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visa betting sites

No matter how many new payment methods roll out and become trending, Visa sports betting is always going to be our go-to choice. According to our analyses, Visa betting sites are superior because of the perks they bring to the table. They offer flexible payouts and deposits, have high withdrawal limits, and are typically considered the safest payment method for online gambling.

It’s also likely due to the fact Visa bookmakers still form the vast majority of the market. Lots of British brands now feature exotic (read modern) payment methods, but still feature the all-time favourites in Visa and Mastercard debit cards. However, if you’re looking for betting sites that accept credit cards in the UK, you’ll have to look for offshore brands. Why? Because the UKGC strictly prohibits their use on domestic sites.

List of Visa Sports Betting Sites

How We Rate Visa Bookmakers

Without knowing how we rank the bookmakers, you wouldn’t be able to gauge just how good our choices are. As always, we’ve used a handful of characteristics which, objectively speaking, play the biggest role in the overall user experience.

Reputation, payment characteristics, fees, and limits – these are just some of the key factors we’ve taken into consideration when evaluating Visa payments. So, if you’re interested in Visa betting, this section is worth checking out. Let’s roll!

  • Reputation and Trustworthiness of Visa Bookmakers
    Visa is a serious banking brand. As serious as they come! That said, it’s typically available only on reputable and trustworthy bookmakers. You can’t find Visa payment options on shady casino operators simply because they can’t obtain a legit Visa and MasterCard payment processor.
  • Speed of Withdrawing & Depositing
    The second factor we check is the transaction speed. Not just the speed, but additional characteristics too, including active security systems and encryption. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal speed, all featured casino operators like CosmoBet and MyStake process Visa deposits instantly. Visa isn’t known for being the fastest payment method, but the aforementioned brands ensure fast transactions, to and from the platform.
  • Accessibility to Every Player Worldwide
    Let’s not forget about accessibility and availability. We can’t forget about this factor since it’s one of the biggest aces up Visa’s sleeve. Visa isn’t just the primary banking method for Brits. It’s available across the globe. More precisely, it’s available in more than 200 countries worldwide and hundreds of non GamStop betting sites out there. That’s what makes it so popular and that’s what keeps driving its use on British gambling platforms.
  • Any Fees or Charges Associated
    While we were making our list of the top Visa betting sites, we heavily penalised sites that typically charge fees. According to our tests, they aren’t that common. In fact, they take up a minuscule portion of the market. Still, we feel it’s important to let our readers know that these sites exist.
  • Limits Imposed to Transactions
    In our experience, limits on gambling sites typically relate to deposit limits, payout limits, and limits tied to users’ locations! It’s not that big of a deal if there’s a weekly limit of $10,000 and $50,000 per month. For example, MyStake has a 15,000€ limit per month and 7,500€ limit per week. However, if we’re talking about much lower limits, such as $1,000 per week, then we’re just not okay with it. We prefer no limit bookmakers, obviously. But, they’re not that common nowadays.

Best Visa Betting Sites

What makes these the best Visa betting site brands right now? A combination of factors. First and foremost, these brands have legit gambling licences and accept Visa payments from UK residents. Additionally, they all have a splendid selection of sports betting markets, fast payouts, and generally provide a smooth sports betting experience, be it on desktop or mobile phones. So, if you like these key characteristics, here’s an overview of our favourites:

Betting Site Payment Options Payout Time Events to Bet On
CosmoBet Sportsbook Mastercard Few business days Champions League, World Cup, EUROs, CS Majors
MyStake Sportsbook Mastercard, Discover, Diners 1 to 3 days NBA, Premier League, NHL
Velobet Sportsbook Mastercard Up to 72 hours CS Majors, Dota 2 Internationals, World Cup, EUROs
FreshBet Sportsbook Mastercard Within 3 days Champions League, Europa League, NBA, NHL, NFL
Royal Lama Sportsbook Mastercard 24 to 36 hours World Cups, EUROs, CS Majors, LoL Worlds

Other Betting Sites That Accept Visa Debit Cards

Let’s hop onto the alternatives. They are, according to our research, the best Visa credit card betting sites out there. There are several outstanding alternatives that could pique your interest. Here are the brands we’re referring to:

General Overview of Visa Bookies

How does a Visa bookmaker differ from any other non-Visa bookmaker out there? Are there any notable differences between the two, other than the obvious lack of Visa support? Visa bookmakers have several benefits as well as a couple of delicate drawbacks too. It’s best if we showcase the info via the good old pros & cons method.

Benefits of Using Betting Sites that Use Visa

Let’s check out the benefits of using sports betting with Visa, before moving on to some of the biggest drawbacks. As mentioned earlier, there are important factors to consider on both sides. Let’s start off with the positives!

  • One of the Most Widely Accepted Payment Methods: When it comes to availability, no other payment method comes close to Visa. It’s available on most worldwide betting sites, which means you can use it no matter what bookie (or how many bookies) you’re using. Even though it might not seem like that big of a deal at first, Visa’s availability is what keeps it at the top of the popularity charts.
  • Visa Card Deposits Are Usually Instant: One of the best virtues of Visa cards is the instant deposit feature. It only takes a few seconds from the moment you authorise the transaction to the moment the funds are available in your gambling account. This is not just a Visa thing, though, other card brands (f.e. Mastercard) offer the same.
  • Many Visa Cards Offer Cashback Rewards: Another fairly important factor is Visa Cashback Rewards. They’re not available for every single Visa card out there. Luckily, a fair number offer simple cashback rewards. If you’re interested in a system like this one, we recommend you explore all types of Visa cards you can get your hands on.
  • Dependable Method with a Solid History: Folks who are looking for the most reputable payment method won’t find anything that comes even remotely close to Visa. It offers plenty of flexibility, simple transaction authorization, and has a long-standing reputation. To be more precise, Visa has been around since 1958 which tells you all you need to know regarding its reputation.
  • Simple to Use: If you’re a beginner, we warmly recommend you use Visa on online gambling sites in the UK. Why? Because the Visa payment process for UK folks is straightforward. It does slightly depend on your card’s bank but, in most cases, it simply requires you to use a 2FA app on your device.
  • A lot of Bookies Are Independent of Restrictions: We’re talking about standalone betting websites here, which means they’re totally independent of major regulative measures. This allows them to be far more lenient than their UKGC counterparts. They’re not 100% unrestricted, but their restrictions tend to be nothing when compared to other eGaming regulators.

Drawbacks of Using Betting Sites That Accept Visa

Now let’s have a closer look at the drawbacks of using a Visa betting site instead of its MasterCard counterpart. Believe it or not, there are quite a few downsides. Luckily, only the following actually matter:

  • Some Betting Sites May Impose Fees for Depositing: Fees for digital transactions are nothing new. We even pay small amounts for every single transaction we make from our bank account. The common practice regarding fees on online sportsbooks has been no fees at all. Some betting sites might impose fees for Visa deposits, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • Visa Deposits May be Subject to Limits: Did you know a solid portion of Visa deposits on online bookmakers could be subject to limits? On the bright side, there are lots of high stakes bookmakers that either have high limits or no limits at all. If budget isn’t a concern, those are the bookies to check out.
  • Overspending Is Easier Using Visa: If you’re using a debit Visa card, it’s almost impossible to overspend. You’re tied to the amount of money you have in your account. Plus, there are active limits too. As for Visa credit cards, they’re totally different and allow users to spend more money than they have and pay later (f.e. Next month).
  • Most of the Sites are Outside the UK: One last thing we’d like to point out is the availability of Visa on UKGC licensed bookies. The only type of Visa cards you can use on domestic sites are debit cards. According to UKGC regulations, credit cards are strictly prohibited on gambling sites. Needless to say, offshore bookies don’t have such restrictions. They accept both credit and debit Visa cards.

Alternatives to Visa Sportsbooks

Make no mistake about it – Visa is the world’s biggest card brand. It’s available in more than 200 countries worldwide and is still the go-to choice for millions of gamblers across the globe. In our experience, Visa sports betting sites offer solid user experience and pack quite the punch design and UI-wise. But, the following card brands are also worth checking out:

  • AMEX Bookmakers:
    American Express is among the world’s most popular credit card brands. Due to the fact it’s a credit card brand, it’s prohibited in certain places (f.e. UKGC-licensed websites), so its availability isn’t as superb as Visa’s.
  • MasterCard Betting Sites:
    MasterCard is, alongside Visa, the most popular credit/debit card brand in the world. The availability is superb, just like Visa’s. Let’s put it this way – if a bookmaker supports Visa, chances are it supports MasterCard as well.

Online Sportsbook with Visa vs MasterCard

Are there any notable differences between betting sites that take Visa and those that take its direct counterpart, MasterCard? Well, not that much, mind you. It’s simply because most sites that support Visa also support MasterCard as well. It’s like an unwritten rule – if you support one, you have to support the other as well.

Other credit card brands like Discover and Amex have much less availability. They’re nowhere near the likes of Visa and MasterCard in this department.

Feature Visa Sportsbook MasterCard Sportsbook
Fees Little to no fees Little to no fees
Speed of Withdrawal/Deposit Deposits are typically instant, Withdrawals up to 3 business days Deposits are typically instant, Withdrawals up to 3 business days
Best Bookie to Use at Golden Pharaoh CosmoBet
Safety Complex security systems, world-class encryption, and many privacy benefits Security, encryption, and privacy benefits on the same level as Visa
Rewards and Benefits Superb availability and a fully polished mobile app Available worldwide and can be authorized on most mobile devices
Transaction Limits Depends on the country and betting site you’re using Depends on the country and betting site you’re using

Why Choose Bookmakers that Accept Visa?

Visa Credit Card Overview
CompanyVisa Inc
International CoverageAvailable in over 200 countries worldwide
Type of CardsClassic, Gold, Platinum, Signature, Infinite
App AvailableYes

Does online betting with Visa make sense? Is it in any way superior to betting with other payment methods like e-wallets and vouchers? What about MasterCard and other credit card brands – is Visa a better choice than them for online gambling?

Well, Visa has superior transaction security and a unique customer synchronisation system that allows seamless app integration and easy payments no matter the platform you’re using. Plus, it works well with any kind of device (Android, iOS, even obsolete Windows phones) and allows payments on the fly wherever you are.

How to Deposit with Bookies That Accept Visa

When it comes to availability and security, betting with Visa comes second to none. The security benefits are obvious. After all, we’re talking about the world’s most notable card brand.

What about ease of use, though? How simple is it to deposit on bookies that accept Visa? No worries. We’ll guide you through the process in a few short steps:

  • First up, head on over to the Banking page. The location depends on your bookie, but the button is typically located in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Find the Deposits page and choose Visa from the list of available depositing methods, after which you’ll have to enter the amount you’d like to deposit.
  • The third step requires you to confirm the deposit on the bookie and authorise the transaction with your phone (in most cases). If you don’t have a mobile banking app for your Visa, you might have to use a different payment method.

How to Withdraw with Online Sportsbooks that Accept Visa

What about withdrawals? Betting sites that accept Visa deposits tend to offer Visa withdrawals too. If you have no prior experience with Visa withdrawals, we’d like to emphasise the following – if you’ve used your Visa card to make a deposit, most bookies will require you to use the exact same card for withdrawing too.

  • Open the Banking/Cashier page, select Withdrawals, choose Visa card as your preferred method of payment, and proceed to the second step of the withdrawal process.
  • Next up, enter the amount you’d like to withdraw, double-check that all entered information is correct and confirm the transaction. This part will slightly vary from one bookie to another.
  • Finally, authorise the transaction via your mobile Banking app. You should get a notification requiring 2FA – right after authorisation money will arrive in your account (in a few business days).

Online Betting Sites with Visa: FAQ

🤔 How do I deposit funds using Visa at online betting sites?

The Visa depositing process on UK bookies is as straightforward as they come. All you have to do is have your mobile app ready for 2FA authorization and that’s it. Simply follow the instructions (they’re available on most sites) and you’ll be fine.

🤔 Are there any fees associated with using Visa at online betting sites?

On most sites (and countries), you won’t be charged any fees for Visa transactions. But, there’s always a chance so we can’t give any guarantees. There are far too many variables in play here. But, to prevent any additional charges, make sure you read the fine print which typically displays info on transaction fees.

🤔 Is Visa a safe and secure payment method for online betting?

Yes, it is. It is the bread and butter of secure payment methods used for online betting. While it does have some drawbacks in terms of privacy, it is still the simplest and most secure payment method you can use on online bookmakers.

🤔 Are there any limits on deposits and withdrawals with Visa at online betting sites?

It’s difficult to answer these questions as these sorts of factors greatly vary from one bookmaker to another. One bookie might have harsh restrictions and limits, while another might have a completely different (read more lenient) approach. It’s up to you to choose the right fit.

🤔 Which online sportsbooks take Visa debit cards?

Most licensed bookmakers out there support Visa debit cards. But, and that’s a big but, not all of them offer a pleasant gambling experience. Manually searching for the best sites will take quite a while. That’s why we recommend you check the brands listed at the top of this page.

🤔 What is the best Visa betting site?

According to our research that covered more than 50 bookies, Golden Pharaoh proved to be the best option for Visa users. It doesn’t charge fees, has a simple interface for both deposits and withdrawals and generally offers a far better user experience than most of its peers.

🤔 Do sportsbooks in the UK take Visa?

Yes, they do. However, there are some regulative shenanigans going on. For instance, UKGC-licensed bookies only take Visa debit – Visa credit is strictly prohibited. Most offshore bookies, on the other hand, accept both types of Visa cards.

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