safety and fairness to the players. UKGC is one of the biggest and most important for UK players but also comes with countless restrictions and issues. MGA and Curacao licences and more preferable in his case scenario.

🤔 Can UK players play at casinos without a UKGC licence?

Yes, all UK players can play games here without any complications. You do not need additional steps or processes to be able to gamble at one of these casinos. They are legal gambling establishments, they have a licence and they are located on the web, not in the United Kingdom. You can get an even better experience than when gambling at UK casinos.

🤔 What is the best non UKGC online casino?

There are a lot of options. Then, finding the best casino depends on the games you want to play and the bonuses you want to activate. As such, the answer is complicated. For this purpose, we would like to recommend Magic Reels casino. Here you can play all the games you like and enjoy appealing bonuses, among many other parks.

🤔 Are casinos not licensed by UKGC safe?

Yes, these casinos are safe. As we have mentioned, they come with a proper licence, they use SSL encryption and other safety systems. It is important to choose a reputable casino for your gambling sessions and you will be perfectly fine and safe at all times. All casinos on our list are safe and reputable.

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